[PDF] Read ✓ The Tempting Touch Of Fire : by Nicola Claire, The Tempting Touch Of Fire, Nicola Claire, The Tempting Touch Of Fire Oh this was sweet torture To be this close to nirvana and walk away because I am coy I closed my eyes tightly and swallowed down my fears Theo wanted me Like this He craved me in any way he could get me Even if I wasn t his even if this all was torn asunder tomorrow how could I not take the chance to feel this to share this with him Even if just for a moment Oh th, [PDF] Read ✓ The Tempting Touch Of Fire : by Nicola Claire - The Tempting Touch Of Fire, The Tempting Touch Of Fire Oh this was sweet torture To be this close to nirvana and walk away because I am coy I closed my eyes tightly and swallowed down my fears Theo wanted me Like this He craved me in any way he could ge

  • Title: The Tempting Touch Of Fire
  • Author: Nicola Claire
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: ebook

The Tempting Touch Of Fire

The Tempting Touch Of Fire [PDF] Read ✓ The Tempting Touch Of Fire : by Nicola Claire - The Tempting Touch Of Fire, The Tempting Touch Of Fire Oh this was sweet torture To be this close to nirvana and walk away because I am coy I closed my eyes tightly and swallowed down my fears Theo wanted me Like this He craved me in any way he could ge [PDF] Read ✓ The Tempting Touch Of Fire : by Nicola Claire - The Tempting Touch Of Fire, The Tempting Touch Of Fire Oh this was sweet torture To be this close to nirvana and walk away because I am coy I closed my eyes tightly and swallowed down my fears Theo wanted me Like this He craved me in any way he could ge [PDF] Read ✓ The Tempting Touch Of Fire : by Nicola Claire

  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Tempting Touch Of Fire : by Nicola Claire
    448Nicola Claire
The Tempting Touch Of Fire

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  1. I have to admit feeling a little suckered after reading this book and finding it basically ended mid scene I hate that Now the next book isn t even available on Kobo I doubt if I will read of this series Too many others competing for my time and this cliff hanger tactic irks me Overall the story was interesting and I liked the dynamic between the two main characters, but nothing really set it apart I enjoyed that it was set in Auckland, where I lived for a summer It s always fun to recognize st [...]

  2. Do you love paranormal romance Do you like it Sort of like it Is it not really your thing Well, read this one and it will be your thing Nicola Claire writes like you can t imagine I started reading this book last night around 7pm and stayed up till 1am reading I would have finished the book last night but my vision started blurring with exhaustion what did I do I took a NAP and woke up early to finish reading it This book takes place in New Zealand A young woman, Cassandra aka Cassie, wakes up b [...]

  3. Sex quotient Plenty of it and no public commuting unless you want to play the ultimate mischief maker, so be prepared for some psycho to follow you home.Soundtrack Throw Your Arms Around Me youtu e69wQsfrbSU Definitely one of my favourite love songs ever OK, this one verges on sex overkill and it s true I ended up doing some skimming The story becomes one of star crossed lovers and isn t a new theme This series is on Kindle Unlimited and if it wasn t I probably wouldn t bother with book two.

  4. I won this book through a Giveaway Everything I could want in a book I found in this novel by Nicola Claire At once a paranormal adventure and also a fiery romance, it catered to both my love of young adult fantasy and adult erotica.In all fairness, the novel began somewhat slowly, in my opinion It took me several chapters to really become immersed in the world Claire created Once I understood its myriad complexities and became invested in the characters, however, I couldn t put it down The swif [...]

  5. First of all Thank you Nici for the beautiful dedication Yes I had read all of your books at that time and loved them all and this is no exception Now you re writing them faster than I can read them You really are an amazing and talented writer.Second I can t believe you finished it like that Arghh what a build up This has got to be one of your best fight scenes I m still reeling Definitely got a few emotions going there I think I m lucky to have the next book waiting for me.I love Nicola Claire [...]

  6. 2.5 5This is ok, I guess It jumps to in love very fast and abruptly as well as the fantasy super powers for the unaware heroine , etc.I felt like it was missing several chapters at beginning to get you invested and do some world building The girl comes off a bit annoying at first, but she gets better I made myself keep reading and overall it did get better I ll continue onto the 2nd book and hope it continues to improve.

  7. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Nicola Claire, author of The Tempting Touch Of Fire, for giving me this wonderful opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.I loved it from my heart, it s so believable and I m sure the normal part of this story apart from the paranormal twist resembles the lives of many girls, well it surely does mine but at the end of the year the person on which I have an cru [...]

  8. I got this book as an ARC copy, in return for an honest review.As with Nicola Claire s Kindred series, Casey grows up thinking she s human Only to find out that she s really Something Else And that she needs the guy she s been flirting with for a year.The fact that she already knows the guy she s destined for is a nice touch I love how Casey s emotions have been written You can properly see inside her head, and understand the turmoil she s going through, as she struggles to keep her head above w [...]

  9. Look out for the cliffThe Tempting Touch Of Fire is great action adventure tale with mystery, tension, and hot romance The full length book ends with a big cliffhanger I just finished book 2, The Soothing Scent Of Earth, and it also ends in a cliffhanger After two full length books, so much is not resolved I just really hate cliffhangers when they are not disclosed in the book description and I am caught by surprise It is different if you know it is a serial type story If book 3 has a very satis [...]

  10. I was provided an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow What a fantastic and original story.For the past year Casey Eden has nurtured a crush on handsome, confident and slightly arrogant Theo Peters But things change when Casey wakes up in a pit full of dirt.After living her whole life as a human she is thrown into a preternatural world she never new existed and the man she had been crushing on was now her sworn enemy Her world has been turned upside down and now she has to fi [...]

  11. The Tempting Touch of Fire was a great, don t put down read There was so much creativity with the world building and such fire between our couple I loved the world It was so interesting to see how Casey s life changed after she encountered the pit of dirt The supernatural elements of the world were described so vividly that the reader could almost experience what Casey was feeling as she grew and developed her powers.Relationship wise it was hot Casey and Theo had such chemistry and despite the [...]

  12. I was provided an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow what a book I just finished The tempting Touch of Fire and before I say anything else I just have to mention that this story has a cliffhanger, a major gut wrenching cliffhanger and I hate cliffhangers I have actually been boycotting them for awhile and I had no idea this book had one But, that said I really did enjoy this story, I thought the concept was very original It was exciting, sexy and heartbreaking Casey is a no [...]

  13. This is borderline a sex first plot second book The only reason why it was borderline is because I think the author needed a bit story just to get us up and running but now that the two main characters have done the deed, I imagine the plot will suffer I also hate that it ended mid scene in a stupid cliffhanger A ploy to get us to read the next book which was fine if the author was still offering it free but I tried the link and it just took me to her website with no free book sign up Luckily, [...]

  14. The Elemental Awakening Series is a Paranormal Romance set in Auckland, New Zealand The premise behind this preternatural series is foremost Love conquers all But don t let that fool you there s a deliciously sexy, dangerously sensual, heart palpitatingly adventurous tale behind the supernatural story that unfolds.For information about the Elemental Awakening Series, and my other PNR and Romantic Suspense Series, please visit my website nicolaclairebooks

  15. This was such an intense story of love and discovery that I couldn t put down I simply love Theo and Casey Casey is strong, even with the disadvantage of not knowing what is happening Theo is willing to buck all tradition and loyalty to keep her at his side I can t wait to see what happens next.

  16. Enthralling and couldn t put it down Intriguing premise and charactersally like Aktor Can t wait to see where it goes I have lots of guesses and possible scenarios but it s going to be really hard to wait for the next one

  17. I don t usually do paranormal romance, but I love Nicola Claire s romantic suspense books and decided to give this one a try I am so glad I did Ms Claire knows how to write romance, and I just adored Casey and Theo This story is a bit Romeo and Juliet esque, and their relationship really tugs at the heartstrings And now, to know you are mine and to not be able to keep you It tears my heart apart I am lost to you Yes, this story does end in a cliffhanger I m generally not a fan of cliffhangers be [...]

  18. Another series by Nicola Claire that really pulled me in It came close to Kindred although not sure anything could truly eclipse Kindred.I am not going to say too much about the story itself as I don t wish to include spoilers but needless to say these are beautifully written with plenty of depth to keep the reader emotionally involved Nicola Claire does not pull her punches when it comes to her novels,there will be heartache alongside true love and some pretty hot love scenes The storyline is g [...]

  19. What on earth is going on You ll ask this about a million times before you start to get into the plot and any answers The first half of the book gets a little over powered from the romantic story line but once you get to the main story, it just takes off from there I can appreciate the author s hot, passionate love scenes I love the friction and tension between Casey and Theo.

  20. Fire Aim shoot and fire Nicola Claire, had gone and done it to me again I m hooked on this series Can t wait to start the next book.

  21. 4.5 Stars The Tempting Touch of Fire opened a world of heart stopping danger, riveting adventure, and soul searing love This paranormal romance explores the seemingly impossible obstacles love must overcome while unfolding a story of unknown identity, involuntary change, and fear of the future.Summary Innocent Casey Eden has nursed a crush on the handsome, arrogant Theo Peters for the last year Her heart races, her cheeks blush, and she stammers like a school girl, but her ability to flirt with [...]

  22. openbooksociety article teBrought to you by OBS reviewer VanessaI was given this book in exchange for an honest early arc review for the author I was not compensated in any way.Let me first start off with I am a huge Nicola Claire Fan I discovered her books by accident, beginning with her Kindred Seriesand I have yet to be disappointed From the beginning, I completely devoured this book I mean DEVOURED it Nicola has a way with words and storytelling that truly captivates the reader and drags you [...]

  23. Free download Well this book was amazing, and I am in love with Theo Casey wakes up underground with no recollection of how or why, when she finally gets out and goes back to her life she realises she s been gone 2 days and now the guy she s been crushing on for a year knows something s different about her Theo senses Casey has changed and initially thinks she s fooled him but once they talk he realises that she s telling him the truth and has no clue how she has her ability or who she really is [...]

  24. The Tempting Touch of Fire is a captivating story that I didn t want to finish I like the new, or new to me if it has been used before, idea of elementals in the way the author made them and their society It s a bit refreshing and a nice change from stories that use the same generic caste of supernatural beings Casey and Theo are interesting characters and the passion between Casey and Theo is smoldering hot.I wanted them to fight back soo much because even if they waited a long time to try and [...]

  25. This is a supernatural book like none other is that a good thing or a bad thing In my opinion it was just ok, tough to follow but maybe the rest of the series will be easier to understand now that we have this foundation Casey Eden wakes up in a ditch surrounded by ivy dirt leaves and is forever transformed Who is she now Why does she have this ability to communicate with the earth, the trees soil plants Has she always been this way Casey owns a sandwich shop in New Zealand has flirted for a yea [...]

  26. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThis story begins when Casey finally thinks she s going to get a date with the guy she s been crushing on for over a year But when things go a little crazy, and she realizes that she actually has some weird powers with plants and the Earth things just got real for Casey And the man she thought was the man of her dreams, is actually her enemy Now, Theo and Casey must figure what she is, what happened to her and before it is much too late This book was no [...]

  27. This is the first book from this author I ve read and it captivated me, both the story and writing style Got this free from Smashwords and read it right away I like the concept of elements being controlled by athanatos I was a little confused by the setting cause most terms were Greek and then later on I found out this happened in Auckland, New Zealand The author was very helpful with the glossary at the start of the book, and she kept the suspense going The sexual tension was high most of the t [...]

  28. The Tempting Touch of Fire is an amazing new series that i just had to read the cover drew me to the book Its a combo pack of mystery, action, and romance a winning combination if you ask me Cassandra wakes up in a heap of dirt she dosent know how she got their and and is completely confused she remembers her family and friends but not how she got buried alive she thinks shes human but shes not she is a GI a Then you have Theo the next in line to be the Ragis he was PyrKagia Theo play at their r [...]

  29. This started with huge potential and then kind of plateaued There were too many made up words without enough explanation for you to recognize one from the other For instance, I totally understand why the elementals separated but not why they are enemieskes no sense.Casey wakes up in some flower bed after 2 days and strange things start happening when she s around plants And suddenly Theo, the guy she s been crushing on for a year is threatening to kill her Basically, she finds out that she is an [...]