Free Read Aventurile lui Pinocchio - by Carlo Collodi, Aventurile lui Pinocchio , Carlo Collodi, Aventurile lui Pinocchio A classic tale of mischance and mischief based on the original adventures A naughty wooden puppet gets into trouble disobeys his father forgets his pomises and skips through life looking for fun Just like a real boy Until he learns that to become truly real he must open his heart and think of others, Free Read Aventurile lui Pinocchio - by Carlo Collodi - Aventurile lui Pinocchio , Aventurile lui Pinocchio A classic tale of mischance and mischief based on the original adventures A naughty wooden puppet gets into trouble disobeys his father forgets his pomises and skips through life looking for fun Ju

  • Title: Aventurile lui Pinocchio
  • Author: Carlo Collodi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback

Aventurile lui Pinocchio

Aventurile lui Pinocchio Free Read Aventurile lui Pinocchio - by Carlo Collodi - Aventurile lui Pinocchio , Aventurile lui Pinocchio A classic tale of mischance and mischief based on the original adventures A naughty wooden puppet gets into trouble disobeys his father forgets his pomises and skips through life looking for fun Ju Free Read Aventurile lui Pinocchio - by Carlo Collodi - Aventurile lui Pinocchio , Aventurile lui Pinocchio A classic tale of mischance and mischief based on the original adventures A naughty wooden puppet gets into trouble disobeys his father forgets his pomises and skips through life looking for fun Ju Free Read Aventurile lui Pinocchio - by Carlo Collodi

  • Free Read Aventurile lui Pinocchio - by Carlo Collodi
    173Carlo Collodi
Aventurile lui Pinocchio

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  1. As is the case with many great and memorable children s tales, Pinocchio is predominated by the threat of violence and death At one point the incorrigible puppet is actually lynched by a Fox and a Cat who are after his gold coins The Talking Cricket the model for Disney s Jiminy Cricket is killed by Pinocchio, using a mallet to smash him against the wall, as early as chapter four The Cricket s primary offense Giving some lame moralistic advice to the anarchic puppet The Talking Cricket w [...]

  2. I don t have kids I read this for pleasure as a 32 year old man And, surprisingly, I definitely enjoyed it As I made my way through the book, though, I kept trying to picture what a kid would think It s very weird VERY weird, and kind of dark too I m not very familiar with the Disney version of this story, but I m sure Pinocchio doesn t murder that singing cricket with a hammer like he does on page 13 And things like the growing of his nose when he lies are not major plot points in the bo I don [...]

  3. I have been slowly reading a stack of children s classics to my twins thus far to combat the poor movie adaptations that are out there , but I have been less than impressed.I found Peter Pan both the character and the story insufferable Charlie and the Chocolate Factory offended me ideologically and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was too heavy handed So I had little hope for Carlo Collodi s Pinnochio.Even though I had been slightly disabused of my belief that Pinnochio would be overly I hav [...]

  4. 2,5 StarsSeriously, I never thought the real story of Pinocchio would be somewhat cruel and violent like this I don t think it is appropriate for children when it s known as a classic story for children It s similar with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which adapted differently for the movie So, what s wrong with these classic authors for children literature Was their lives full of nightmare their imagination became dark and twisted And why Mastro Geppetto was described as a grumpy and vicious o 2,5 [...]

  5. in fondo aggiunta 30 novembre 2017 Storia della lettura di un burattinoForse ci fu una prima lettura diretta, nella notte dei tempi, chi lo sa di sicuro ci fu il bombardamento delle revisioni dell immagine e del mito anche il film di Disney No, non mi sembra ma proprio non ricordo Ma ho detto storia, non preistoria e allora la prima lettura quella a quindici anni, al liceo.Dovete sapere, miei piccoli lettori, che chi qui scrive ha avuto la fortuna di incontrare non pochi insegnanti mo in fondo a [...]

  6. This was a challenge and a treat reading the original story of Pinocchio in Italian It s been a long time since I saw the Disney movie, but it was obvious to me that Disney, er, Disney fied the story quite a bit The original tale is a lot darker and a lot funnier I loved the fight with Gepetto and the woodcutter at the beginning, where they are tearing off each other s wigs Pinocchio is indeed a rascal, a scamp, and all the other things they call him I think I would have throw him in the This wa [...]

  7. Pinocchio s Ten Life Enriching Lessons for Grownups I normally read children s books during Christmastime Not only to catch up with my Reading Challenge I am behind by 10 books as of this writing , but also, most of children s books have life lessons that can be good reminders for the coming year New Year always means new beginning, new hope Do you remember when you were still in school and after reading a story in class, the teacher asked you what was the lessons you learned from it So, in

  8. It is always a dicey affair to criticise a popular book and when it is an acknowledged classic for children, it is even dangerous So I agonised a lot over my impressions of Pinocchio Is it only a matter of personal taste Am I missing something Should I rethink my rating based on learned opinions spanning than a century In the end, I decided to go with my original evaluation.This is one of those stories you read and love in comics format or abridged versions before you come into c It is al [...]

  9. What a lively book and also what a strange book, in its nimble flirtations with death and grotesqueries that add many layers of deftly handled complexities to a seemingly simple tale.Collodi was clearly conflicted about who Pinocchio actually was The afterword informs us that the book is actually two parts that have now fused into one What is now the first half of the book was originally a complete tale in itself, and ended with Pinocchio dying after being hung from a tree But then due to th Wha [...]

  10. Finishing this made me think about the first time I completed The Giving Tree Maybe there isn t supposed to be a moral to the story Certainly the be a good boy and all these things will be added unto you doesn t work here Pinocchio is a little shit for 95% of the 220 pages and when he repents for 10 minutes he gets the keys to the kingdom It s like the biblical prodigal son on a Corey Haim level of lifelong poor choices that impacts everyone around him, constantly given another round of on Finis [...]

  11. let s get this straight pinocchio is an asshole but in that, he s a regular adolescent trying to figure out how the world works and, importantly, how he can navigate it kids aren t always angels and ice cream they re lying, cheating, selfish demons i sometimes think there s nothing meaner than a 5th grader but who can blame them i think that was the appeal to me of reading this book versus watching the disney movie which is my favorite disney movie, and i will have the argument let s get this st [...]

  12. 4 5 Pinocchio is probably one of my favorite classics, yes, it s pretty dark for kids and yes, Pinocchio makes over and over the same mistakes, but there s so much to learn from this little story note I m doing this classics collection, they release a title per week, and so far the covers are all so cute, I m really liking it

  13. Pinocchio is a classic story, and a very different one than the saccharine Disney version most Americans are familiar with Carlo Collodi s 1882 book lays out the story of a wooden puppet come to awkward life, who proceeds to act out on every selfish, crude and obnoxious impulse ever known to childhood Each bad decision brings sorrow to his father Gepetto and his mother the Blue Fairy, and brings a terrifying consequence to the puppet in the course of the book his feet are burned off, he Pinocchi [...]

  14. Pinocchio la prima volta che lo leggo per questo sono rimasta stupita dal romanzo, la mia aspettativa era ormai stata traviata dal Pinoccio della Disney che c entra ben poco con la storia di Collodi Pinocchio un romanzo cattivo non saprei dire quanto sia per bambini , il grillo muore nelle prime pagine, ci sono impiccagioni, assassini, annegamenti e frustate.C da dire che nella prima parte Pinocchio un burattino decisamente strafottente e insopportabile ma poi migliora.Secondo Pinocchio la prima [...]

  15. To be honest, Pinocchio is the most insufferable, ungrateful, and gullible brat I ve seen so far in children s literature Poor Geppetto has to sit at home, while the boy runs around and gives up to temptations All the lies build up, and each time Pinocchio s nose grows longer.Not too convinced on this one New characters are introduced only to disappear almost immediately Didn t understand the point of them, maybe Collodi wanted pages since it was originally serialized And oh boy, the a To be hon [...]

  16. Cose a cui pu sopravvivere un burattino fuoco, fuoco di nuovo , coltellate, impiccagioni, carcere duro, umiliazioni canine, tentativi di frittura, metamorfosi asinine, annegamento e attacco da parte di pesci aggressivi e, ultimo, ma non meno importante, Pesci cane asmatici.Solo per dire che la versione disneyana aveva tralasciato delle cose.

  17. 4.5 StarsMy Mum used to tell me about this story all the time when I was a kid But I barely remembered the detail story All I remember until now is that my Mum used to tell me don t ever you lie or else your nose will grow longer and longer like Pinocchio s It s nice to read the entire story about Pinocchio and his adventures in this book Although he was such a brat and sometimes really makes me want to slap his head because he kept doing naughty things, but this book indeed gave very good 4.5 S [...]

  18. Klasik hikayeyi biliyorsunuzdur Fakat burada klasik hikayede olan s rekli yalan s ylemesi ve s rekli uzayan burnu bir ka kere de inilen konulardan yaln zca biri Esas de inilen ise iyi bir ocuk olmak, yaramazl k yapmamak, anne baban n s z n dinlemek Tabi bunlar n yap lmad nda ba na neler gelir onlar da g stermek te bu kitapta Pinokyo nun yapt hatalar sonucunda ba na gelenleri okuyoruz Tabi sab rla ve sevgiyle onu her seferinde ba layan Peri be babas Gepetto ustay g r yoruz.

  19. Very cute version of the story Pinocchio lies, cheats and is a bad kid but by the end of the story he learns his lesson

  20. This is NOT Disney s Pinocchio It s all violence, disaster, cut throat assassins, hangings, imprisonment, thieves, bullies, greed, murder, violence, and one ungrateful little puppet Pinocchio really is a heartless scoundrel He steals and lies and cheats, and then cries Woe is me when someone steals from him, or lies to him, or cheats him Well, you got what you deserved, puppet There are so many problems with this story The plot is disjointed, the world building is atrocious, and the This is NOT [...]

  21. This story conceals an exceptional sp ritual allegory, that is based on esoteric teachings, and contains plenty of metaphysical aspects. The universal character of Pinocchio beautifully represents the fundamental human motifs of our experience as we evolve it captures archetypal patterns and really complex themes of conscience, valour, and the search for identity, in an outstanding and yet simple narrative Not many people are aware of the underlying meaning of this story of a woode [...]

  22. RESE A SUPER COMPLETA Y ESCABROSA POR AC D Le este libro para la universidad qu a ustedes no les hacen leer cuentos de hadas en la uni xD , y lo eleg porque era el nico de la lista que no hab a le do ya No lo hab a le do porque siempre odi la pel cula me daba miedo de chiquita y bueno, por ah si la miro ahora me sigue dando un poquito jaja Es uno de los libros m s retorcidos y morbosos que le en mi vida Collodi en su intento desesperado de dar una lecci n de moralidad y obedien RESE A SUPER COMP [...]

  23. Unsurprisingly this is darker and even surreal than the cultural touchstone left in Walt s Studio s wake Interestingly, reading this years after having been typically mesmerized by the animated version several times as a wee knee high made me re realize how truly dark and strange and moving the relatively far sugar coated technicolor Disney fare actually was But again, this original monograph ratchets up the creepiness and, frankly, the hard nosed bleakness quite a bit , by compa Unsurprisingly [...]