Free Read Luc - by Kenzie Cox, Luc, Kenzie Cox, Luc She s gotten under his skin Arianna Simms isn t looking for anything permanent Her two week vacation has everything she needs her best friend a quiet bayou town and the sexy shifter who fills her every desire He s everything she thinks she wants until she realizes just exactly how dangerous his world can be Luc Riveaux has closed his heart Some wounds run too deep She s gotten under his skin, Free Read Luc - by Kenzie Cox - Luc, Luc She s gotten under his skin Arianna Simms isn t looking for anything permanent Her two week vacation has everything she needs her best friend a quiet bayou town and the sexy shifter who fills her ev

  • Title: Luc
  • Author: Kenzie Cox
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Luc Free Read Luc - by Kenzie Cox - Luc, Luc She s gotten under his skin Arianna Simms isn t looking for anything permanent Her two week vacation has everything she needs her best friend a quiet bayou town and the sexy shifter who fills her ev Free Read Luc - by Kenzie Cox - Luc, Luc She s gotten under his skin Arianna Simms isn t looking for anything permanent Her two week vacation has everything she needs her best friend a quiet bayou town and the sexy shifter who fills her ev Free Read Luc - by Kenzie Cox

  • Free Read Luc - by Kenzie Cox
    414Kenzie Cox

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  1. Luc and Arianna Another short fun read I wasn t as drawn in as I was with Aiden and Rayna s story though Arianna became aware of the wolf natures Luc and his brothers in the last book, and isn t too happy about it After the danger she grew up with, she wants a life that free from strife and Luc s world is anything but safe Luc is afraid of a woman doing to him what his mother did to his father Then there s danger of Skye s ex and his gang of scum The ending was great

  2. More of the sameNo surprise Luc s mate turns out to be Arianna Luc s still uneasy about Aiden and Rayna s mating but learning to live with it and finally able to see that his mate is right in front of him.Arianna is afraid of the life that Luc and his brothers live and wants no part of it and who could blame her , so she decides to leave Luc before she gets in too deep All the while having no clue of Luc s mommy issues she ups and leaves him without a word In a surprising chain of events that ma [...]

  3. The series finally picks up speed with this book I Iove this author s writing, but the story has been a little disappointing with the first two books in this series Luckily, I can t say the same about this one It was fast paced and even had some action and suspense The couple s romance is also a bit developed Hopefully, the rest of the series continues this way, as it is what I expect from this author.

  4. Good wrap up of all three books novellas Luc finds his fated mate No epilogue, HEA, no cliffhanger But end does tease you about dials and his true love drama.

  5. And then Luc showed up and I squirmed in my seat the entire time I listened to this book Again, worth it

  6. HackerThe Hunters have grown product and are still trying to get rid of the wolves The pack is being forced to look the other way because of the blackmail but all is not lost With the help of a very ingenious Hacker the video is rendered useless and the authorities can now deal with the Hunters.

  7. Luc Wolves of the Rising Sun 3Kenzie CoxReviewed by SFF DragonA hero who finally works out he wants to keep the heroine, action, steam, lots of unexpected twists and a HEA I love it Luc is the third and final book in the Wolves of the Rising Sun series by Kenzie Cox I was given this copy by the author in exchange for an honest review, and I really couldn t put it down This series just keeps getting better and better, and now I m hooked on Kenzie Cox books Luc is also part of the multi author par [...]

  8. Check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook TwinsietalkTwitter TwinsietalkTsu TwinsietalkNewsletter eepurl brwkPv Luc by Kenzie CoxI received this book from the author for an honest review.Hawt, Yum and Delicious are quick words to describe this novella I have been lucky enough to read the other brothers stories and loved them as well The series is about 3 brothers who run a bar and swamp tours They are fighting some bad guys while falling in love with their woman.Luc was sooo not eve [...]

  9. I was given an ARC of Luc from the author, in exchange for an honest review.I have been loving this series so far, and Luc was no different than the first two I was sucked into the story, lost within the words action, love, mayhem that is the Wolves of the Rising Sun I didn t want this book to finish, but then I have said that to all I have read so far.Luc know s Arianna isn t staying long, she ll be heading home in 2 weeks, so he s making the most of the time he gets to spend, but he s not sure [...]

  10. Luc does not want a mate After he and his brothers were abandoned by their mother, he doesn t want that hurt again But his brothers are all mated now and one of Skye s model friends is getting under his skind into his bed It s only a short fling as he knows Arianna isn t staying long But she knows he s a shifter and seems to have accepted things quite well Will she stay or run back to New Orleans Arianna is enjoying time with her best friend in the gorgeous bayou and Luc is a wonderful bonus But [...]

  11. Luc Wolves of the Rising Sun 3 Mating Season, 16 by Kenzie CoxLannister and the scum he works with are still giving the Riveaux s problems due to the video that Lannister got and is using as blackmail Arianna didn t have the best childhood, but she survived it and moved on, now she is being faced with the same things again It doesn t matter how much she likes loves Luc, she just can t go through it all again So, she leaves, but knowing that the video is being held over Luc and his family s head [...]

  12. Luc is another short novella is the Wolves of the Rising Sun series The problem that I have with these stories is just when when the plot starts to really get interesting, it s over Marianna is a model who is having a little fun spending some time with Luc She is aware that he is a wolf but she just thinks it s a very hit fling Then when Luv takes Arianna out to the family cemetery plot and discovers someone has been on the property growing marijuana, all hell is about to break lose.Arianna s fo [...]

  13. Ever since Luc Riveaux mom took off on them when he was young he closed his heart But now withArianna Simms a friend of his brother s mate he is starting to open up but the Riveaux s family enemy is at it again.Danger, drama and hotness lurk at every corner of the swamp Can Arianna except the life Luc lives to find true happiness wow what a great storyline I love the characters in this series If your into shifter romance then you will love this.Book given for an honest review and I honestly love [...]

  14. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Kenzie Cox This is book 3 of the Wolves of the Rising Sun series by the author.Luc Riveaux guarded his heart but when sassy Arianna started to get to him his walls came tumbling down around his heart When drug growers find their way onto his families island things get scary for Arianna but difficult for Luc.Arianna Simms came to see her friend while she was on a 2 week vacation from her modeling job but what she found was a sexy shi [...]

  15. It s mating season Brothers, Jace, Luc and Aiden are Bayou werewolves Deep, fun characters, an interesting story and wolfy sexiness make this worthwhile Luc is dating Arianna and shows her around the bayou by boat, to the old homestead Problem Yes, they discover a pot grow area nearby and must report it Ari s past was filled with an uncertain, danger and drama filled life She doesn t want that any Maybe she shouldn t be with Luc She and Luc have incredible sex, but she runs Lots of twists and tu [...]

  16. This review is from Luc Wolves of the Rising Sun 3 Mating Season Collection I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Luc, Wolves of the Rising Sun is book 3 and part of the Mating Seasons Series In this installment we got Luc Riveaux a wolf shifter in the bayou, brother of Jace and Aiden and co owner of the Wolves of the Rising Sun bar and Arianna Simms a model from New Orleans best friend of Skye Jace mate The story line is told from both male and female p [...]

  17. Airanna Simms is enjoying her two week vacation with her best friend and a sexy shifter who fills her every desire Luc has been carrying some emotional baggage around Sharing his bed with Ari, she s gotten past his barriers and left him with a choice to make claim her as his own or let her go.What a sexy, action packed fast read The chemistry between the characters amazing Luc and Ari couldn t keep their hands off each other When Luc makes a discovery in the bayou while he is showing Ari his fam [...]

  18. Loved Luc and Arianna s book They are a Hot, Passionate, and Wild couple Once Luc over comes his mother s betrayal he starts to believe he can love and be loved The compassion and tenderness they show each other is wonderful The passion and hot sex they share will make you dream I m so grateful the authors of the Mating Season Collection have decided to continue the series I can t wait to see which cousin gets his own book next Merged review Hot PassionI hope this isn t the last of the Wolves of [...]

  19. Amazing This just keeps getting better I have been waiting for Luc s story since the first book Kenzie Cox is an amazing author and knows how to build a world, story by story And is very consistant with details of the people and world as the story gets farther along So excited that we got to meet new characters in this book and to find out that there will be books in this series This was a great short read Yes i wish they were a bit longer but then the stories would be drawn out and eventually [...]

  20. Still stinging from his mother s abandonment Luc didn t think he would want a mate but that was before he met Adriana Arianna found out the hard way that there are werewolves saw Rayna shift in Aiden and took it surprisingly well that her new lover was one But becoming a permanent part of his dangerous world is not something she thinks she can do When old foes and imminent danger cloud their budding relationship Arianna leaves for the city she vowed long ago to not live a life in the shadow of v [...]

  21. Sensual Paranormal Romantic Suspense Feast Wow Another delicious, decadent and steamy paranormal romantic suspense to feast on I couldn t put Lucky and Arianna s story down This series is so delicious It will sweep you deep into the bayou swamps of Louisiana with some of the HOTTEST wolf shifters ever I highly recommend this book and this series Merged review Sensual Paranormal Romantic Suspense Feast Wow Another delicious, decadent and steamy paranormal romantic suspense to feast on I couldn t [...]

  22. Oh I loved Luc and Arianna s story I really liked that they were so new to each other In the previous novellas, the couples had a history In this one, the couple did not have a history together, but they each had a complicated history that affected their relationship It was great There was an exciting storyline and scorching passion that the others had as well I really hope to see of this world because everything about it has been amazing You know a writer is awesome when they can fit that much [...]

  23. This is a terrific novella, third in the Wolves of the Rising Sun series This novella focuses on Luc and Arianna s relationship There is a culmination of events that have brewing in the previous two novellas, and how the family comes together to resolve the issues This is another captivating story that will draw you in and keep you immersed in the bayou While this can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the books in order to gain the full depth of the story This is a wonderful series I [...]

  24. Luc is the third in the Wolves of the Rising Sun book and it is an Awesome read Luc and Arianna each have some issues from past traumas that make them perfect for each other which is why I enjoyed this book I loved the chemistry between them and was sad when it ended , but hope to see these characters and the others from this series in other books , I want to know about the mysterious Smoke and Sylas I hope their is to come.

  25. Another great addition to series Kindle Unlimited book Part of series within a series by several authors All books are standalone with no cliffhangers They re messing around and aren t looking for anything until she leaves because of fear from her past What will be do to get her back

  26. Just finished the third book in the series by Kenzie Cox I couldnt put it down The story gets twists and you find out about the brothers life s and the lives of their mates I loves seeing the differences on how they each handle the mating and accepting of it.I loved the book and would recomend it to my friends.

  27. Luc and Arianna sweet read.Arinna has issues with living in fear She has been there done that and doesn t want a repeat So wehn things are to get iffy she leaves but she can t forget Luc and wants to help him and his brothers out So she hires her hacker foster brother to help.Luc needs to know why she left and when things with the hunters start to heat up goes and gets his girl.