The Christmas Cafe Best Read || [Amanda Prowse], The Christmas Cafe, Amanda Prowse, The Christmas Cafe Bea does not believe in second chances A widow at fifty three Bea knows she must accept that she will be alone forever She buries her grief in hard work and soon the deli she runs in Surry Hills has a reputation for the best carrot cake in Sydney But then an email from a cafe owner in Edinburgh leads her to take a trip to Scotland in the depths of winter There transBea does n, The Christmas Cafe Best Read || [Amanda Prowse] - The Christmas Cafe, The Christmas Cafe Bea does not believe in second chances A widow at fifty three Bea knows she must accept that she will be alone forever She buries her grief in hard work and soon the deli she runs in Surry Hills has

  • Title: The Christmas Cafe
  • Author: Amanda Prowse
  • ISBN: 9781784970376
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback

The Christmas Cafe

The Christmas Cafe The Christmas Cafe Best Read || [Amanda Prowse] - The Christmas Cafe, The Christmas Cafe Bea does not believe in second chances A widow at fifty three Bea knows she must accept that she will be alone forever She buries her grief in hard work and soon the deli she runs in Surry Hills has The Christmas Cafe Best Read || [Amanda Prowse] - The Christmas Cafe, The Christmas Cafe Bea does not believe in second chances A widow at fifty three Bea knows she must accept that she will be alone forever She buries her grief in hard work and soon the deli she runs in Surry Hills has The Christmas Cafe Best Read || [Amanda Prowse]

  • The Christmas Cafe Best Read || [Amanda Prowse]
    226Amanda Prowse
The Christmas Cafe

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  1. Originally reviewed on beccasbooooks 2There are hundreds and thousands of Amanda Prowse fans, fans that told me, during my reading of A Christmas Cafe, that Prowse is one of their most favourite authors As I progressed further into this beautifully weaved, superbly told novel, I began to understand why I can t believe that The Christmas Cafe is the first novel I ve read by Amanda Prowse, but I can tell you now that it certainly won t be the last I was utterly charmed by this story, enchanted eve [...]

  2. A classic Christmas tale charming, sweet and warm Po wi teczn kafejk Amandy Prowse powinni si gn czytelnicy spragnieni uroczych, pe nych nadziei wsp czesnych opowie ci obyczajowych wype nionych po brzegi bo onarodzeniow atmosfer , przed wi tecznym ciep em i tym wszystkim, co tworzy klimat prawdziwych wi t, nie tylko komercyjn , pozorn wydmuszk.

  3. 4.5 stars.Most book reviewers receive their Christmas themed books at the end of the summer, and have them read and reviewed by September or October I have to admit that I cannot do this I can t read a Christmas novel while wearing a bikini, or when there is no fire in the grate I need dark evenings, cozy jumpers and a variety of Christmas decorations around me Hence, this is only my forth Christmas read this season, However, it s a cracker see what I did there When Bea is widowed in her early f [...]

  4. 4.5 StarsThe Christmas Cafe is a beautiful love story, of lost true love I found it got off to a slightly slow start, possibly due to Bea s husband dieing, and the initial grief, but once it moved on a bit, I was entranced by the story, and just wanted to read and One year later, Bea runs a cafe in Surry Hills, Sydney and puts all of herself into her work, after her husband Peter dies Out of the blue she gets an approach from The Christmas Cafe in Edinburgh, suggesting she become part of a gro [...]

  5. Bea is a lively women in her early 50s, who is widowed at the start of the book After the prologue, we meet her a year later in her everyday life in Australia She s the owner of a small restaurant, who adores her teenage granddaughter Flora but hardly ever sees herMost of the book is about learning to accept one s past, and to take steps towards finding truth, even if this seems difficult or risky The writing is good, with a nice amount of description and believable dialogue While I had easily g [...]

  6. review by ireadnovels.wordpressThis story opens up with great sadness After thirty years of marriage Fifty five year old Bea, held on to the hands of her husband s Peter until his final breath in hospital For Bea she was going home to a dark and quiet apartment, with Peter s belonging staring at her in each room she went in She buries her grief in hard work at the deli she runs A letter arrives for Bea from a lady cafe owner in Scotland, she runs a kind of little forum for owners of coffee shops [...]

  7. This was a nice change from the other Christmas chicklit I ve read, as the main protagonist is already a grandma albeit a young one and her granddaughter is also a main character Those two POVs worked well for me.I like how it is both about the past and the present, how one influences the other.As so often it all was just that little bit TOO easy after such a long time, and the characters too good But it was a nice read and I enjoyed it.

  8. The Christmas Cafe is not your usual seasonal read in that the book starts off in a hospital ward devoid of festive cheer We meet Bea just as her husband Peter is close to death Bea s loss has left a big hole in her life, especially as she barely sees her son, Wyatt, and his family Through the pages we find out that as much as Bea loved Peter she was not in love with him, but he had come along in her life just as she needed someone to lean on Now that he has died she says sorry to him every day [...]

  9. This was probably one of the loveliest Christmas books I have ever read The story is about a woman called Bea who owns a cafe , and through that on an online forum for cafe owners worldwide she meets another cafe owner on the other side of the world and they begin a friendship The story is based in Auatralia and Scotland and was lovely expieriencing the story from both settings This story is about family, love and timing , and how important all these things are especially at Christmas I closed t [...]

  10. I won this book in a giveaway and was so excited as I never usually win anything We follow the story of Bea and what happens after her husband Peter dies It took me a few chapter to get in to the book but once I did I raced through it reading the last half of the book in one evening There are lots of other interesting characters in the book who made me smile All in all a fabulous book Amanda Prowse always delivers a good story.

  11. A pleasant read, a little slow to start The characters were well written and easy toward to The descriptions of a cold Scotland and the Christmas Cafe were lovely.Bea is an easy character to like, although she has her own issues to correct, which come to light later in the story.The ending was a little twee, but enjoyable non the less.

  12. The Christmas Caf is the fourth book from Amanda Prowse this year and I m still left wondering where on earth does she find the time to write so much To write so many books and never lose any substance or depth to her stories is quite an achievement Having read all her releases this year she is now firmly one of my favourite authors, one of those whom you eagerly await news of each new story to come You are always guaranteed an emotional read from Amanda as she brings relevant, everyday topics t [...]

  13. Ciep a, urocza, a do tego lekka historia o mi o ci, stracie, wybaczaniu i nadziei Opowie tocz ca si zar wno w s onecznej Australii, jak i w mro nym Edynburgu My l , e jest to pozycja dla kobiet, kt re wiedz czego chc od ycia i potrafi walczy o swoje szcz cie To ksi ka daj ca szans na lepsze jutro, na spe nienie marze i na wiar w magi wi t Bo ego Narodzenia.

  14. I loved this book A lovely story and a nice easy comforting read Not too much about Christmas so easy to start in October.I will definitely read some of her books.

  15. Review first posted on my blog A Spoonful of Happy Endings spoonfulofhappyendingsspoAfter 30 happy years of marriage, 53 year old Bea Greenstock finds herself alone again after the death of her beloved husband Peter Luckily, Bea has her own cafe in Sydney, the Reservoir Street Kitchen, to keep her busy, together with the troubles her teenage granddaughter Flora is having with her parents When Bea is unexpectedly contacted via e mail by a Scottish cafe owner, a new friendship develops and before [...]

  16. Novel set in Sydney and Edinburgh a total rollercoaster of emotions A heart warming novel to read in the run up to Christmas hot, balmy beaches to herald the festive season on one side of the world, and light dustings of snow on the other side Sydney and Edinburgh are cleverly juxtaposed and they couldn t be different The cold, dark streets of Edinburgh, speckled with festive lights, contrast with Echo Point, perfect for watching sunrise over the Three Sisters one of the most stunning things Be [...]

  17. The book opens with Bea losing her husband of many years Personally, I think that s the biggest strike against the story because it makes it very slow reading for the first few chapters.Bea runs a cafe and has a good life, but she s a bit lonely Also her son Wyatt is having problems with his daughter Flora She s 13 and acting out, having discipline issues at school He brings her to Bea for an overnight stay and cooling off period I really liked the relationship that Bea had with her granddaughte [...]

  18. The book opens with Bea saying goodbye to her husband of nearly thirty years and facing up to life alone at only 53 But we find out from Bea s memories that the marriage wasn t totally conventional, with hurt and heartbreak being a part of Bea s life from an early age.During the following year Bea turns her attention to making a success of her cafe When she receives an email from a fellow cafe owner in Scotland a chain of events is set in motion culminating in her granddaughter, Flora, coming to [...]

  19. I was lucky to win this copy of The Christmas Cafe on first reads.This Is this first book I have read by this author and it won t be my last really enjoyed it my sort of book.The story is based in Australia and Scotland , Bea was widowed in her early 50s and thought she would be on here own for the rest of her life, but after receiving a e mail from a cafe owner in Australia called The Christmas cafe her life makes a change for the better, taking her troubled young granddaughter with her to Scot [...]

  20. It did take me a few chapters to get into his story but once I did I certainly was not disappointed I read the second half of the book in one sitting because it was unputadownable and a page turner I just wanted to know how it ended.The Book had amazing characters which held the story together perfectly I especially warmed to Flora the teenager I loved the unexpected twists the book took I did not see them comingI enjoyed the trip to Edinburgh, Amanda s descriptive wording of the city was just m [...]

  21. I was looking for a nice, fluffy Christmas read, but unfortunately this book wasn t really my cup of tea The main character is not much older than me but, in my opinion, she came across as being much older, almost like my mother s age band There were also too many coincidences in my liking and an obvious, formulaic storyline.Please don t let my review put you off from reading other Amanda Prowse books though, as I m a big fan of hers and have read so many that are absolutely fabulous.

  22. This was a wonderful read I laughed, I cried and just generally thoroughly enjoyed it Its a chick lit book, no doubt about it, but the fact that the heroine of the book was a middle aged woman made it extra special for me because I could really relate to her Her life was messy, she had secrets, her life wasnt all smooth sailing but none of that mattered, it made her real I read this book in the course of one afternoon, I just couldnt put it down Thank you Amanda for a really great book

  23. Bea is a widow, and at 53 she thinks she will be alone forever.One day, an email arrives, so begins a lovely friendship with Alex a cafe owner is Edinburgh, thousands of miles away from Bea s home, in Sydney, where she runs her own Deli.Christmas is round the corner, and Bea s son and wife are off to Bali, leaving teenage granddaughter Flora at home, because she does not want to go With this in mind, and her parents permission Flora goes with Bea, to Scotland, to see her pen pal, Alex,, but is s [...]

  24. Thank you for sending me this book This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it I read the book in 2 days The characters are believable and I really enjoyed the relationship between Bea and her granddaughter Flora The descriptions of Australia and Edinburgh were brilliant and the relationship s between all the characters were very real I will definitely look out for Amanda Prowse books and would recommend them for a great holiday read.

  25. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads The Christmas Caf is possibly the sweetest, most heart warming book I have ever read.Amanda Prowse writes with a genuine warmth for her characters and their lives, making it almost impossible to accept that these people aren t real.I giggled than I expected, and teared up too many times to count.My one disappointment The book didn t come packaged with a box of tissues I needed them