Free Read The Fly: Outbreak - by Brandon Seifert Menton3, The Fly: Outbreak, Brandon Seifert Menton3, The Fly Outbreak None, Free Read The Fly: Outbreak - by Brandon Seifert Menton3 - The Fly: Outbreak, The Fly Outbreak None

  • Title: The Fly: Outbreak
  • Author: Brandon Seifert Menton3
  • ISBN: 9781631404436
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

The Fly: Outbreak

The Fly: Outbreak Free Read The Fly: Outbreak - by Brandon Seifert Menton3 - The Fly: Outbreak, The Fly Outbreak None Free Read The Fly: Outbreak - by Brandon Seifert Menton3 - The Fly: Outbreak, The Fly Outbreak None Free Read The Fly: Outbreak - by Brandon Seifert Menton3

  • Free Read The Fly: Outbreak - by Brandon Seifert Menton3
    310Brandon Seifert Menton3
The Fly: Outbreak

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548 thought on “The Fly: Outbreak

  1. The Fly Outbreak by Brandon Seifert with art by Menton3 looks really cool, but left me feeling a bit detached from the characters.I m supposing the story starts after the second Fly movie from the 1980s Martin Brindle has been returned to human form and he wants to find a cure for Bartok, who was turned into a fly at the end of The Fly II Martin has got a pretty detached marriage, and doesn t seem to even connect much to the people in the lab around him That somewhat changes when there is an out [...]

  2. Continuation in comic book medium of Cronenberg s Fly Fly II movies hello twitch inducing childhood o_O memories and just as icky and gruesome Meh Great art though if you can appreciate it from a pure artistic standpoint and not from the totally gross content standpoint Like the movies I was compelled to read to the end despite being totally ugh ed out by the icky gooey MartinFly creature Sombre, grim and unassumingly quiet Great stuff if you re of the inclination to this kind of stuff And if yo [...]

  3. This book was alright, but I wouldn t call it great If failed to really pull me in and I found the main character and the majority of the supporting characters unlikable.Normally the art can often save a bad book for me, but unfortunately this one failed impress.The concept of the story seemed promising, but somewhere along the process of creation things went horribly wrong.Rating 2 out of 5 Read Book

  4. Just one of the worst comics I ve ever read Half the time you have no idea what is happening panel to panel The rest of the time you re getting the most obvious and on the nose dialogue imaginable.A Fly sequel could be great I can t believe anyone published this.

  5. A much better story than The Fly II which this is a sequel to , but the artwork, while interesting, makes it somewhat hard to follow at times.

  6. The Fly was a groundbreaking body horror film by David Cronenberg, starring Jeff Goldblum It was a remake of a 1950s creature feature The Fly Outbreak takes place following the events of The Fly II If you remember, not that you would be blamed for not remembering, as it was 1989 the story ended with Martin Brundle being returned from a fly monster to a human and Anton Bartok, the unscrupulous owner of Bartok Industries becoming said monster This graphic novel is a collection of the original five [...]

  7. The Fly is one of the creepiest movies I had the chance of watching at a wayyyy too young age, so I was looking forward to Brandon Seifert s continuation of that mythos Unfortunately, this followup to The Fly II falls short in many ways.My biggest problem was that I couldn t connect with any of the characters There is barely any time spent connecting with the characters The writer s efforts are all spent on this outrageous story about Martin s transgenetic disease inadvertently spreading to a wh [...]

  8. This is a quite a successful continuation of the Fly film mythos, with a Brundle son trying to redeem the family name Before now we ve totally dropped the idea that you can become a fly human hybrid through ill use of teleportation devices, and now it s a genetic disease with too many ways to possibly catch it sex, on the air or through machines The only way to get rid of it is to swap it with someone else in the machines, which isn t particularly effective at ending it but there a lot of other [...]