ê Black Magick #1 ✓ Greg Rucka Nicola Scott, Black Magick #1, Greg Rucka Nicola Scott, Black Magick The hammer falls this Halloween From New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award winning writer GREG RUCKA LAZARUS Stumptown Gotham Central and superstar artist NICOLA SCOTT Birds of Prey Secret Six Earth Detective Rowan Black works robbery homicide for the Portsmouth PD but her greatest mystery is the truth about herself who she has been and who she wThe hammer falls this, ê Black Magick #1 ✓ Greg Rucka Nicola Scott - Black Magick #1, Black Magick The hammer falls this Halloween From New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award winning writer GREG RUCKA LAZARUS Stumptown Gotham Central and superstar artist NICOLA SCOTT Birds of Prey Secret Si

  • Title: Black Magick #1
  • Author: Greg Rucka Nicola Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Ebook

Black Magick #1

Black Magick #1 ê Black Magick #1 ✓ Greg Rucka Nicola Scott - Black Magick #1, Black Magick The hammer falls this Halloween From New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award winning writer GREG RUCKA LAZARUS Stumptown Gotham Central and superstar artist NICOLA SCOTT Birds of Prey Secret Si ê Black Magick #1 ✓ Greg Rucka Nicola Scott - Black Magick #1, Black Magick The hammer falls this Halloween From New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award winning writer GREG RUCKA LAZARUS Stumptown Gotham Central and superstar artist NICOLA SCOTT Birds of Prey Secret Si ê Black Magick #1 ✓ Greg Rucka Nicola Scott

  • ê Black Magick #1 ✓ Greg Rucka Nicola Scott
    269Greg Rucka Nicola Scott
Black Magick #1

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  1. Image Comics FIRST ISSUES The Good Full review on the WondrousBooks blog Creepy ritual in the middle of the forest Chanting Witches Oops, sorry, guys, my phone is ringing Black Magick has this supernatural noir feeling about it, being an interesting occult detective story What I liked the most about it is the fact that it drew me into the story and I m really looking forward to simply knowing what happens later While there are comic books which look cool even though they are not necessarily beau [...]

  2. The comic work of Rucka has been hit or miss with me, really enjoyed Stumptown, Vol 1 but never really cared for any of his mainstream writing The book starts on Mabon with a ritual circle of Pagan Wicca,or coven not sure yet and Rowan Black is called away mid ritual to her job, detective with the local police department Seems there is a hostage situation with the suspect specifically asking to talk her During their conversation several intriguing mysteries are hinted at and it made me intereste [...]

  3. I am a big fan of detective novels and stories What I love about this is the unique combination of detective and fantasy witch magic elements The first issue left me wishing I d had a pile of issues to just keep going through all night The illustrations are unbelievably gorgeous The storyline jumped straight into action and dilemma Rowan, the main character, promises to be well layered, intrigueing and generally kick ass For me, a female with strong attitude and intelligence, with the emphasis o [...]

  4. Great decision to stay black white Horrible decision to have protagonist named via haggard ass tropes Much intrigue builds mystery to bring readers back but in general feels a bit forced But man oh man that art The motorcycle scene is one of the best double page layouts I ve seen in a long long time The angles The sharp perspective The level of depth of understanding of perspective I ve not heard of Nicola Scott before but she s definitely got the human form on lockdown Taking a sneak peek at he [...]

  5. Really great first issue Rucka and Scott are such a power team on Wonder Woman that I really wanted to try this Magic, witches and an amazing writing artist combo I m so in Will be picking up the trades of this

  6. This was pretty badass A wiccan detective trying to solve a murder, figure out who s after her, and why the fuck anyone would need a hand of glory I was unsure about the art at first as it kept to a black and white scheme but it turned out to be really cool as pops of color were added to bring magick into the ordinary Really interesting comic, can t wait for the rest of the series

  7. Die Polizistin Rowan Black ist nicht nur Detective bei der Mordkommission, sie ist auch eine Hexe Letzteres darf nicht bekannt werden, der Gro teil der Menschheit wei nichts von der Existenz von Magie Alles sehr erwachsen erz hlt von Greg Rucka und fantastisch gezeichnet von Nicola Scott Eine Mischung aus Urban Fantasy und Crime Yay

  8. 4 5 starsSeveral things One, I am definitely carrying on this series I love witches, and detective stories, so a witch detective BEST Two, the art is literally so stunning I have yet to get over it Genuinely some of the best art I ve ever seen in a comic Three, I really dig that this will have some darker humour I feel like it s important to have some humour present in stories.

  9. I met an awesome lady on the train today who game me this and I m obsessed This looks like it will be a really cool comic book series and my first ever as well.

  10. I pulled this one out thinking, Oh, you know what, I don t even remember if I saw the second one in stores, and it was apparently just released and I didn t buy it I thought when I pulled it out to read it that it was going to be one I thought was good, but would probably never look at again Nope I read it and now I m already addicted Now I have to go to the store and rectify my not buying it mistake.

  11. Very striking art, reminds me of black and gray tattoos I don t normally like non color comics but this was gorgeous Story could turn into something interesting I see a love interest looming that always draws me in.

  12. Witches The first is issue is amazing The writing and the artwork is awesome I m not a big fan of black and white comics but it works for this I can t wait for issue two.

  13. In my witch phase, I stumbled across a comic book called Black Magick, which has the kind of premise I m surprised I haven t seen before she s a police detective, and she s a witch I m guessing it will be a Netflix series before long.Rowan Black is our heroine, and at the opening of Volume 1 she s in some kind of witch circle, and her cell phone goes off It s a nice gag, making witches part of everyday life Her best friend is a teacher They are actual witches, not Wiccans, able to cast spells an [...]

  14. If Supernatural met Law Order, it might be close to this.First of all, I have to gush over the artwork because it is simply stunning and innovative The comic is predominantly colored in black and white or antique tones, but key moments tied to magic I believe adds a layer of beautiful water color detail And the mythology the writer sets up for Rowen Black s family at the end of the comic is beyond exciting and intriguing And the interesting mash up of hard boiled detective with practicing Wiccan [...]

  15. Der Zeichenstil hat mir richtig, richtig gut gefallen Auch das Schwarz Wei Sepia mit den Farbakzenten zwischendurch hat die Atmosph re der Geschichte gut eingefangen F r Fans von Supernatural zu empfehlen

  16. Cool concept well executed, but not for me Scott s line work is excellent and the sparing use of color is very clever.

  17. Black Magick is finally here.So, was it worth the wait OH YES As always top notch writing from Greg Rucka and together with Nicola Scotts beautiful almost bleak grey ish drawing style works perfectly here it really sets the mood and gives the reader a hint of what to come My only complaint is that this first issue feels a bit on the short side but still, the team manage to give us a sense of where we are, a hint or two of the magic that s in this world and off course an idea of who Detective Row [...]

  18. I read graphic novels once in a blue moon This one was awesome I actually read volume one and read it via my laptop hence the reason it took so long to read it There was one error in the sequence of pictures but it wasn t anything that I couldn t deal with Over all, it was something akin to Law and Order minus the Order portion where one of the main character, Detective Ro Black, is secretly a witch It makes for really good urban fantasy I m definitely looking forward to seeing of his work and [...]

  19. I received this work through Humble Bundle and two words Worth it Despite it s short length, the story encompasses much All Hallow s pagan rituals, untimely cell phone noises, a stick em up, caring cops, and sudden compassion The reader can sense, if not understand, the undercurrents of mystery and magic flowing under Detective Black s dry humor Plus the art Gorgeous, lovely art.In short read, read, read

  20. I think this is the first graphic novel I ve ever read where a majority of the artists and writers are women That alone pleases me But the gritty yet attractive art, and the solid pilot story, makes us a title I would continue to read A lot is left unsaid, including origin stories, so there is plenty to be uncovered I was left guessing a little than I would have liked, but I m still intrigued.

  21. Picked this up on a recommendation from Capstone Comics ATX , and knew when I saw Greg Rucka s name and Nicola Scott s art that I was in for a treat The art is beautiful, and although you only get a taste of the story in a single issue, I can see that I m going to love this character, and the mystery history wrapped up in the background.

  22. One of the guys at my comic book store recommended this to me today I m happy these people get me I know he s trying to sell because after all it s his job, but I m so happy he showed it to me I loved it I had no idea what it was about other than the small description he gave me I had no expectations and was blown away I can t wait for

  23. A coven of witches is interrupted when one receives a call Hostages have been taken and the culprit is requesting our protagonist by name Detective Rowan Black I m captivated by the secret being threatened in this gothic noir brought to us by Greg Rucka Action Comics, Batwoman and gorgeously illustrated by Nicola Scott Birds of Prey.

  24. A black white comic about a Witch Cop is not something I would usually be to interested in, but I like Rucka so I gave it a shot It was a bit of slow starter for me but a little than half way through i started getting into it The book finishes strong has an interesting story, I ll be reading Vol.2 when it comes out.

  25. Brilliant new co if don t miss it Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott and the rest of the team have created something really special in this comic The mix of believable majick, great plotting, fascinating characters, expansive world building and stunning art is a joy to behold.

  26. This seemed like a good start to a series The tension in it really felt nicely tense and then the big scene teased some good mystery for the future and also reveal some important information about the rules of the universe in which it is set.

  27. Black Magick is off to a solid start with fantastic art and quality writing It takes an interesting perspective on witches and magic with a dark mystery feel This is a series you ll likely want to keep an eye on.

  28. Very good read I love that the magic elements in the story weren t overdone Loved the art it was overall a great read, gotta pick up the second trade soon, dying to know what happens next