Take Me Forever Best Download || [Christie Ridgway], Take Me Forever, Christie Ridgway, Take Me Forever Note This book was previously published Award winning and USA Today bestselling author Christie Ridgway serves up three sexy sun drenched romances with a decided emotional kick in the Billionaire s Beach trilogy The most coveted stretch of sand in Malibu California is known as Billionaire s Beach a hat tip to the wealthy residents who enjoy its flower scented air andNote This bo, Take Me Forever Best Download || [Christie Ridgway] - Take Me Forever, Take Me Forever Note This book was previously published Award winning and USA Today bestselling author Christie Ridgway serves up three sexy sun drenched romances with a decided emotional kick in the Billionaire s B

  • Title: Take Me Forever
  • Author: Christie Ridgway
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Take Me Forever

Take Me Forever Take Me Forever Best Download || [Christie Ridgway] - Take Me Forever, Take Me Forever Note This book was previously published Award winning and USA Today bestselling author Christie Ridgway serves up three sexy sun drenched romances with a decided emotional kick in the Billionaire s B Take Me Forever Best Download || [Christie Ridgway] - Take Me Forever, Take Me Forever Note This book was previously published Award winning and USA Today bestselling author Christie Ridgway serves up three sexy sun drenched romances with a decided emotional kick in the Billionaire s B Take Me Forever Best Download || [Christie Ridgway]

  • Take Me Forever Best Download || [Christie Ridgway]
    369Christie Ridgway
Take Me Forever

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  1. Juliet Weston is having a very weird day First, she learns that she has two sisters she never knew existed Second, she finds a naked man in her pool, and not just any man, Noah Smith, her late husband s assistant.Juliet has given up on feeling anything since her husband of eight years passed away Now, she can t get Noah s naked body out of her mind Noah has been attracted to Juliet since he first saw her He has the urge to not only be her friend, but to protect her, too.As Juliet gets to know he [...]

  2. It has really not much to do with knitting The yarn store could easily be changed into book store without affecting much of the story I got also annoyed that it said LYS is short from little yarn store , I believe even though some of them are small businesses LYS still means Local Yarn Store So if you re planning to take it out from library just because it has knitting in it, don t Take it out because you want some light reading and not so bad romance.

  3. I really, really loved this book It was better than the first, and I loved that one as well The sisters have captured my heart Summary Juliet Weston has had a difficult few years, but the last has been the hardest It s been almost a year since she lost her much older husband General Weston She was devastated by his passing, although she knew it was coming as he d struggled with cancer for a number of years Still, her grief is waning, but the guilt of not being with him when he took his final bre [...]

  4. Second chance at love and marriage do you or don t you Such is the question for Juliet Weston, aka The Deal Breaker, aka the Happy Widow, aka the young, lonely widow married to a man she loved for eighteen years but was married to for only eight Juliet fell in love with General Wayne Weston when she was a child and then met up with him again as an adult at her parent s funeral Love blossomed between them despite the age difference, but fate had other plans for her and now she s alone Except for [...]

  5. So here we are back on Billionaire s Beach Fortunately this book in the series does not feature an actual billionaire which was a relief to me.Our Heroine is an angst filled woman Our Hero is, well, heroic He s a warrior, after all I love how we meet him, swimming naked in her pool Something happens and he races into her kitchen, naked and dripping wet He covers himself with an apron and we are left with Our Heroine s delightful speculations about his naked backside Oh yes, drool worthy scene.Ju [...]

  6. Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted October 15, 2008Romance Contemporary Contemporary Chick Lit Juliet Weston, a widow for 11 months now, loved her husband deeply he was much older than her, a wealthy, distinguished military general He had sheltered and provided for her, maybe than she wanted or needed Now that he s gone, his most trusted soldier, Noah Smith, is fulfilling a promise to the general to continue taking care of Juliet After the negative press surrounding the general s death, protecting [...]

  7. Christie Ridgway is so darned good at what she does, and this is a pretty darned good example of what she does well The widow of a general, the enlisted man sworn to protect her it sounds like it shouldn t work, but in Ridgway s hands, it does and then some Nikki and Jay from How to Knit a Wild Bikini reappear, and are seamlessly integrated into the current action, but I found this to be a complete, honest book than its predecessor The dramatic tension this time comes not from a date rape subp [...]

  8. I really like the way the author is carrying characters through each of the sisters stories The main characters as well as the rest of the cast from first story reappear here a supporting characters, but their roles aren t just window dressing we get to know them better And I have no doubt Marlys and Dean will show up in the third book as well And I wonder if the author plans another book or two since she mentions two adopted brothers Either way, I m looking to fun from this author.

  9. The next in the series following the How to Knit a Wild Bikini, this steamy romance stars young widow Juliet and her late, much older husband s hunky assistant There is sure to be a third in this heartwarming and a little heartbreaking series This one shines a fuzzy light on the topic of grief in a respectable way I ll read the next.What I really want, however, is a little knit shop like the one in this story

  10. Not a run of the mill romanceSomehow Christie Ridgway s romances seem different than most The characters are richly defined and stories are infinitely detailed.

  11. This was a great second story in the billionaire beach trilogy I loved Juliet and Noah We never got to meet these characters in the first story but the characters from the first are present in this story Juliet is the sister to Cassandra and Nikki The sister and family relationship has a very prominent role in this story Juliet starts to awaken from you shell that she has been in and starts to feel again Her sisters and the news they give her are a big part of this It opens her up to see Noah di [...]

  12. Meh.We are introduced to sister Juliet s life in this one Juliet was married to a general who was a contender for the presidential ticket but gave it all up to marry his true Love Juliet who was 20 or so years his junior When he died the press called her The Merry Widow and The Deal Breaker and hounded her Fortunately she has Noah the Generals Aid who is still sticking around and trying to help with everything And of course she has her newly found sisters to help her as well These books are just [...]

  13. I m about two thirds of the way through the book, and it is not appealing too me I m officially declaring it a DNF I am working my way through a variety of romance genres and novels this summers, so I am not sure if it s a problem with the genre or with the book I picked up the book because of the title and the cover I m an avid knitter so thought it would be fun, but the knitting is a barely mentioned after thought If other aspects of the book caught my interest, I would not care about the lack [...]

  14. I had a hard time getting into this heroine at first Juliet Weston began as a teeny bopper with a crush on a foxy older man, to his wife as a very innocent young woman, to his widow, still a young woman, in the blink of a few pages So it s hard figuring out who she is, when not in relation to others, a problem that lingers till the book is almost done Turns out Juliet does have a personality, after all.However, Ridgway s strong writing, and her sexy and complicated hero, Noah, kept me turning pa [...]

  15. Book two of the trilogy was every bit as good as the first but in a different way Being only the second Ridgway book I ve read, I wasn t sure what to expect Often with these romance trilogies it is the same story with slight variations told three times This is very different than the first story Widow of a war hero, Juliet starts to deal with moving on after her husband s death She also learns to find and accept family as she finds it But the story just sort of ends with so many loose ends I ll [...]

  16. This is the second in the Malibu Ewe series Juliet s husband has been dead almost a year Slowly she is coming back to life She notices Noah, the man that helped her care for her dying husband She wants him Noah wants her but he is having a hard time getting past her dead husband.Juliet finds out that she was conceived by sperm donor and that the donor also fathered two other women They befriend her, which comes in so handy because she needs family Her step daughter, Marlys, is still treating her [...]

  17. This is the second book in this trilogy and I liked this book better than the first one From the first page I was drawn into this story and emphasized with the main characters Juliet is a widow for the last 10 11 months who feels nothing She is totally numb until she arrives home one night and discovers a naked man in her pool She fumbles around in the dark in her kitchen, cuts her finger and ends up crashing into the kitchen island The naked man jumps out of the pool to run to her rescue He rus [...]

  18. A solid follow up to How to Knit a Wild Bikini The whole yarn shop theme isn t really a strong one The store, owned by one of the three lead female characters, is of a meeting place than a plot point But since I don t knit, no big deal The hero heroine in this installment are both different enough from the first book not to feel redundant, and I ll read the third, as well, though I m going to read something else first The sub plots advance the story, as well as being stories of their own And ju [...]

  19. I read this book ad Take Me Forever, the second book in the Billionaire Beach series Juliet is the oldest of the three half series, sharing the same sperm donor father, but the last to know She fell in love with General Weston when she was 13 Daddy issues he noticed her when she was 21 Despite objections from many, they married, nixing a possible political career This is the unbelievable part, as that would not effect political ambitions in DC He then is terminally ill with cancer She nurses him [...]

  20. Unravel Me is the second of the Malibu and Ewe series This one focuses on Juliet and Noah Everyone thinks that Juliet is fragile and proper, but when she sees Noah naked, her true inner self creeps to the top layer of her skin and exposes itself for all to see She is determined to have a better life with friends, family and a lover She has been mourning for her dead husband for about 11 months, but discovers there is to her young life to live I enjoyed this book Christie Ridgway always has her [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this book The main characters Juliet and Noah try to navigate their budding romantic relationship around the ache of loss, grief and guilt This topic is handled with a realistic gentle touch with hints of humor and passion.Juliet is having difficulty coming to terms with the death of her much older husband and who she is without him.Noah is struggling with guilt for the personal feelings he has for his boss s widow.Their relationship is delicate Juliet doesn t know if she can lo [...]

  22. This is the 2nd book in the Billionaire s Beach series set in Malibu, CA In this story, the main romance involves Juliet Weston, a general s widow, and Noah Smith, a former soldier who was the general s aide Many of the moving emotional scenes center on Juliet s grief process and moving forward in life There s are a few side stories that add other layers to a typical romance tale including the character of Marlys Weston, the general s daughter from his first marriage, and Juliet s half sisters, [...]

  23. Great Book This is a great book this is the second book in the Malibu and Ewe Billionaire s Beach series by Christie Rigway Juliet Weston moves to Malibu for a fresh start after a bad breakup Noah Smith has watched Juliet from afar for months and he believes that it is time for him to make his move If you are looking for a great love story then you need to read this book I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and hones [...]

  24. Okay in book 1 of this trilogy we met two women who are products of artificial insemination and according to one of the women there were three of them from the same father This is book 2 and we have the third sister who is widowed Her husband was an older military man and she is a bit of an infamous widow The storyline has a variety of romance as there are a few characters introduced besides the widow The interesting thing is that the woman who started this whole find her sisters process has yet [...]

  25. another not knitting story masquerading as a knitting story sigh I think the third in the series will lie to me as well.juliet is the widow of general weston, presidential hopeful and all around perfect guy when he dies as juliet is getting a manicure the press labels her the happy widow and crucifies her she escapes to malibu with her husband s advisor and her friend noah, who views her as than a friend she is lured into malibu ewe at the thought of gaining a family, and gets than she bargain [...]

  26. I enjoyed this well written, sweet book It can be read as a stand alone story, though is also the second in a trilogy with related characters Juliet moves to Malibu after her much older husband, a General, passes away Noah wants her to see him as a man, not just the General s aide assistant It was interesting to follow this story as Juliet recovers from her grief and reawakens to life I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  27. After reading the book, my first thought was meh It was an alright book, but nothing exceptional It was nothing compared to How To Knit a Wild Bikini I felt like this book was written as a filler between the two other books of the series I was interested in reading what was going on with Gabe and Cassandra Even the evil stepdaughter had umph than Juliet Argh And where was the spark I didn t find anything except for a tiny sizzle Oh well

  28. I am really enjoying this series I like the three leading women characters Each is so different and each has their own hurdles in life to over come They are tons of fun I applaud the author for her clever introduction of a knitting shop Yes, knitted dresses are super sexy along with lots of other items Ridgway has a great sexy writing style that is pure entertainment I look forward to the next in the series.