Singing the Dogstar Blues Best Read || [Alison Goodman], Singing the Dogstar Blues, Alison Goodman, Singing the Dogstar Blues Seventeen year old Joss is a rebel and a student of time travel at the prestigious Centre for Neo Historical Studies This year for the first time the Centre has an alien student Mavkel from the planet Choria And Mavkel has chosen Joss of all people as his roommate and study partner Then Mavkel gets sick Joss quickly realizes that his will to live is draining awaSeve, Singing the Dogstar Blues Best Read || [Alison Goodman] - Singing the Dogstar Blues, Singing the Dogstar Blues Seventeen year old Joss is a rebel and a student of time travel at the prestigious Centre for Neo Historical Studies This year for the first time the Centre has an alien student Mavkel from the pl

  • Title: Singing the Dogstar Blues
  • Author: Alison Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780142402467
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback

Singing the Dogstar Blues

Singing the Dogstar Blues Singing the Dogstar Blues Best Read || [Alison Goodman] - Singing the Dogstar Blues, Singing the Dogstar Blues Seventeen year old Joss is a rebel and a student of time travel at the prestigious Centre for Neo Historical Studies This year for the first time the Centre has an alien student Mavkel from the pl Singing the Dogstar Blues Best Read || [Alison Goodman] - Singing the Dogstar Blues, Singing the Dogstar Blues Seventeen year old Joss is a rebel and a student of time travel at the prestigious Centre for Neo Historical Studies This year for the first time the Centre has an alien student Mavkel from the pl Singing the Dogstar Blues Best Read || [Alison Goodman]

  • Singing the Dogstar Blues Best Read || [Alison Goodman]
    185Alison Goodman
Singing the Dogstar Blues

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  1. Aren t you tired of YA scifi novels that breed gorgeous aliens as if their intergalactic lives depended on it You, she said, are literally the most gorgeous thing I ve ever seen The Alienated disaster Aren t you tired of watching every one of these MCs morphing the book into some love triangle ish Human vs Alien macho pissing contest KissWar before your depressed eyes Aren t you tired of reading nonsensical and cheesy dialogues when you only asked for some novelty Then Singing the Dogstar Blues [...]

  2. As seen on The ReadventurerSinging the Dogstar Blues is that rare specimen of YA fiction called science fiction That s right, not dystopia or rather dystopian romance, not sci fi romance, but real deal sci fi There are no love triangles in it, no angst, no moping around boys Gee, no wonder nobody read it My library book was bought 6 years and looks as if nobody ever even touched it Joss Aaronson is a 1st year student at a time travel school She is about to be paired up with her permanent TT part [...]

  3. For me, this book balances science fiction, humour and interesting characters in a way that grabbed me far than any Douglas Adams book ever did To be honest, the author had me at flappy eared alien.Science fiction when it is told well is easily one of my favourite genres, but too much of it turns into some crappy dystopian romance or is written for a male readership the only sci fi I can honestly say I ve enjoyed in recent years is Margaret Atwood and Ursula K Le Guin But I loved the world buil [...]

  4. I m always on the lookout for a fun space related story Singing the Dogstar Blues isn t set in space but there is a very futuristic feel to it and ALIENS so it definitely hit my sweet spot If you are wondering if this book reads at all like Goodman s other book Eon, the answer, at least for me, is absolutely not I enjoyed Eon but the pacing was off and I wasn t especially attached to any of the characters That s not the case here Joss Aaronson attends a prestigious time jumping school and holds [...]

  5. 3 starsThere are a definitely a few parts of this book that I would give a five star rating to This book is exciting, irreverent, and fun and I practically inhaled it Unfortunately it s one of those cases of okay yes yes YES oh Eh The ending leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion It feels really sheared off and over simplified In general, I am especially lately very weary of every single book being stretched and stretched as far as possible into long series However, this is one case where I w [...]

  6. 3.5 starsI had attempted to read this once before but that was back when my reading horizons were fairly narrow and I was the sort of uninformed moron who, when presented with science fiction, automatically thought Wait, what if nerd hunters drive by and tranq and tag me 1 I only made it through a few pages before putting it aside Maybe it just wasn t the right book at the time Whatever the case, I m probably still a moron, but hopefully a slightly open minded and informed one.This time, I read [...]

  7. Read and reviewed first on November 1st 2011 Flappy eared, double nosed, telepathic aliens, music, danger, time travel, friendship in unexpected places, searching for your roots, futuristic futures, Blade Runner style bars, gut wrenching loneliness, highly original, tongue in cheek twists, bluesy sadness, snarky humor Wow Just my kind of sci fi This my second five star read within eight days I feel so lucky kind of like overdosed on Bliss sticks Thank you, all you Goodreaders who have been volun [...]

  8. A very charming, light and funny little book YA sci fi real YA sci fi, not romance disguised as sci fi is still a rare thing to find, and I very much enjoyed this story about time travel, aliens, a DNA mystery and an unlikely friendship Joss is spunky and rebellious without being annoying, Mavkel a very fascinating and endearing character I loved how their friendship developed, how the Chorians communicated and how their society worked The overall tone of the book was light, but not without mean [...]

  9. It s been a while since I ve read a straight up science fiction YA novel, and yet SINGING THE DOGSTAR BLUES proves to be one of the best of its genre With a great protagonist and a fully realized world, this small book will suck you in so fast you won t even realize when you ve lost your heart to it.Joss is, without a doubt, my kind of girl A bit jaded, a bit too smart for her own good, she is thoroughly entertaining to read about Her tongue in cheek observations and flagrant disregard for Centr [...]

  10. Don t be put off that this book is a little old now published in the gasp 90 s, which in YA makes it practically a dinosaur This sci fi story for young adults is pure brilliance, and a little time hasn t diminished its relevance.Joss is a university student studying time travel sometime in the future, when her college roommate is a Chorian alien named Mavkel Mav and Joss are a sort of experiment in human alien living relations for the university In Mav s culture, everyone has a twin whose existe [...]

  11. 3.5 stars I really enjoyed this but was thrown by the abruptness of the ending and it didn t help my confusion that it ended at 79% on my Kindle The pace up until that point was great and then it s suddenly two chapters worth of story in five paragraphs of summary There are big revelations that get like one sentence devoted to them The big climax and then it s suddenly a pencils down, turn in your essay rushed ending Instead of going out with a bang, it ended on a welp Don t get me wrong though [...]

  12. Thea s Take Joss Aaronson is a misfit and a maverick, and thanks to her famous reporter mother, Joss has been shipped off to boarding schools than she can count Now, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Joss is finally part of something that is passionate about A first year in the prestigious Centre for Neo Historical Studies, and one of a very select few that will train to travel back in time, Joss is about to embark on an academic journey to study and observe first hand the birth of soul mu [...]

  13. This book was really interesting It s from the perspective of a girl named Joss, who is 17 18 during the course of the book Though authorities would view her as a touble maker, she s of an independant spirit, who seems to get caughta lot Enough to get kicked out of 12 schools.She manages to get into an exclusive program involving time jumping, and gets paired with a Chlorian, in a historical first for the world It seems Chlorians are born in awe ll call it twinship, and if one dies, so does the [...]

  14. The universe does not work to our time or our convenience This story is really very unique and original Alison Goodman seems to write about things way different than anyone else I ve read so far Truly genius I love her style even though in this one was quite a bit of slang and futuristic cursing but I got used to it Singing the Dogstar Blues is a richly imaginative story filled with awesome characters and a great storyline I just wish there was a bit pages of Mavkel and his planet Choria More [...]

  15. Fifth book sixth text for the readathon I first came across Alison Goodman in the Firebirds Rising anthology, which included a short story by her set in the world of this novel So, when I wanted some books to cheer me up, this is one of the ones I ordered and when I wanted something lighter once it got to god knows what AM during the readathon, this is what I picked up It was exactly what I wanted light but still absorbing, a nice change of pace.I enjoyed the characters and the world, which was [...]

  16. Quick, easy read The secrets don t take too much guesswork, but the most charming part was the loveable, if overly touchy feely sneezy emotionally alien I enjoyed Joss, her sass and drinking habits, but I would have liked faster pacing where the end was actually the middle of the story and we could have seen Mav and Joss develop a bit independently, and then as a team, or appropriately, a pair.My biggest issue was that I couldn t visualize Mav at all I was told what specific body parts he poss [...]

  17. A refreshing story that is actually sci fi through and through Although Joss is sometimes irritating as a main character with her blatant disregard for authority and her selfishness, overall she is still likeable since she is loyal and willing to take risks for the people she cares about I found the background to the alien race very interesting, and wished that we had of the meatier science y world race building stuff, but even though it was bare bones I didn t find what was given to the reader [...]

  18. I like YA that doesn t read like YA This was a very moving book The main character isn t so sassy and jaded that she s lost her ability to experience real emotions If the bravado isn t properly balanced, you ve just got a ball of snark with no heart Joss has a tremendous amount of heart This books appeal isn t limited to YA readers, although I d love for my daughters to read it Proper character driven, alien populated scifi is what it is With a touch of time travel, just a pinch, for flavor Funn [...]

  19. I found it difficult to get into this book The main character didn t really appeal from the first page, and the story wasn t compelling to me in any big way, and some of the plot twists were just completely obvious The climax wasn t, the resolution was over far too quickly, as was the entire book The constant use of dropping the beginnings or endings off words got grating very quickly.

  20. I really enjoyed this Excellent scifi grounded in good characters with a fast paced plot that I breezed right through And, shockingly, there was no romance Usually that d be a disappointment for me, but the friendship was enough With a little bit development on a few of the relationships I think this would have been five stars for me.

  21. This was another book that had never been checked out in 10 years at my library I was sad for the book so I read it At first I thought, yes, now I know why it was not checked out But as the story progressed I liked it and Joss, a troubled, music loving teen, is at the time jump center and about to get kicked out However she is partnered with an alien first time ever and her journey changes as she tries to save the alien and herself It is true science fiction so fans of that genre might enjoy t [...]

  22. What a cool story I love Goodman s use of slang and the world building she has engaged in with this book I wish she had built out even , maybe made this a series there s promise here It reminded me of Tanith Lee s use of slang world in Biting the Sun, though Lee does a better job of explaining slang and parts of the world But Goodman s writing is on the same level of expertise as Lee s if slightly YA in tone Quick read, really liked it, but lacks the qualities of a favorite because of how much [...]

  23. This was a lovely, unexpected look at the psychology of alone ness, bigotry, family, betrayal, and racism And there was a little bit of time travel I was honestly expecting of that from the premise, but I think I liked this version better than what I would have gotten if it was actually about time travel Sometimes authors write the right book.

  24. I randomly picked this up, and am really happy I did I loved the world, it s futuristic and time travely It took a while to fully immerse myself in the lingo, but once I did, I loved how quirky and weird it was Also Mav is a sweet cinnamon roll who needs to be protected at all costs

  25. This was a great sci fi book I really liked the fact that it was true sci fi and not just a romance with a love triangle like so many The story was a quick read and the concept was really interesting with aliens, telepathy, time travel, and a little bit of blues Recommend 12 13 and older

  26. I d give this 3 1 2 stars but the originality of the setting and alien pushed it up some It is YA and could have used some additional fleshing out, as others have commented, but I really enjoyed this one.

  27. Young adult science fiction novel with wonderful characters and world buildingJoss Aaronson is almost 18 and about to begin studies in time travel at the Centre for Neo Historical Studies in Melbourne, Australia, circa 2050 She is the child of a sperm donor and a famous, newscaster mother who has had little time for her daughter, whom she sent away to boarding schools starting at age 12 Joss hides a soft heart beneath a cynical, tough, wise cracking exterior She tells herself that what s importa [...]

  28. I enjoyed it I really love how the story delves into relationships with aliens like they are actual people.The author doesn t really get how paradoxes work, but considering it s a work of science fiction I don t think it s the worst flub in the galaxy The less I try and think about it the better.

  29. This is one of many books that I read back in high school and never found them again outside of a library I can remember details about them, like the plot or a character or three, but couldn t recall the author s name or title if I tried So, cut to when I m reading Eon, get to the author bio and go Holy crap, Allison Goodman wrote Singing the Dogstar Blues I remember that book And then I found it in Barnes Noble and had to pick up a copy The reason why I really like this book Joss Joss Joss Joss [...]