Wild Best Read || [Eliza Gayle], Wild, Eliza Gayle, Wild A Mating Season Collection book Fueled by desire driven by rage This mating season won t go down easy Faith is on the cusp of having it all She made it through the last of her college finals and is looking forward to starting her career If only her twin would answer her damned phone After three days of no word she s forced to drive to Devils Point and search for herA Mating Season Collectio, Wild Best Read || [Eliza Gayle] - Wild, Wild A Mating Season Collection book Fueled by desire driven by rage This mating season won t go down easy Faith is on the cusp of having it all She made it through the last of her college finals and is l

  • Title: Wild
  • Author: Eliza Gayle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Wild Wild Best Read || [Eliza Gayle] - Wild, Wild A Mating Season Collection book Fueled by desire driven by rage This mating season won t go down easy Faith is on the cusp of having it all She made it through the last of her college finals and is l Wild Best Read || [Eliza Gayle] - Wild, Wild A Mating Season Collection book Fueled by desire driven by rage This mating season won t go down easy Faith is on the cusp of having it all She made it through the last of her college finals and is l Wild Best Read || [Eliza Gayle]

  • Wild Best Read || [Eliza Gayle]
    199Eliza Gayle

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296 thought on “Wild

  1. read a few reviews and they all said that this was instalove I am not sure wtf book they were reading but it wasn t this one H h have known each other awhile H doesn t want her because she is innocent and blah blah insert manwhore I would stick my dick in a tree if it was warm trope here.Obviously this story line doesn t work for me in a fated romance book mostly because I want instalove hello fated romance who the hell reads fated mates books to read about a H that doesn t think his mate is goo [...]

  2. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it The cover is awesome, so between that and that it is written by Eliza, I bought it This is the first book in this series, and it is novella length It is a quick read and for adults only due to the steamy content I recommend checking out the other authors who are participating in the Mating Season too there are 5 series in the Mating Season group This book had the perfect amount of action, mystery, and drama It grabbed my attention and didn t let go Fai [...]

  3. I feel I m being generous giving this one 2 stars It was just a really bland shifter romance lacked any depth or foundation throw in a plot where nothing of importance occurs and this is what you get the sex was pretty steamy but that was it insta Iove and a really lame and overly predictable storyline and characters was just missing something very blah read for me and not a series I d continue or a book I d recommend.

  4. This is a shifter s romance and I should have liked it since I usually love this kind of stories There is an isolated island with a strip club, Faith is a protective sister looking for her rebel sister There is some pointless love happening and an programmed mating.I wish I could find the story interesting, but even the sex scenes were boring I got the book for free by instafreebie

  5. What a wonderful short story Faiths life changes when she goes in search of her sister Rebel Damien is attracted to Faith but keeps his distance because she is human When they both give into their attraction, the hotness begins This book is action packed and has some panty melting scenes This is a recommended read for shifter lovers.

  6. Wild Devil s Point Wolves 1 The Mating Season, 6 by Eliza GayleFaith heads to Devil s Point, an island off of Washington, to go check on her sister, Rebel, who isn t answering her phone On the way across the bridge, Faith thinks she has hit an animal She gets out to check and is bitten by a wolf She goes to the bar where her sister works, but she isn t there Her sister s boss, Damien, is though She has always liked Damien, well, thought he was a hottie anyway She just never thought that anything [...]

  7. Faith Harris has left the safety of Tacoma to drive out to Devil s Island over the super foggy bridge to find her twin sister Rebel Rebel is a stripper at Club Diablo and hasn t returned any of Faith s calls Faith has taken responsibility for her sister since their parents died 4 years ago The bridge is wet and she skids and hits a wolf She get out of the car to check on it and it comes after her she runs for the woods and it knocks her down and bites her wrist and won t let go until a shot come [...]

  8. I read this as part of another series.I really wanted to like this but the attitude of Damien the alpha wolf annoyed me.In one sentence he states he has known Faith was his mate for ages but she wasn t what he wanted in a mate so he didn t pursue her, then it is true mates are a gift and anyone should be thankful if they have one.Double standards like this annoy me Damian didn t want Faith until a rogue wolf bit her then all of a sudden he claims her.Too trope for my taste.The best bit was Rebel [...]

  9. Wolves and mating to a whole new level Wow short but interesting as hell I loved the new concept of how wolves mate here I enjoyed it thoroughly, mix in a little sex and a little danger and you got yourself a good book Wished it was longer but I am totally getting the next two I m curious what will happen with Dante and Rebel If she s his mate

  10. Awesome Awesome but wish it was in depth No real backstory read this book in an hour Good read for doctors appointment

  11. Quick read spoilerSeemed a little fast, no build up, just wham bam thank you maam I like the premise, just think the stories could be a little longer.

  12. THE GOOD GIRL AND THE MATING MOON Title WildSeries Devils Point WolvesAuthor Eliza GayleMy Rating FIVE SEXY STARS Wow Eliza Gayle has delivered another winner with Wild, the first book in her new Devil s Point Wolves Series I love it But then, I love all of Eliza Gayle s work and this one is certainly no exception The story is romantic, arousing, sexy, exceptionally well written, well executed, exciting and starts with a roar rather than a squeak Yep, Gayle revs the engine and puts the wheels in [...]

  13. Wild Eliza GayleReviewed by SFF DragonGreat start to the new series Short and sweet with a HEA I loved it and can t wait for the next one.I ve read a few Eliza Gayle books in the past and have really enjoyed them I loved this one just as much and am really glad it s the first in a new series, so there will be like this Short and sweet with some steam and a HEA, it s well worth reading.When I started reading this book and it said twins, I thought this would be a case of mistaken identity, but we [...]

  14. I wouldn t bother but it was freeThis novella has a collection of all the things that makes me want to eat tacks There is the stupid heroine, the conflicting thoughts and actions that make all their interactions shallow and boring, and characters that have a tendency to fold in on in their own construction So Faith s sister, Rebel has gone off to live on a remote island of weird people where she has a job at a skeezy strip club The woman is stupidly irresponsible and inconsiderate Faith hasn t h [...]

  15. After losing her parents, Faith found herself not only trying to work through her grief but also taking care of her wild twin sister Rebel that is how she found herself heading out to Devils Point to check on Rebel after trying to reach her by phone Driving through the fog she catches something out of the corner of her eye and when she looks back at the road barely misses a wolf She jumps out to check if it is ok only to be attacked Now sick with worry and agony from the bite things get worse wh [...]

  16. ARC received from Author in exchange for a Honest Review This will always been on of my fav genre s, short novella s is rising up in fame for me as well It goes without saying that Eliza is one of my fav authors and I m always thrilled to be able to read one of her books one can only think of how devastating losing both of your parents would be But Faith and Rebel had each other, well for the most part We all deal with grief differently be it bury ourselves in school and or work, or running away [...]

  17. I don t often write critical reviews.The story was bland with no real oomph or development Lots of unexplained or poorly explained things Maybe due to the novella length I only finished the story because it was short and I had borrowed it from Kindle Unlimited over a year ago Oops I felt it was only fair to read to the end I didn t care who bit Faith or what happened to her The hero was annoying as well I couldn t feel any heat between them Then there was the sister UGH I just wanted to smack he [...]

  18. WILD MATING SEASON 6 DEVILS POINT WOLVES 1 ELIZA GAYLE Damien is in the grips of the mating season without the benefit of his mate Faith turns up unexpected she turns out to be his mate She is looking for her sister who hasn t answered her phone for three days All Faith wants to do is get her sister and get off the island of Devils Point and away from the strip club that she is working in.Things don t go as planned for Faith as soon as she gets to Devils Island she is attacked by a rouge wolf an [...]

  19. Faith and Rebel are twins but couldn t be different if they tried Faith is just finishing college but Rebel is a stripper at a bar on a creepy island When they lost their parents, Faith become the mother and she is freaking out when she can t get rebel on the phone She travels to the island and when her car breaks down she is attacked by a wolf She makes it to the bar and when she can t find her sister she goes to town on Damien, one of the owners Damien has his hands full but he knows that Fai [...]

  20. I was given an ARC of Wild from the author, in exchange for an honest review.I finished reading Wild was shocked at how quickly I read the book I was completely enthralled.Faith drives to the Island that her twin sister Rebel works at, Rebel hasn t called Faith is worried But as Faith is about to cross the bridge to the Island she is attacked, getting away very shaken she makes it to the bar her sister is meant to be at Instead she finds Damien Such an action packed read, full of a few twists to [...]

  21. Faith Harris was this beautiful woman who had such an amazing future ahead of her She carried the burden of taken care of her twin sister after their mother and father had died Her sister Rebel was a wild child and quite an hand full, even worked in a strip club Faith would of never dreamed how much her life was going to change when she headed out to check on her sister.Damien who was part of the Devils Point wolf pack had it bad for Faith She drove him and his wolf crazy His wolf wanted her bad [...]

  22. Faith is cautious in her life, she takes the safe route so when being around Damien, her sister s boss who is all Alpha male sets her blood on fire, well, she doesn t know what to think so she stays away to protect herself That is until she can t reach her sister Rebel What she doesn t expect is to be drawn into a whole new world of shifters and be at the middle of a new mystery Will she accept Damien as her mate Can Damien get past her protective nature and truly embrace her as his mate They bo [...]

  23. This is the first in the Devils Point Wolves series and it is a really quick steamy read Faith is trying to find out why her sister will not answer her calls so goes to find out what happened On the way she hits a wolf and gets bitten Once she gets to where her sister works she finds out that she is off and needs to track her back to her hotel She is taken there by Damien who is also a wolf and attracted to her Damien has never acted on his attraction because Faith does not know about shifters O [...]

  24. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Eliza Gayle This is book 1 of the Devils Point Wolves series by the author.Faith is looking to find her sister because she thinks something is wrong when she can t reach her on the phone Once she gets there she is bitten by a rouge wolf and things go down hill from there Damien and his brothers own a strip club and has been attracted to Faith when they first met but now that she has been bitten he needs to help her through things.Th [...]

  25. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great shifter story , June 25, 2015This review is from Wild Devils Point Wolves Mating Season Collection Book 6 Kindle Edition I was given an ARC of Wild from the author, in exchange for an honest review Wild is book one in The Devils Point Wolves series and part of the Mating Season Pack Series It was a very well written and intriguing shifter short romance In this story the author pave the way into Damien, Dante, Diego all brothers and Rebel and Faith, twin sisters lives Dam [...]

  26. I found this to be a very interesting story I like well enough What I don t understand is why Damien took so long to claim Faith he supposed to be her mate but instead of going to her he was resisting the mating pull Didn t feel like something a mate would do which is pretty confusing I m pretty sure he was messing around with other females instead of going to his mate all it took was for her to be out looking for her twin and accidentally getting bit by some rogue wolf for him actually do somet [...]

  27. Lookout, it s the MATING SEASON , August 19, 2015By SandyNThis review is from Wild Devils Point Wolves 1 Mating Season Collection Kindle Edition All the sexy shifter excitement any Wolfy groupie can handle Fast, fun, and to come just the way I like it Eliza Gayle knows how to spin the shifter world into a frenzy that will have you 1 clicking the next book to grab the next sweet story of true and sexy love as fast as you can If you are into shifters, you re gonna want to start this series with D [...]

  28. Really disappointed in this one I ve been on a werewolf fated mate kick lately, and I m usually pretty generous But the characters in this novella were just beyond ridiculous How does stomping around and shrieking make you a strong woman Is that supposed to be endearing and bring out my inner wolf Truthfully I d rather walk away and write you off as a whack job And then your twin sister has the same anger management issues, except this time she carries around a shot gun and points it at people s [...]