Witch's Sacrifice Best Read || [Crissy Moss], Witch's Sacrifice, Crissy Moss, Witch s Sacrifice Her forbidden secret will make her powerful and hunted In Marizza s world magic is evil Since her youth her mother told her witches were wicked creatures who deserved imprisonment The tyrannical acolytes sacrificed all users of magic to the almighty kraken It was the life she knew until one fateful day changed everything When young Marizza is attacked by the town buHer forbidd, Witch's Sacrifice Best Read || [Crissy Moss] - Witch's Sacrifice, Witch s Sacrifice Her forbidden secret will make her powerful and hunted In Marizza s world magic is evil Since her youth her mother told her witches were wicked creatures who deserved imprisonment The tyrannical aco

  • Title: Witch's Sacrifice
  • Author: Crissy Moss
  • ISBN: 9781511724074
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

Witch's Sacrifice

Witch's Sacrifice Witch's Sacrifice Best Read || [Crissy Moss] - Witch's Sacrifice, Witch s Sacrifice Her forbidden secret will make her powerful and hunted In Marizza s world magic is evil Since her youth her mother told her witches were wicked creatures who deserved imprisonment The tyrannical aco Witch's Sacrifice Best Read || [Crissy Moss] - Witch's Sacrifice, Witch s Sacrifice Her forbidden secret will make her powerful and hunted In Marizza s world magic is evil Since her youth her mother told her witches were wicked creatures who deserved imprisonment The tyrannical aco Witch's Sacrifice Best Read || [Crissy Moss]

  • Witch's Sacrifice Best Read || [Crissy Moss]
    399Crissy Moss
Witch's Sacrifice

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  1. I was the half of it and I just couldn t read anyThere was no point and no plotAnd the istalove I dislike it so much The started talking about their emotions and I was like whattt Nobody loves someone so much in a day Come on I wouldn t recommend it to anyone My thanks to Netgalley for the arc

  2. This is a well written tale with many small details of nature or atmosphere, and I enjoyed the read The only thing stopping me from giving five stars is the incredibly high body count and repeated violence, which felt too much for me But some readers will not mind and may rate the book highly.A man who sees his wife and daughter killed as sacrifices to a kraken, is cursed for fighting to free them He is turned into a were hawk, which works at the bidding of the acolytes Separately in place and [...]

  3. I really did enjoy this book a lot The world building is amazing, akmost as amazing as its lore there are the acolytes, which kind of control people by fear and by the fact that there is a kraken which is held at bay by human sacrifices Witches sacrifices, to be exact Magical creatures are hunted down and feed to the monster in exchange for safety But sometimes normal people get to be sacrificed, too when their coloring hair and eyes make them a match of sorts.The characters are truly fleshed ou [...]

  4. This book is an intense fantasy with witches being hunted by non magic users and theres mermen and the kraken which i never read a book that has one featured I liked our main character, Marizza, who is new witch who gets saved from her village by an old wise withc that goes by the name of Little Mother I loved the romance that happens between Marizza and the merman Artiro It was so believable and real and you could really tell they fell in love and cared for each other and were willing to sacrif [...]

  5. I chose to give Witch s Sacrifice a try because of its water y theme I don t think I ever read a book with mermen and a kraken in it, but you gotta start somewhere, right Well, this was definitely a good place to start I loved this fantasy world I got invited to There is nothing pretty or rosy about it, because witches are hunted and sacrificed to the Kraken, yet there is magic and magical creatures that make it exciting.Frankly, I was surprised how dark this book was at times I expected somethi [...]

  6. Have to mark this as DNF as for now, I can t go any further with it I will try again and update if I am able to finish it.

  7. Received book from Netgalley and publisher in exchange for an honest review This was an amazing start to a series and I was completely absorbed in the world while I was reading It is definitely one of the most unique stories that I have read in a long time and my first introduction to mermen and I definitely support them Marizza begins the story as a meek girl who has her world turned upside down when she has a magical outburst where magic is forbidden and her growth throughout the story is amaz [...]

  8. There once was a time, if you wanted safe travels by sea, you needed to make a sacrifice There is a Kraken at the bottom of the ocean who feeds off of magical powers and a power hungry priest who lives to instill fear into the villagers To keep the villagers in fear, not everyone sacrificed is a magical being While this is the story of a witch coming into her own and finding love, it s also a story of what happens when the priest, Alistar, has two enemies and he gives them a common enemy, himsel [...]

  9. Fabulous world building and characters that you ll love and remember I can t wait to see how the next installment continues the story, and how little Okira, a half mermaid, half witch, will do battle with the mighty kraken and its acolytes.

  10. What a read I was engrossed from the first few pages, and despite having to get up early in the morning I read straight through in one sitting.The novel flows well and the character development is extensive I found myself immersed in the world that Moss had created It was written in a way that allows a reader to develop a picture in their mind full of all the details the writer herself has imagined Just incredible.The story surrounds Marizza, a pariah of her village because she has shown signs t [...]

  11. Got ARC from Net GalleyUnfortunately I just couldn t get into this book I read about fifty six of it before I decided to stop The start was just odd to me because the character you first read about has this thing happen and isn t mentioned again until about twenty percent of the way in I think this person could have been introduced at a later point.I make no secret about wanting to read books with witches so I was on board with reading this book after all the word is in the title If I was just g [...]

  12. First of all, I didn t finish this book I read about 10% before I decided it wasn t for me.I kind of feel bad rating it so poorly because I think the main reason I couldn t enjoy it is that I ve outgrown this particular type of YA fiction I just didn t have any interest for the formulaic plot and I can t bring myself to keep going It is a little ok, a lot heavy handed on the exposition sometimes using 4 5 consecutive sentences to hammer the same point in from a slightly different angle and I als [...]

  13. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review Witch s Sacrifice is the first book of a series about the persecution and hunt of witches and those who are mistaken for them It has a gorgeous cover which drew me in, a description and concept that kept me interested enough to read it, but it proved hard for me to finish This book has lovely worldbuilding Its magic system was interesting and thoughtfully constructed I liked the setting and its history But sad enough to say, [...]

  14. I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I had trouble with this one, many parts are very good, but some things just didn t work for me.Things I liked The sea aspects, those were nice with many details.Things I didn t like Instalove, it just doesn t work for me, when it s written this way I think most of my issues with this one were that I just didn t connect with the author s voice.It s an okay to good book, and I think if you love the author s voice it would be fantasti [...]

  15. The cover on this book got my attention right away it reminded me of Ursula in The Little Mermaid The colors are so bright and vibrant Marizza finds out she has witch magic Her mother has always told her witches were wicked creatures This book is exciting and kept me reading and wanting I am excited to see what happens in the next books The characters are unique and the story is compelling I received this book from Netgalley this is my honest review

  16. I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.This is a good start to a series with some good characters, world building and a nice story.

  17. This reviw was first published on my blog kimslr bookish this book was made available to me trough NetGalley I really liked this book and the plot but it felt like a prequel than an actual main story, so I had to dock one star The worldbuilding is nicely done, although there is one trope in this book that I don t like, not matter the book I m talking about there being a distinct end to the known world that I as a reader don t see as an end and I don t understand why everyone in this book world [...]

  18. Mixing a fresh take on high fantasy tropes with a realistic version of young love, Moss creates a tale that will appeal to both lovers of epic struggles against evil, and those seeking a personal narrative.Since the goddess abandoned her people, the islands have been plagued by the evils of magic Only the tyrannical Acolytes, servants of the dread Kraken, prevent witches from enslaving or killing everyone Or at least that is what Marizza has been taught since birth But when the unwanted advance [...]

  19. This was a light young adult paranormal story about a girl who gets bullied and, in a moment of intense pressure, discovers that she was powers beyond her wildest dreams She then has to run for her life The story was good, if a bit too young for me it s on the middle grade spectrum of the young adult , but if you re anything like me and like stories about water creatures, you ll find this interesting.The story is once again left unfinished, leaving the reader wanting for .

  20. The BlurbHer forbidden secret will make her powerful and hunted.In Marizza s world, magic is evil Since her youth, her mother told her witches were wicked creatures who deserved imprisonment The tyrannical acolytes sacrificed all users of magic to the almighty kraken It was the life she knew, until one fateful day changed everything.When young Marizza is attacked by the town bully, she defends herself with magical abilities she didn t even know she had After the acolytes come looking for the nex [...]

  21. Witch s Sacrifice introduces us to Marizza, a young woman rud to be a witch And in Sea of Tears, rumors can cause damage to than your reputation.Acolytes worshiping the kraken, a mighty sea beast on the hunt for everything and anything magical, are always searching for witches to offer as sacrifices Marizza never knew of her abilities but whispers and fear spread through her home village, and she can t ignore it In her fury she destroys a bakery but before the acolytes find out, she s saved by [...]

  22. Witch s Sacrifice depicts a magical, fantastical new world interwoven with interesting characters, terrible dangers, and a healthy dash of a curse or two Moss s novel creates a brilliant and colorful set up for the rest of her trilogy in this novel Marizza is a young woman who recently discovered her witch powers Salvia, a centuries old witch, takes Marizza under her wing to a remote island where she begins her magical training away from the dangers of the acolytes, a cult of individuals who cal [...]

  23. In many ways, this book was a refreshing change from the usual faux Medieval European setting with the typical magic creatures thrown in The setting is a group of islands scattered across the Sea of Tears These islands are all under the control of a priesthood that uses and is used by a Kraken that requires sacrifice The Kraken hungers for magic, therefore witches are its favorite sacrifice.The main character is Marizza who is in danger of being the next meal of the Kraken She is rescued by anot [...]

  24. Witch s Sacrifice Witch s Trilogy 1 by Crissy Moss is an awesome fantasy tale of a witch and a merman and the child they produce It also is about love and evil It is suspense filled and has lots of unique creatures The suspense and action is non stop Tension is high in this book, I felt I needed a massage after reading it I was glued to my tablet and worried I felt I was there, what a great writer I can not wait for the next book I don t want to give anything away by saying to much about what th [...]

  25. Obtained through NetGalley for an honest review.This was a fabulous read I spent a lot of it on the edge of my seat The characters are full and absorbing and the story itself is enthralling and involving I loved the fact that the author has taken what we see happening time and again in our society and made a fantasy plot around it Chasing and capturing witches, sacrificing them to a creature that needs magic to survive and thrive Men against women Age old beliefs against common sense The story e [...]

  26. WITCH S SACRIFICE is an impressive debut novel by Crissy Moss, author of short stories such as SMALL BITES and FOOTPRINTS New to fantasy, I had a little trouble settling into the rhythm of the language I was quickly pulled in by the author s gift for storytelling Moss drops the reader into the thick of it from the first pages She delivers Peyllan, a fully developed world as brutal as its villains Her magic is robust and believable, deriving power from nature The central characters face tragedy r [...]

  27. Little Mother works hard to save those that are being labeled as witches whether they are or not Saving Marizza and bringing her to her little island to train her becomes difficult when events are set in motion Brother Hawk just wants his revenge and just might have the chance with Little Mother Marizza and her love Artiro find peace in what they have to do to save their precious little Okira Crissy Moss really pulled me in and kept me at the edge of my seat with this one I can t wait to see wh [...]

  28. Received in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book and I will certainly read the rest of the trilogy From the moment I started reading, I was drawn right into this fantasy world The characters and the world were beautifully built and written to be remembered The one thing I had an issue with was the passing of time Time between chapters skipped a lot I finished one chapter and then the next was months later and it was a little confusing Overall this book was great and I can t w [...]

  29. I received the ebook in exchange for an honest review on Netgalley.Thos story tells about a world where witches are hunted to be sacrificed Doesn t seem so long ago, does it Witches don t stand down They hide in clear view and tryto prohibit young witches to be sacrifised This is what little mother does with marizza and how the magic becomes her own I found the story interesting and lovely to read.