[PDF] Willful Creatures | by º Aimee Bender, Willful Creatures, Aimee Bender, Willful Creatures Contemporary fairy tales cushioned by goofy humor and a deep tenderness for her characters that aren t always as dark or as sinister as they initially appear The New York Times Book Review Aimee Bender s Willful Creatures conjures a fantastical world in which authentic love blooms This is a place where a boy with keys for fingers is a hero a woman s children are p Contemporary, [PDF] Willful Creatures | by º Aimee Bender - Willful Creatures, Willful Creatures Contemporary fairy tales cushioned by goofy humor and a deep tenderness for her characters that aren t always as dark or as sinister as they initially appear The New York Times Book Review Aimee Ben

  • Title: Willful Creatures
  • Author: Aimee Bender
  • ISBN: 9780385720977
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback

Willful Creatures

Willful Creatures [PDF] Willful Creatures | by º Aimee Bender - Willful Creatures, Willful Creatures Contemporary fairy tales cushioned by goofy humor and a deep tenderness for her characters that aren t always as dark or as sinister as they initially appear The New York Times Book Review Aimee Ben [PDF] Willful Creatures | by º Aimee Bender - Willful Creatures, Willful Creatures Contemporary fairy tales cushioned by goofy humor and a deep tenderness for her characters that aren t always as dark or as sinister as they initially appear The New York Times Book Review Aimee Ben [PDF] Willful Creatures | by º Aimee Bender

  • [PDF] Willful Creatures | by º Aimee Bender
    271Aimee Bender
Willful Creatures

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  1. As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect Franz Kafka, The MetamorphosisIn an interview with Gabriel Garcia Marquez I read way back in the late eighties, I remember the author saying that this one sentence started him on the road to literature Until then, he had not known people were allowed to write like this This is what sets literature apart from all other arts infinite freedom The medium lets one create what one wants [...]

  2. He stood with the starlet for a while and told her he was a graduate student at the school for emotional ventriloquists She raised one carefully shaped eyebrow No, he said, it s true She laughed No, he said, it s true You throw your emotions on other people in the room, he explained, and see what they do then So what do they do she asked, keeping that perfect eyebrow halfway up her forehead It depends, he sighed Sometimes they lob them right back at you Once again, Aimee Bender wows me with a co [...]

  3. Reading Aimee Bender is like waking up one morning to find yourself swimming inside a terracotta bowl of guacamole and accepting it You pull yourself out of the bowl, hoisting yourself over the lip, towel off and head to work Maybe you catch yourself longing for the green smoothness of the morning as you sit through a meeting Wondering if it will happen again It does Only the next morning you are fished out by a spoon Weird My favorite stories here are The End of the Line, Motherfucker, and Dear [...]

  4. I m not sure I can star rate books of short fiction Some of these stories e.g Off I loved so much that I nearly cried when I read them, while others e.g Fruit and Words I hated to the point of becoming physically ill In her dart throwing at axes mapping Whimsical Quirk and Nihilistic Depravity, Bender does on occasion hit some sublime points I d read Off in an anthology, and it was like doing some weird new exercise that doesn t feel all that special at the time, but the next day you wake up sor [...]

  5. This is the second time I ve read this book and I think maybe this time I enjoyed it even I know when you have a library of 700 unread books it s silly to go back to something you ve already experienced but The Colour Master kind of got me writing again and so it seemed only natural to turn back and revisit the other quirks of Aimee Bender The richness of the bizarre in these books just soothes my soul I feel massively influenced by Aimee s writing, which I suppose is weird If you read my stuff [...]

  6. many, apparently coffee induced clapsA solid contribution to an otherwise brilliant and unparallelled collection of writing I can t in any simple words express how much I enjoy this author These short stories may not hold up against the glory of her previous work, but they come pretty darn close.Each is a combination of dark, but also has elements of hope, self discovery, and a lot of potential for our main characters These characters evolve, recognizing their own flaws, and accomplish some leve [...]

  7. Stop what you re reading and pick up this treasure of a book NOW Willful Creatures was given to me as a gift and the person who gave it to me told me that this book changed their notion of what a short story could be I have to say, after reading this book, I completely and utterly agree with them I have never read any of Aimee Bender s work before and I was completely enchanted by what she had to offer in this collection of short stories She beautifully captures humanity all its highs and lows, [...]

  8. From pumpkin heads to men pets to a key fingered boy, from potato children to an evil mango craving to doctors giving wrong death dates to their patients, this little collection of surreal, metaphorical stories will have you scream in horror for I swallowed it, wishing it never stopped But then it did Damn If you love my dark writing, you will love this with a lusty, death craving love Yes, there is such a thing in literature You know what I m talking about, don t you

  9. I didn t even mean to start reading this collection I d been taking my time between books by reading various lit mags, and was so taken by Bender s story in an old issue of Tin House that I picked up her book It had been on my shelf for over a year, and suddenly I was reading story after story 4 or so at a time They are all swift reads, the prose simple and lovely, all of them strange a boy has keys for hands, a woman raises potatoes as her children, a motherfucker literally, he fucks mothers fa [...]

  10. A collection of really unique stories told by an extremely magical writing style I m excited to read by this author.

  11. I am on a short story streak Three in a row This book published in 2005 was Discarded from Pima County Library System for some reason in 2006 I wonder why Ten men go to ten doctors All the doctors tell all the men that they only have two weeks left to live Five men cry Three men rage One man smiles The last man is silent, meditative Okay, he says He has no reaction The raging men, upon meeting in the lobby, don t know what to do with the man of no reaction They fall upon him and kill him with th [...]

  12. I Don t Do Reviews.It s true I don t But I do like to mention books I ve enjoyed, and I ve not enjoyed anything than Willful Creatures, by Aimee Bender in a long time.So where to start Well, the book s a collection of short stories, fifteen in all And they re fantastic and I mean, REALLY fantastic I ordered the book from my library after reading a review of it in The Short Review The first story grabbed my attention, it was like being grabbed by the throat, to tell the truth And after reading i [...]

  13. Sasha leant me this book with a cursory order to read it when I had the time It took me quite a while to get to it, but I did, and I m quite glad of that, too I ve not read a collection of short stories in a while, and when it comes to short stories, I can be rather particular I grew up on a fair bit of Ray Bradbury and Shirley Jackson with some Edgar Allan Poe, H.P Lovecraft, and Stephen King mixed in Well Aimee Bender did not disappoint.This isn t to say that her writing is automatically of a [...]

  14. I really want to like Aimee Benderbut based on this collection I think she s overhyped For one thing, all the press about Bender as a fantasist or magical realism practitioner is GROSSLY overstated Most of the stories in here are straight up realistic, and only a few are outright fantastical Not that there s anything wrong with that I m just saying there s some false advertising going on.The stories are all slightly on the quirky side but most of them are so wispy and minor key that they don t r [...]

  15. Willful Creatures Stories by Aimee BenderNew York Doubleday Company 22.95 208 pagesThe man went to the pet store to buy himself a little man to keep him company The pet store was full of dogs with splotches and shy cats coy and the friendly people got dogs and the independent people got cats and this man looked around until in the back he found a cage inside of which was a miniature sofa and tiny TV and one small attractive brown haired man wearing a tweed suit He looked at the price tag The lit [...]

  16. What s interesting in a story isn t the situation, said Amy Hempel, quoting her instructor at Columbia, Gordon Lish, it s the people in it and how they respond to it So with Bender Of course the cover has a picture of a little man in a cage that s what happens when the little men hunters capture a little man and sell him to a big man Big whup The story comes in when we see how the big man deals with his new power, and how the little people have prepared for such abuses.Bender writes in the proud [...]

  17. This is my first 5 star rating of 2015 and I m not going to write a review on it I don t even know how Something about this book, these stories, kind of got to me They just made sense to me in ways I can t explain I don t know what I expected from this book but it sure wasn t any of this It is these empty spaces you have to watch out for, as they flood up with feeling before you even realize what s happened before you find yourself, at the base of her spine, different.Listen Look Desire is a hou [...]

  18. Weird stuff fortunately, I like weird stuff I don t know that I would recommend this collection of short stories to anyone I know, but out there somewhere is someone with a twisted outlook on the world, who appreciates dark humor and allegorical glances into the grey areas of human nature and that person is the one who can appreciate these surreal portraits Bender s brand of magical realism is really pushed to the boundaries bordering on fantasy much so than on reality making some of the storie [...]

  19. Again, a book I didn t actually finish It seems like the author has a fetish with sex This book is full of short stories I was reading it for a book club, but decided not to finish it Every short story had sex in it somewhere I don t realy think I m a prude, but come on, every storyeven when they re short stories and when sex isn t an integral part of the story and should it ever be The only one of the short stories I could kind of understand since these are all filled with symbolism was Jinx I [...]

  20. Oh, Aimee Bender you have wooed me with your wily words I savored the little delectables like, Goodbye we said to each other, and the kiss was an old dead sock And It was like the whole afternoon had got a haircut that was too short She peppered such strange juxtapositions throughout all the stories which were themselves like reading Dali painting close to reality but wonderfully distorted There seemed to be a lot of kissing in her stories, magical realism and then a few plain stories, like my a [...]

  21. What a bizzare yet beautiful short stories Every story felt so magical My favorite is the Ironhead about a boy with head as an iron, who born in the middle of pumpkinheads family Also Dearth, the story about a woman who has potatoes as her babies It was hard for me to find the true meanings for some stories which too surealist, but since it wrote so beautiful, I have nothing to complaint.

  22. I love the short story in this where the pumpkin headed parents give birth to a kid who has an iron for a head Not just for the crazy wonderful illogic of the premise as I read it, I kept visualizing Scott Campbell illustrations for everything

  23. This is my second work of Aimee Bender, I adored The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake I figured since I enjoyed that much I would give one a try and I ate it up Finished it in one sitting Willful Creatures is one of the books that you read that will stick with you, like a cough in your lungs that you will always have Ranging from the bizarre, to tragically heartbreaking I haven t found many others that I feel that they wrote a book just for me, this one is it Bender spoke to my dreams and my dem [...]

  24. I ve been reading philosophy for a couple of years now Can t swallow it down Maybe I ve been skimming through the wrong genre Or perhaps I ve touched the wrong philosophy How does one define philosophy by the way Mainly a study or creation of theories about basic things I do agree For example what s life s philosophy I m not sure I think dying We all live to die anyway Or maybe that s the philosophy of pessimism What s the philosophy of love Sacrifice, hands down We all give up things when we st [...]

  25. My first book of hers, I chose it at the library partially because of the name and cover After the first story I wasn t sure what to make of it But after two or three I realized I loved this collection I would highly recommend it And I enjoyed taking my time between stories and letting them sink in a little Odd enchanting stories of willfulness and resistance to sorrow and circumstance My genes, my love, are rubber bands and rope make yourself a structure you can live inside.

  26. I m not sure if I m discerning a reader now than I was when I first read Bender s two short story collections, or if I was easily impressed then, but rereading this collection and TGITFS have been pretty eye opening I, in fact, am not the huge Aimee Bender fan I thought I was Granted, there are still a few stories in both collections that I genuinely admire Off, for example, is magnificent, and one of my favorite stories period I also still enjoy Motherfucker and I Will Pick Out Your Ribs From [...]

  27. Hearing that this book made the 2005 James Tiptree, Jr Award short list, I was curious Bender s writing fascinates and horrifies me I have a love hate thing for her novel An Invisible Sign of My Own I ve heard that short stories are her forte, so I was uber curious about this collection Needless to say, I was not disappointed.What is gripping about these stories is the simple, quiet horror that steals across the pages What can I say that everyone hasn t said before Each story left me with a sick [...]

  28. Surreal, bizarre, and outlandish appear frequently in descriptions of Bender s stories, most culled from prestigious literary magazines Despite their unreal premises, these stories rarely fail to connect with readers emotionally Her characters are often both disturbed and disturbing Opinions differ on whether to call Bender a dark writer or a magical realist, but nobody has unkind words for her prose Some of these tales__fairy tales, even__succeed masterfully others are weak by comparison, and m [...]

  29. 4.5 stars.I want to give this 5 stars because of how much I admire Bender s courage at and commitment to delivering the most peculiar, most charming and most tender of short stories But it wouldn t be fair to the other 5 star books on my shelf, because one or two of these very short stories lost me and I didn t really care enough to continue with them The good news was that the next one I turned to read did have me, completely and compassionately My favourites were The Case of the Salt Pepper Sh [...]