Unlimited Madenin Esrarı - by Jules Verne, Madenin Esrarı, Jules Verne, Madenin Esrar y l i letildikten sonra en ince damarlar na kadar t ketilen zengin Aberfoyle k m r ocaklar ndan geriye terk edilmi kuyular ss z galeriler kalm t r B t n hayat n bu madenlerde al maya adayan sko ya n n en nemli bilim adamlar ndan m hendis James Starr i letmenin kapanmas ndan y l sonra Aberfoyle Postahanesi nin damgas n ta yan esrarengiz bir mektup al r y l i letildikten, Unlimited Madenin Esrarı - by Jules Verne - Madenin Esrarı, Madenin Esrar y l i letildikten sonra en ince damarlar na kadar t ketilen zengin Aberfoyle k m r ocaklar ndan geriye terk edilmi kuyular ss z galeriler kalm t r B t n hayat n bu madenlerde al maya adayan sko y

  • Title: Madenin Esrarı
  • Author: Jules Verne
  • ISBN: 9789756902981
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

Madenin Esrarı

Madenin Esrarı Unlimited Madenin Esrarı - by Jules Verne - Madenin Esrarı, Madenin Esrar y l i letildikten sonra en ince damarlar na kadar t ketilen zengin Aberfoyle k m r ocaklar ndan geriye terk edilmi kuyular ss z galeriler kalm t r B t n hayat n bu madenlerde al maya adayan sko y Unlimited Madenin Esrarı - by Jules Verne - Madenin Esrarı, Madenin Esrar y l i letildikten sonra en ince damarlar na kadar t ketilen zengin Aberfoyle k m r ocaklar ndan geriye terk edilmi kuyular ss z galeriler kalm t r B t n hayat n bu madenlerde al maya adayan sko y Unlimited Madenin Esrarı - by Jules Verne

  • Unlimited Madenin Esrarı - by Jules Verne
    164Jules Verne
Madenin Esrarı

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  1. Someone should really rewrite this book as a fairy story with no pretensions to representing real mining in 19th century Scotland Nell, the child of the caverns, who has never seen the light of day evokes ancient stories of human children raised in underground kingdoms, and supernatural children adopted by humans There is something bewitchingly and tantalizingly unreal about her, so long as you stick to seeing the story as fantasy view spoiler Harry, a born miner almost literally prefers life in [...]

  2. The Underground City Extraordinary Voyages 16 , Jules Verne To Mr F R Starr, Engineer, 30 Canongate, Edinburgh.IF Mr James Starr will come to morrow to the Aberfoyle coal mines, Dochart pit, Yarrow shaft, a communication of an interesting nature will be made to him Mr James Starr will be awaited for, the whole day, at the Callander station, by Harry Ford, son of the old overman Simon Ford He is requested to keep this invitation secret and

  3. Verne wrote some fantastic pieces of fiction, but this is just an above average adventure love story about people living in a coal mine It is very interesting with an eye toward how coal used to be mined, and the book is a fun read Just not something to write home about.

  4. Although it spends most of its time in a coal mine, this quaint little adventure story doesn t offer much depth All of the characters are static and direct, and the main thrust of the plot is resolved almost by chance.From a sustainability perspective, the story is rather ironic, as it glorifies the use of fossil fuels, coal, and mining and it looks forward to an unending supply of the same.

  5. I was expecting a supernatural story like Journey to the Center of the Earth, but this was an OK read for a quick book.

  6. Kindled for free This is one of Verne s very worst books and I would strongly urge you to avoid it The setting is an abandoned mine near Edinburgh where a family of dissatisfied miners still lurk, chasing shadows and hoping to find coal to chase The plot may appear tempting, with a trip to Scotland and some quaint folklore, but not only is there very little of Verne s usual brilliance, the book is completely spoilt by the hard to understand biases of the time One of the central plot lines invol [...]

  7. P ednost knihy je prost ed Skotska Bylo p jemn si p i popisu Edinburku zavzpom nat Pikantn je fatal error kresl e Julese F rata, kter nam sto Hollyroodu nakreslil Edinbursk hrad Kniha m zhruba v polovin za ala nudit a p eskakov n v textu se st v ast j a ast j Do etl jsem jedin proto, e mi kniha pat.

  8. Hac a por lo menos m s de cuatro a os que no le a un libro de Julio Verne, que es el autor del que m s libros le , en parte, porque por all en 2005 le como catorce o quince libros seguidos del autor y me produjo como un hartazgo de Verne Luego, en 2011 le dos del autor que se caracterizaban m s por su rareza Uno era Paris en el siglo XX , que era una novela que Verne le hab a enviado a su editor Hetzel para ser publicada luego del xito de su primera novela Cinco semanas en globo La novela fue re [...]

  9. This is a wonderful short story and one of the lesser known novels of Jules Verne It took me only about two hours to get through it and I thoroughly enjoyed myself It tells the tale of the Scottish city Aberfoyle The former mine foreman Simon Ford is still living in the mine he used to work in ten years ago Now, he has found a new vein and informs former friend James Starr of his findings Strange things start happening as if someone or something didn t want anyone to find the new vein The descri [...]

  10. A solidly decent book by a great author, The Underground City is a fun read, but fails to live up to its potential Sent in central Scotland very near where I once lived, I could relate to the places and activities mentioned, which gave it a firmly grounded sense of location and reality.Not knowing what to expect, I was impressed by the slow, methodical revelation of the plot But as I approached the end, I feel it lacked a certain sense of adventure or danger that make Verne s best book so memora [...]

  11. I certainly enjoyed this book for the most parte above ground tourism bored the daylights out of me It took me back to all my good old days reading Verne Clever, original setting as you d expect from Verne The story was very good I was quite happy with the ending, as well as with the character of Harry Ford.I give a mediocre rating because while the book was good, it was by no means outstanding.

  12. Had some time to read recently due to some long flights This was a very short read only took a few hours as I recall , but it was a fun one Jules Verne explores the mining world of the 19th century, and weaves in a story about an enormous coal vein discovery at a previously abandoned mine Not as good as The Lighthouse at the End of the World but still very entertaining.

  13. THE UNDERGROUND CITY is a short story by Jules Verne that I had never heard of until I stumbled upon it quite by accident in the library What else can I say It s Jules Verne I enjoyed it even though it was short and fell short of his typical works Still, it was entertaining and pure Jules Verne and for that reason, I gave it four stars.

  14. This lesser known book by Jules Verne has to do with discovery of a gigantic cavern in a coal mine People make their homes around an underground lake, but the people are plagued by accidents and strange events Living underground was not a unknown action by men but until recent years never on a scale envisioned by Jules Verne.

  15. Continuing revisiting books of my childhood, in a way, by reading one from my favourite childhood author that was new to me It s not the Journey to the Centre of the Earth but set in Scotland I was expecting Sad I still love Verne s writing but this is rushed and formulaic.

  16. Excellent book which is too little known in comparison to other books by Verne Well worth the read especially if you have read some of Scott s Waverley novels since Verne was very much inspired by the Wizard of the North.

  17. This was a nice casual read The first Verne I ve read The characters weren t deep but the idea of the story is very interesting.

  18. It starts off slowly, but the thrill just shoots to the sky at the end of the book, up until the last moment Pretty basic, but quite good nonetheless.

  19. Totale d couverte avec ce roman, du monde des mines en Angleterre Passionnant reste savoir si ces villes dans les fonds de la terre ont r ellement exist

  20. I absolutely loved this I couldn t put it down and I finished it in two days I m quite a fan of Jules Verne by now, and I definitely think this is one of his better works although pretty much all of his stories are amazing Taking place in an underground city of coal miners, here s a riveting story of mystery, intrigue and love This is an easy 5 stars.

  21. Novela de ambiente minero que se desarrolla en un pa s apreciado por Verne Escocia Es un relato entretenido, con momentos de gran originalidad, y que, al igual que en Viaje al centro de la Tierra, transcurre casi ntegramente bajo la superficie de la Tierra.

  22. Good reading when you don t feel well and can t think too much Interesting perspective on coal mining in Scotland.

  23. An old concept has been reintroduce, had you ever wanted to live below the ground, where the suns eyes cannot penetrate well the buried concept of an underground city if effectively constructed for the progressing setting The audacity of the location is somewhat of a wonder to be built without fault, it however did serve a wonderful purpose unless you feel uncomfortable being subjected to circumstance, in other words, no way out of death I read and read, the sun rose and feel, the moon paraded a [...]

  24. This one is a typical Verne novel and a really short one, for that It has the good guy, handsome and brave, the bad guy, evil and crazy, the friend, funny and good hearted, and the girl, innocent and beautiful This time, the novel is about some miners who found a village underground, in the very mine where they work The fantastic thing about Verne s novels is that they are plagued with data that make everything feel as if it was true or could be achieved Sometimes this is a pain to read, like in [...]

  25. Can t really rate this book as than okay It reads easily, quickly, and captivatingly, but actually ended up being a little disapointing It is the story of a mine that closed down, a family that stubbornly refuses to leave it over 10 years, and, together with its ex foreman, find a hidden section that is magnificent and somehow has an amazing ammount of coal, even though the rest of the mine had theorithecally been utterly drained It is so miraculous, the town is saved, lots of people go to live [...]

  26. The first time I read this a fellow Lyster had suggested this book as an inspiration for the then upcoming project of Uru I read it, and aside from the name of the Loch Katrina the surface loch above Loch Malcolm inside the cave system, I didn t see much connection On its own its an interesting short story about some very deep caves, a new miner s city, and the mysterious girl found barely alive deep in the cave system.It was probably inspired by one or of the odd tales of refugees from the dep [...]

  27. A fantastic adventure down a Scottish coal mineIn the Scottish coal mine of Aberfoyle lots of strange things are happening Everything indicates that some supernatural beings are haunting the deserted mine shafts A family of three people, still living in that mine 450 meters bellow the Earth s surface, is convinced that there still is plenty of carbon ready to be mined When call upon James Starr, a mining engineer, to reopen the nine, not everybody seems to be pleased The tranquil subterranean hi [...]

  28. Dix ans apr s la fermeture de la mine d Aberfoyle, l ing nieur James Starr est rappel sur les lieux par l ancien overman, Simon Ford Ayant lu domicile au fond de la mine avec sa femme et son fils, Ford d clare avoir fait une d couverte permettant de r exploiter la mine De multiples ph nom nes troublants vont se produire, une jeune fille apeur e et mourante sera d couverte, et divers dangers menaceront la mine et ses nouveaux habitants.Les Indes noires de Jules Verne repr sentent la nouvelle rich [...]