La sirenetta Best Read || [Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni], La sirenetta, Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni, La sirenetta La sirenetta bevve la bollente acre pozione e fu come se una spada a doppio filo le attraversasse il corpo sottile svenne e rimase l come morta Quando il sole ormai splendeva sul mare si dest e sent un dolore pungente ma proprio davanti a s vide lo splendido giovane principe che la sovrastava tenendo fissi su di lei gli occhi neri come il carbone lei abbass i s La sirenetta bevve, La sirenetta Best Read || [Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni] - La sirenetta, La sirenetta La sirenetta bevve la bollente acre pozione e fu come se una spada a doppio filo le attraversasse il corpo sottile svenne e rimase l come morta Quando il sole ormai splendeva sul mare si dest e sent

  • Title: La sirenetta
  • Author: Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni
  • ISBN: 9788858852194
  • Page: 335
  • Format: ebook

La sirenetta

La sirenetta La sirenetta Best Read || [Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni] - La sirenetta, La sirenetta La sirenetta bevve la bollente acre pozione e fu come se una spada a doppio filo le attraversasse il corpo sottile svenne e rimase l come morta Quando il sole ormai splendeva sul mare si dest e sent La sirenetta Best Read || [Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni] - La sirenetta, La sirenetta La sirenetta bevve la bollente acre pozione e fu come se una spada a doppio filo le attraversasse il corpo sottile svenne e rimase l come morta Quando il sole ormai splendeva sul mare si dest e sent La sirenetta Best Read || [Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni]

  • La sirenetta Best Read || [Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni]
    335Hans Christian Andersen Bruno Berni
La sirenetta

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  1. By now, I should be saying that I am used to reading Anderson s bitter sweet tales After all, I have read many of them BUT HELL NO I can t say it The only reason I still read his tales is because his writing style is so vivid and beautiful I am kind of addicted to his writing in such a way that I must have a dose of it once in a while.This tale is my favourite as far as description of scenes are concerned He has a way with imagining awesome scenes But for plot, I think almost every tale of his r [...]

  2. The Little Mermaid, or Den lille havfrue is one of the most famous fairy tales by the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen It is a tale which has captured the imagination, sparking off numerous adaptations, and a ballet version of it inspired a statue which sits on a rock in the Copenhagan harbour in Langelinie Even though the statue is quite small, it has itself become a Copenhagen icon and a major tourist attraction.The tale was first published in 1837, along with The Emperor s New Clothes H [...]

  3. Hmm I think it s wrong to compare it with the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, although I didn t expected Andersen s version was so what shall I call it f cked up The point of view of the Little Mermaid herself was wonderful, she was sweet and good hearted But the prince, omg Why would you love such a person I mean The prince said she should remain with him always, and she received permission to sleep at his door, on a velvet cushion.What is she A dog And the ending was an anticlimax, but o [...]

  4. In Andersen s version of the tale, at the bottom of the sea, five mermaid princesses lived with their father While they all pined to go to the surface to explore, none of this was permitted until their fifteenth birthdays One by one, the mermaids ascended on their fifteenth birthdays to explore the outside world, returning with wonderful tales The youngest is the most excited of all, making her way to the surface, only to help a prince who falls into the sea during a storm From that day forward, [...]

  5. Desamor y tragedia, de eso est repleto este relato, lo opuesto a esa encantadora versi n con la que crec.

  6. Hah This is going to be like the ragequit of book reviews calm deep breaths inhale exhale googling pictures of fluffy kittens WHAT THE FUCK HANS WHAT THE FUCK No no no no no NO.I need to bleach this version from my SOUL Hans, I M TAWKING TO YOU Rise up out of your 140 year old grave right now AND FIX THIS SHIT I m hunting down the original, and setting it on fire Or at the very least writing Sebastian into your story YOU CAN T HAVE THE LITTLE MERMAID WITHOUT THE SASSY JAMAICAN CRAB OK I can t ev [...]

  7. A hauntingly beautiful story paired with achingly gorgeous illustrations I m sorry to say that this is the first time I ve read the actual story of the Little Mermaid, previously acquainted only with very general retellings and the Disney movie version which is delightful in its way This version purports to be closest to Andersen s original as it makes only slight adaptations from the mid 19th century translation by Mary Howitt, a correspondent and friend of Andersen who introduced his work to t [...]

  8. Wow I knew this would be drastically different the the flame colored heroine of Disney s creation, but I don t know that I was prepared for this For most of the book almost 3 4 the story remains mostly the same A young daughter of a widowed merman and her grandmother are raising her and her multitude of sister mermaids On her 16th birthday, she spies a prince on a ship and then rescues his life from the sea She also makes a trade with the sea witch, but the terms of the deal are much gruesome t [...]

  9. The Little Mermaid I grew up with was a sweet and cheerful red head who I could sing along and be happy with, be happy for She was one of Disney s greatest mutation projects, a character most kids born after the year 1989 would be most familiar with that was the year of the adaptation of the originally dark and doleful tale of the youngest mer daughter of the royal underwater empire into something much luminous and chipper Don t get me wrong, I loved and lived the Disney concept as a little gir [...]

  10. Rating 3 5 ntotdeauna am fost atras de desenele animate, iar cele clasice, care m au nso it de a lungul copil riei, sunt printre preferatele mele Unul dintre acestea este cel cu Mica siren , despre care sunt sigur c mai toat lumea a auzit Nu tiam povestea original , i devenisem curioas dac aceasta se aseam n sau nu cu desenele n care o reg sim pe Ariel.Mi au pl cut cum arat c r ile ilustrate pentru copii de la Editura Univers Enciclopedic, iar printre ele am reg sit o adaptare a pove tii lui Han [...]

  11. The Disney version of The Little Mermaid is so much better It s a happy ending The original story, which is this, doesn t end how I expected It was so sad I did enjoy the rest though.

  12. There isn t much to like about this story A young mermaid finds out she doesn t have a soul and will end up as nothing than sea foam after her death, so she goes about stalking a human she hopes will fall in love with her and give her part of his soul Which could work, I guess, if she hadn t gotten her tongue cut out or if the human didn t see her as a pet instead of a serious love interest He even had her sleeping outside his room on a cushion _ _o _

  13. But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much I actually re read this, i ve read this once i was a kid Basically, i grew up with Hans Christian Andersen s book and The Little Mermaid is always be my favorite If you know the little mermaid from Disney then think the ending was happy ending and they live happily ever after, you can t found it here The little mermaid that i know was sad story This is about the sacrifice that Little Mermaid made for her love She left her beautiful l [...]

  14. Disney s The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite animated movies The book is even better I personally assume that when Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid, he didn t intend it for little children even though the theme is kinda childish It s suitable for teens, or can fit in the YA genre than Children s Literature The book is so beautifully written with a creative touch on the mer people and a deep take on self sacrifice It doesn t have your typical happy ending we re used to in f [...]

  15. Well I had heard this version was very different from the Disney version and oh was it different I think it s a little bizarre if I m honest but definitely not our ordinary happily ever after which I think I like.

  16. I know this has really high ratings but I still feel like I shouldn t have loved this as much as I did It was so tragically awesome I love that it didn t have a happy ending It was weird as snot but I loved it.

  17. He loves her like a pet, because she s devoted to him.She s allowed to sleep on his doorstep on a velvet cushionHe will marry because he can t marry the one he lovesMr prince

  18. This is the first time I ve read this original story of possibly my favorite Disney movie And obviously, it s a completely different experience, and the story is one that s been told in many forms throughout the last century at least I did feel that it was closer to the Disney version than say, Snow White Briar Rose While I still don t like the less than happy ending, I enjoyed the story, imagery, etc enough to give it 4 stars Probably my favorite of HCA s tales that I ve read so far.

  19. Ova mala bajka je jako tu na, i jako mi je krivo to nisam imala prilike da se pre domognem ove originalne verzije.

  20. A perfect fairy story Sweet but brutal and full of allegorical Christianity Probably not a suitable version for modern children s bedtime.

  21. This is a re read My parents bought me a book of fairy tales when I was a kid Even then I found it waaaaaaay better than the deluded happily ever after thing which Disney presented I ve read the Disney book, but I never watched the animated movie Don t get me wrong, I ve nothing against Disney, I love Frozen and Belle s actually The Beast s Library.It shows that life isn t all peachy There s pain, sacrifice, and defeat in between and sometimes there is no happy ending unless you look at the big [...]

  22. I know what you want, said the sea witch it is very stupid of you, but you shall have your way, and it will bring you to sorrow, my pretty princess You want to get rid of your fish s tail, and to have two supports instead of it, like human beings on earth, so that the young prince may fall in love with you, and that you may have an immortal soul This dark but sad fairytale is definitely not the Disney version we grew up on There s suffering, sacrifice, and maybe there s a happy ending of sorts b [...]

  23. Oh, well, this is going to be a harsh review The little mermaid is my favorite Disney movie since FOREVER I knew the original story had a tragic ending, despite that I prepared myself to love, or at least like it anyway But wow, this is NOT what I expected.And I knew that this story was inspired by a real one, in which our dear Hans Christian Andersen is metaphorically the little mermaid, exactly, a gay who was in love with a straight man, who chose a woman over him I mean, yeah, it s sad and I [...]

  24. This review is for The Little Mermaid, Charles Santore s edition But the story itself is the most haunting fairy tale ever written And a lot of people sadly don t know the real story We shall journey under the sea and into the deep abyss, but there are no singing sidekick Crabs and fishie friends to accompany or help rescue this Little mermaid The story will play out slightly darker in Hans Christian Andersen s taleof unrequited love, hope and selflessness A pretty lovesick Mermaid will venture [...]

  25. Las sirenas no tienen lagrimas y por eso su sufrimiento es mayor Una historia muy triste pero muy bella, del tipo que yo considero de obsesi n y no de amor, no s lo obsesi n con el pr ncipe sino con todo el mundo humano, pero eso mismo es lo que hace que el final no pueda ser distinto.

  26. Not Disney and I was disappointed I found the prince detestable I found the ending dull and anticlimactic And I was bored to tears by the moralistic tone.

  27. Also posted on Eva Lucias blogThe Little Mermaid is one of my favourite fairy tales by the wonderful Hans Christian Andersen I have always been interested in his authorship and I spent a year of internship to promote Odense as Hans Christian Andersen s city and wrote articles about his fairy tales and studied them in detail.This fairy tale is certainly something else Everyone who has read it and seen the Disney version will definitely be surprised, or have an even worse reaction seeing the Disne [...]

  28. I ve always loved mermaids When I was little, I dreamed about being one lol I ve always found them to be such beautiful interesting mythical creatures So of course, you would think that I love Han s Christian Anderson s The Little Mermaid, right WRONG And it s not just because of the Disney version In fact, I always had some issues with Disney s version of the fairytale even before I read the original story I never understood how the mermaid could give up her family life under the sea for a man [...]