[PDF] Maisie Dobbs | by Ó Jacqueline Winspear, Maisie Dobbs, Jacqueline Winspear, Maisie Dobbs Maisie Dobbs isn t just any young housemaid Through her own natural intelligence and the patronage of her benevolent employers she works her way into college at Cambridge When World War I breaks out Maisie goes to the front as a nurse It is there that she learns that coincidences are meaningful and the truth elusive After the War Maisie sets up on her own as a privatMaisie Dobbs isn, [PDF] Maisie Dobbs | by Ó Jacqueline Winspear - Maisie Dobbs, Maisie Dobbs Maisie Dobbs isn t just any young housemaid Through her own natural intelligence and the patronage of her benevolent employers she works her way into college at Cambridge When World War I breaks out

  • Title: Maisie Dobbs
  • Author: Jacqueline Winspear
  • ISBN: 9780142004333
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback

Maisie Dobbs

Maisie Dobbs [PDF] Maisie Dobbs | by Ó Jacqueline Winspear - Maisie Dobbs, Maisie Dobbs Maisie Dobbs isn t just any young housemaid Through her own natural intelligence and the patronage of her benevolent employers she works her way into college at Cambridge When World War I breaks out [PDF] Maisie Dobbs | by Ó Jacqueline Winspear - Maisie Dobbs, Maisie Dobbs Maisie Dobbs isn t just any young housemaid Through her own natural intelligence and the patronage of her benevolent employers she works her way into college at Cambridge When World War I breaks out [PDF] Maisie Dobbs | by Ó Jacqueline Winspear

  • [PDF] Maisie Dobbs | by Ó Jacqueline Winspear
    129Jacqueline Winspear
Maisie Dobbs

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  1. In general I prefer to confine the term Mary Sue to fan fiction, where it belongs But when I tell you that Maisie has purple eyes, rippling black hair, outstanding intelligence, a near psychic empathy with her clients, and is practically perfect in every possible way I think I may be allowed an exception On top of all this, the author researched the First World War background for this very, very thoroughlyand, oh, how it shows Throw in a faithful Cockernee sidekick wiv an eart of gold , a salt o [...]

  2. Is there anything controversial at than star rating I think not and yes, I think it s controversial than porn or V blogs People have opinions on whether or not one should star books that weren t finished, whether one can star unread books by authors they don t like or even do like and then there are those that will actually argue a reviewer s rating based on the reviewer s interpretation, the infamous you read it wrong offense.Here I am, deciding to stretch my reading boundaries a little by gi [...]

  3. I picked up Maisie Dobbs from the library upon the rec of my GR friend Carol, and have to say that this initial entry marks what may prove to be one of the cleverest mystery series since Dorothy Gilman brought the retired and intrepid Mrs Pollifax to life back in the 1960s For on Mrs Pollifax, see The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax Don t go into reading Maisie Dobbs with any preconceived ideas about what you ll find there Yes, it s a mystery somewhat Yes, it s a historical novel somewhat Yes, it s a e [...]

  4. A neighbor recommended Jacqueline Winspear s Maisie Dobbs as one of the best books she s read The book cover boasts quotes from The New York Times Be prepared to be astonished , NPR A quirky literary creation , and Alexander McCall Smith A real gift Naturally, I had high expectations.Maisie Dobbs is a detective and self proclaimed psychologist in post WWI London, and the novel splits its time between a case and detailing Maisie s background Only half the book is a mystery as Maisie investigates [...]

  5. Well This was a waste of time I don t think there was an aspect of this book I did not hate Starting from the holier than thou main character, to the non existent mystery, to the amazing not resolution of the non mystery, to the abrupt hundred pages worth of tedious flashback in the middle of the mystery everything bothered me So Maisie Dobbs is a private eye She was a housemaid once, but it turned out that she was one of nature s rare prodigies, reading Latin by candlelight Her masters then dec [...]

  6. This is a story about a cute, clever, and plucky young woman named Maisie Dobbs Maisie is setting up her own private investigation practice in London The year is 1929, and everyone we meet is still coping with the effects of the world war, including Maisie.Maisie has a cute and charming way of talking with people and getting them to share their stories Her first client is a man who thinks his wife is cheating on him Maisie follows the woman, befriends her and learns her sad tale about a loved on [...]

  7. I love this book I listened to the audiobook It s beautifully done I am going right into book 2 I m already attached to the characters.

  8. A beautifully written story of a young girl s rise from household servant to wartime field nurse to her own successful career as a private investigator during WWI era England This novel is so much than just an historical mystery with a clever female sleuth Winspear creates Maisie s story of her first professional case in such a way that with flashbacks we understand the physical and psychological scars of those who served during wartimee sacrifices of the body, mind and heart.which has made Mai [...]

  9. ETA Jan 2013 quick re read before I start the rest in the series A little better the second time round Clearer head, or something But my original opinion, below, still holds 3.5 starsI liked this, very much I just didn t love it I wanted to be connected to Maisie, but felt that she slipped away before I could learn to love her I liked the story and the back story and the way they intertwined, although I found the switching back and forth in time was handled a little awkwardly.I will continue th [...]

  10. It took me a few tries to start this book Probably the only reason I finally read it was because I m trying to read the books I already have, instead of adding to my ever growing pile of books to read.Maisie Dobbs is a new private eye in post WWI London, setting up shop and trying to earn a good client base in a world still getting used to the working woman outside of service With a cunning mind, great determination, and a bit of luck and help along the way from a supportive father and a liberal [...]

  11. This book just didn t work for me Maisie Dobbs was mostly annoying and a very boring character and the story was very bland.I liked the ending, but probably not enough to want to read books about Miss Dobbs unless anyone can convince me that they will get better.

  12. Maisie Dobbs starts out in the late 1920s, with Maisie just setting up her investigation business It gets into the first real case, then takes a significant detour into the past to give Maisie s backstory I d say probably half the book shows her childhood up through WWI nursing experiences So although there s a mystery, it really felt like a WWI historical novel much of the time, along with the horrors and sadness it left behind Once Maisie s character is fully established, it comes back to the [...]

  13. I really enjoyed this first book in Winspear s mystery series Maisie Dobbs is a very intriguing and sympathetic heroine full of admirable traits At age 13, after her mother s death, her father sends her to be a servant in the home of a kindly aristocratic family The family sees much promise in the smart Maisie and offers to fund her education WWI breaks out and Maisie feels called to volunteer She goes to France as a nurse and her experiences impact her in a way that changes her life forever Whe [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this introduction to Maisie Dobbs, one of the most interesting female PIs I ve come across to date Born into a working class family where her father has a fruit and vegetable delivery business, Maisie dreams of becoming a teacher However after her mother dies her father reluctantly sends her into service as a housemaid with Lord and Lady Compton After discovering Maisie reading in the library in the middle of the night, Lady Comptom takes Maisie under her wing and arranges tutor [...]

  15. I wanted to like this, because I found the premise and the setting very interesting These mysteries feature a female private detective, a veteran WWI nurse working in London in 1929 This first book is heavily concerned with the first World War and its veterans.But the writing, while I can t point to any specific problem, left me a bit cold The protagonist Maisie also rubbed me the wrong way I don t like that she feels it mandatory to provide psychological counseling to her clients, or the way sh [...]

  16. I recall reading this book when it was first released but, like so many other series I start, somehow this fell by the wayside So, I decided to give it another try and really enjoyed getting re aquainted with Miss Dobbs In this first novel we learn about her setting up her own private detective agency, but we also learn about her back story.This novel is set during 1929 and also before, and during, WWI The echoes of that conflict hang over this book, and the characters within its pages, as thoug [...]

  17. MAISIE DOBBS Historical Novel Mystery OkayJacqueline Winspear 1st bookPenguin Books, 2003 Trade PaperbackSet in England between 1910 and 1929 is the story of Maisie who goes from being the daughter of a fruit and vegetable man, to the in between maid of wealthy aristocrats where she receives special tutoring, on to college and then serving as a Nurse in France during WWI and, finally, setting up an investigative service where she is asked to find out about The Retreat, a home for young men sever [...]

  18. Review written August 2, 20173 1 2 Stars Nice start The story and crime case hooked me and I m convinced to continue with these audio booksMaisie Dobbs was a pretty nice and interesting audiobook listening to a historical crime fiction in the easy Cozy Mystery genre This book is also the first part and serial starter with a lot of Maise books to catch up with England, 1929 10 years after WWI Maisie Dobbs is a bright and clever woman who just started her own private investigation practice in Lond [...]

  19. I ve enjoyed all four books to date in the Maisie Dobbs series Winspear is meticulous about doing her homework about the period in question World War I and its aftermath , and the heroine, Maisie is muy simp tica.That said, not all four books are of equal quality For my taste, this one 1 is the best of the bunch, with 4 Messenger of Truth close on its heels The plot to 2 was a bit too predictable, while 3 suffers from the opposite flaw too many convoluted subplots, with a little too much relianc [...]

  20. The only thing I didn t care for with this book is that Winspear started with the mystery, then gave Maisie s back story for the second third of the book, then went back to the mystery I loved the setting England and France during and just after World War I and the odd little insightful observations on the psychology of the mind The character of Maisie Dobbs completely won me over An intelligent woman from the lower class making her mark on the world Winspear didn t allow Maisie to be a martyr, [...]

  21. I got about 2 3 of the way through this audiobook and just couldn t take it any Maisie is the flattest character I have read in a long time, and in fact I can t even think of a flatter character She is a one dimensional, and oh too good to be true, character doing all the right things, I just couldn t listen to it any Some of the book s critics have compared her to Nancy Drew well I read all of the Nancy Drew books and Maisie Dobbs is no Nancy Drew, she could only hope to have 1 2 of Nancy Drew [...]

  22. Having never read Jacqueline Winspear before, I came to this book with no expectations, but having read it, I can see why it won various Best First Novel awards, and I look forward to reading in the Maisie Dobbs series, altho I m not sure the others can hold the emotional impact of this one This was not a happy book, but like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, it has that rising above what life dealt you aspect Maisie was a poor girl in service who caught the attention of Lady Rowan and Maurice Blanche, [...]

  23. Maisie Dobbs is one of those easy to love kind of characters She is a brilliant young housemaid who is discovered by her British aristocratic employer whose patronage leads her to Cambridge and beyond However, WWI breaks out and things happen which will change the course and perspective of her life The first of this series is in part a synopsis of her life and how she is to eventually become a private investigator and in part a mystery to be uncovered all dealing and interconnected with the war [...]

  24. A friend turned me on to the Maisie Dobbs series I recommend that you read them in sequence I enjoyed the historical references about World War I, which is a war that many of us today could not understand the horrific conditions that soldiers and nurses, in particular, endured in the trenches Talk about post traumatic stress The mysteries are interesting as they involve the human pysche A must read.

  25. It s so awesome to have a female detective during World War I and one who s solving exciting, active cases while building her career from the ground up This book is exciting, thrilling, and a whole lot of fun.

  26. First book in a mystery series featuring a female detective and set in 1920s England There were alot of chapters devoted to Masie s background story, with the mysteries placed at the begining and end parts of the book The sections about Maisie s time as a field nurse during World War I were especially well written Great character development, but a bit weak on the mystery parts Hopefully the next book will show improvement there.

  27. MAURICE Look, Rowan, it s our new friend, Maisie ROWAN What s that name again I forgot MAISIE WelllllllllllllThe name s Maisie DAnd I rock the telly I m half Joe CamelAnd a third Fonzarelli I m the kung fu hippieFrom Gangsta City I m a rappin surfer,You re the fool I pity ROWAN Ooh, Maisie is one outrageous dudette MAURICE She s totally in my face

  28. This was recommended by a friend and I have to say that I am loving it I cry in all the wrong places it s the happy parts of the book that make me cry It makes me realize that I live an easy life.

  29. I hated this book so much And whenever I hate an audiobook I have to wonder how much of that is due to the narrator and how much blame should be placed on the text I m not sure it matters in this case Maisie Dobbs is flawless Jaqueline Winspear should have just called her Mary Sue She s born into the lower class but has excelled despite her humble upbringing She has extraordinary talents to get people to open up to and trust her It s in her eyes, you see And even as a baby there was something in [...]