[PDF] Read ä Joyland : by Stephen King Regiane Winarski, Joyland, Stephen King Regiane Winarski, Joyland Carolina do Norte O universit rio Devin Jones come a um trabalho tempor rio no parque Joyland esperando esquecer a namorada que partiu seu cora o Mas outra garota que acaba mudando seu mundo para sempre a v tima de um serial killer Linda Grey foi morta no parque h anos e diz a lenda que seu esp rito ainda assombra o trem fantasma N o demora para que Devin eCarolina do Norte O, [PDF] Read ä Joyland : by Stephen King Regiane Winarski - Joyland, Joyland Carolina do Norte O universit rio Devin Jones come a um trabalho tempor rio no parque Joyland esperando esquecer a namorada que partiu seu cora o Mas outra garota que acaba mudando seu mundo pa

  • Title: Joyland
  • Author: Stephen King Regiane Winarski
  • ISBN: 9788581052984
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback


Joyland [PDF] Read ä Joyland : by Stephen King Regiane Winarski - Joyland, Joyland Carolina do Norte O universit rio Devin Jones come a um trabalho tempor rio no parque Joyland esperando esquecer a namorada que partiu seu cora o Mas outra garota que acaba mudando seu mundo pa [PDF] Read ä Joyland : by Stephen King Regiane Winarski - Joyland, Joyland Carolina do Norte O universit rio Devin Jones come a um trabalho tempor rio no parque Joyland esperando esquecer a namorada que partiu seu cora o Mas outra garota que acaba mudando seu mundo pa [PDF] Read ä Joyland : by Stephen King Regiane Winarski

  • [PDF] Read ä Joyland : by Stephen King Regiane Winarski
    218Stephen King Regiane Winarski

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  1. You gotta agree Stephen King can tell a story like few others can Maybe it s because he can see the world in the way most of us do not, and then grants us the privilege to experience it through his eyes for a few hundred pages the world that can be unsettling and scary and fascinating and different in subtle little ways that change the way you view it at least for a little while Add to it that Stephen King also can do nostalgia like no other well, perhaps excluding Bradbury and there are very Br [...]

  2. OMG I love this King book I had a feeling I might just from reading the synopsis of the book It just blew me away I loved the atmosphere of the carnival I fell in love with Devin, Tom, Erin, Mike, Milo, Annie and a few other side characters I felt like I was in the book with each one of them and I could see all of the old carny rides and amusements I could feel the old mystery of the girl that was killed I wish they would make this into a movie, but do it right It as to be to a T from the book a [...]

  3. If I ever were to meet Stephen King, I imagine that the conversation would go something like this A Mr King, what a pleasure it is to meet you I m glad to have this opportunity because I owe you an apology An apology We don t even know each other Why would you need to apologize to me A I m sorry for avoiding your books all of these years and for thinking that you were a one dimensional author who only wrote horror stories I m sorry that it took me so long to discover your wonderful writing and t [...]

  4. There s a ghost that appears in the haunted house ride of an amusement park in the 1970s Jinkies Is this a Hard Case Crime book or an episode of Scooby Doo Actually, it s a Stephen King novel And as we found out the last time Uncle Stevie wrote a book for the HCC line he doesn t have a problem with blurring the line between crime and supernatural Since HCC needs all the help it can get I m pretty sure nobody bitched too much when he turned this one in.Devin Jones is a struggling college kid look [...]

  5. Now I know how Neil DeGrasse Tyson felt while he watched the movie Gravity.I give Joyland three stars as far as story goes, and a one star when I take into consideration that Stephen got everything wrong about how amusement parks are run He obviously did zero research The most believable thing in this book is the ghost part, but I know the vast majority of you out there did not spend twenty odd years hopping around the United States working in amusement parks like I did, and therefore would not [...]

  6. I am not sure what bubble I was living in that I hadn t heard about Stephen King s new book JOYLAND, so it was just luck that the day it was released, I just happened to in the book store browsing The cover shouted out look at meeeee I quickly grabbed a copy off the shelf, and thought to myself, Mine, mine, mine When I finally got around to reading it, I was not disappointed image error This was one of those Stephen King books that made me feel like I was sitting on the front porch on a warm Sum [...]

  7. JoyLand is a slow burn of a book and that was alright by me I love getting to know King s characters and Devin Jones is no exception He s our young, intelligent narrator, burning with the passion and enthusiasm of youth he is also healing a broken heart, his first, when he signs up to work at the carnival This is a Hard Case Crime file so one would expect a murder or two and there is, except it happened years ago and remains unsolved While never really taking center stage through most of the boo [...]

  8. 4 starsAll you King fans out there are going to read this anyway Go for it, be a Rube, its worth the price of admission For anyone else who s curious about all the kerfuffle over King, maybe test the waters with this No, it s not his best but it s pretty great It s short, leans towards paranormal rather than horror in case horror isn t your thing, and you gotta love that hardcore pulp fiction cover Tons of suspense, the mystery of beautiful women being murdered to unravel, a plot that moves and [...]

  9. Written for the Hard Case Crime line of paperback novels, Stephen King s Joyland may look like a duck with its tantalizing pulp cover making promises of sex and violence but it definitely doesn t quack In fact, it s another kind of animal altogether, a coming of age tale tinged with the bittersweet tang of nostalgia and the wistful remembrances of what was and what might have been This isn t new territory for King Anyone who s read him at all knows that this is his stomping ground and when he s [...]

  10. I ve been reading Stephen King since I was a child and this book reminds me of his old stuff It s really good.

  11. On the heels of a breakup, college student Devin Jones takes a summer job at an amusement park, an amusement park haunted by the ghost of a woman murdered on one of the rides But what does that have to do with a woman and her dying child that Devin meets walking on a beach Stephen King throws the Hard Case line another bone with Joyland Much like The Colorado Kid, it will undoubtedly draw much needed attention to the line despite not being like the other books.Joyland is the story of Devin Jones [...]

  12. 4 Stephen King wrote this for the Hard Case Crime series which seeks to recreate the flavor of paperback hardboiled crime fiction novels of the 1940s and 50s Each cover features original cover art in the grand pulp style.There is an unsolved crime, a previous murder in the horror house, but it wasn t what I thought it would be The entire time I was reading it I was back at Pacific Ocean Park in Venice Beach California during the 1950 60s Big mistake eating right before I went on the roller coast [...]

  13. Update 99 cent special today Irresistible On the back of the bright yellow red paperback book by Stephen King, JOYLAND , smack center in RED INK , are the words Life is Not always a Butcher s GameSometimes the Prizes Are RealSometimes They re Precious If you ve NOT read this WONDERFUL TREAT yet those words above will not have the same feeling to you until you get to page 220 and read them again I dare any human being not to be moved To NOT read this book heck, takes only a few hours of your time [...]

  14. The American author Stephen King is one of today s most popular writers of horror and supernatural novels and stories, occasionally branching out into other genres such as science fiction, fantasy, or factual books With Joyland, published in 2013, he has once again tried his hand at a crime novel As with his first novel of this type, it was published by Hard Case Crime who specialise in crime fiction by both established and new authors who write hardboiled crime novels Some of their books by wel [...]

  15. This is only the second Stephen King book I ve ever read, other than The Stand I just don t do horror, as a general rule But then this came out, and it was a mystery, or at least marketed as such, and so I figured I d give it a try.It isn t really about the mystery, though, and others have noted it There is a mystery, sure The main character works at Joyland, an amusement not theme King is careful about the difference park one summer in the 1970s Several years earlier, a girl had been murdered o [...]

  16. Devin Jones had been with his girlfriend Wendy while at college for the past two years, but the vibes he was getting from her made him uneasy So when the opportunity for the summer job at the carnival park Joyland where they only sold fun came up, Dev tried for it and was successful He then took a room in a boarding house nearby for the duration of the summer, along with other carny hands, Tom and Erin.Dev s job was huge and varied, but he was good at wearing the fur , when he dressed up as Howi [...]

  17. In early 2014 the wonderful podcast Pod of Horror run by mastermind Mark Justice announced its list of the top three novels of 2013 One of my books I won t say which one now, because this bit is just preamble, and the review I m writing isn t about my own novel clocked in at 3 Number two on the list was Bentley Little s THE INFLUENCE, and though I hadn t and still haven t, if I m being honest read Little s book, I m familiar with Little s writing and was delighted to be included on the same list [...]

  18. It s Joyland This is a badly broken world, full of wars and cruelty and senseless tragedy Every human being who inhabits it is served his or her portion of unhappiness and wakeful nights Those of you who don t already know that will come to know it Given such sad but undeniable facts of the human condition, you have been given a priceless gift this summer you are here to sell fun In exchange for the hard earned dollars of your customers, you will parcel out happiness.Joyland sees the King enter [...]

  19. Bate na minha m o se voc pura anima o Eu amei demais esse livro Achei uma leitura muito gostosa, e apesar de n o ser cheeeia de a o nem nada assim, ela flui muito bem Esse cen rio de parque de divers es me encantou na verdade, j algo que me deixa fascinado por si s Senti muita empatia pelo protagonista, e todos os personagens foram maravilhosos, caracter sticos e com a sua cota de creepyness o segundo livro do Stephen que leio nesse formato de o protagonista j est velho, contando a sua hist ria [...]

  20. You can t save everyone.I was tempted to add some new category shelves for this review because the ones I am using don t quite fit the type of retro reflective, not really coming of age but of a late blooming type of read which I experienced Maybe I should add crime or murder or something, but if I said this was a crime novel, or even a murder mystery, I d sort of only be giving you part of the picture here.Devin Dev is on the path to discovering himself in the summer of 1970 whatever After exp [...]

  21. Let me start out by saying that I realized going into this that Joyland is not King s typical horror story Actually, that is one of the reasons I was excited to pick this one up I have enough trouble sleeping without nightmarish and gruesome images floating around in my head What I did expect, however, was a gripping and suspenseful mystery that would have me on the edge of my seat throughout the majority of the book That never happened I also imagined a book full of clues which would force me t [...]

  22. Every Stephen King fan has a wonderful memory of reading one of his books, the experience making you oblivious of all else as you become enveloped in the story, completely consumed with the characters, the plot, the sheer brilliance of the storytelling For me those memories are clustered around my early teens when I first read King, reading Misery, The Shining, IT, Pet Sematary, Different Seasons, in a massive reading jag I fell hard for King and there was nothing better than picking up one of h [...]

  23. Watch Stephen King Talking about This book on Today show now 2read review joyland by stephen king Work close to heaven That was the advertisement that Mr Devin Jones one Summer reacted to, and this stand up guy at the age of twenty one was soon to become Howie the Happy Hound suited up in Hound attire doing the Hokey Pokey dance with kids at Joyland, a fun amusement park, a place where fun was lived out in its highs of rides and pitch darkness of the Horror House.There is unfortunately no tunnel [...]

  24. I decided this review didn t need to be than a quick one I ve said enough, why say I couldn t put Joyland down It was a fascinating look at carny life, touching at times, and proves King can still write a wonderful story less than 1000 pages long The noir, crime solving aspect was almost an afterthought to this interesting tale of life working at an amusement park.If you have fond memories of a summer job where you almost spoke a different language with your co workers and really bonded, possi [...]

  25. This wasn t what I had first expected For quite a while the story is being set up a lovesick college boy goes off to North Carolina to work for a small amusement park, Joyland, for the summer There s a fun house tunnel ride where years before, a girl was murdered, and rumor is that she haunts it It was much later when we find out if it is really haunted here s a clue look at who the author is , but in the meantime we get to learn all about carny life and the people who live it We get to see Devi [...]

  26. Devin Jones college girlfriend has taken a summer job that will have them spending the break away from each other, so Devin decides to apply for a job at an amusement park called Joyland in North Carolina Little does Devin know this will be the summer that changes his life forever He will find lifelong friends, suffer his first heartbreak, discover love in many different forms and be haunted by an unsolved murder that took place on Joyland s grounds.If I pretend for one moment I had never heard [...]

  27. Lo voy a decir con todo el orgullo que me produce el hecho de que un autor haya despertado algo tan profundo en mi, y haya tocado algo tan sensible llor como pocas veces Ser medio confuso para quienes a n no han le do el libro, porque s , es terror, es de cr menes, pero su historia va un poco m s all de eso tambi n con algunos momentos emotivos que hacen que uno se encari e al instante de los personajes Una historia hermosa, definitivamente lo releer a mil veces m s porque disfrut cada p gina de [...]

  28. I loved this Listening to this nostalgic coming of age tale was as comfortable as spending a lazy summer afternoon lounging in a hammock with your best childhood friend Beautifully narrated, I fell in love with it all and for seven hours I was swept away Magical 4.5 stars.

  29. Oh Gott, dieses Ende Kann nur immer wieder betonen, wie sehr ich Kings Schreibstil liebe Man kann voll und ganz in die Welt eintauchen, die er erschafft und seine Charaktere sind auch immer sehr ausgereift Tolles Buch

  30. This book was a generous gift some time ago, from a friend who d read it and wanted to pass it along to another reader so I had it handy when it was picked for a common read this month in one of my groups Despite my liking for speculative and macabre fiction, my acquaintance with King s work is spotty I ve read and liked several of his short stories, but only two of his novels before this one and those back n the early 90s his SF tome Firestarter and his fantasy The Eyes of the Dragon Though tho [...]