à Tairon el Horrible ↠ Hans Wilhelm, Tairon el Horrible, Hans Wilhelm, Tairon el Horrible A little dinosaur named Boland tries several ways of dealing with the biggest bully in the swamp forest until finally hitting on a successful tacticildrenslibrary icdl, à Tairon el Horrible ↠ Hans Wilhelm - Tairon el Horrible, Tairon el Horrible A little dinosaur named Boland tries several ways of dealing with the biggest bully in the swamp forest until finally hitting on a successful tacticildrenslibrary icdl

  • Title: Tairon el Horrible
  • Author: Hans Wilhelm
  • ISBN: 9789561311282
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Book

Tairon el Horrible

Tairon el Horrible à Tairon el Horrible ↠ Hans Wilhelm - Tairon el Horrible, Tairon el Horrible A little dinosaur named Boland tries several ways of dealing with the biggest bully in the swamp forest until finally hitting on a successful tacticildrenslibrary icdl à Tairon el Horrible ↠ Hans Wilhelm - Tairon el Horrible, Tairon el Horrible A little dinosaur named Boland tries several ways of dealing with the biggest bully in the swamp forest until finally hitting on a successful tacticildrenslibrary icdl à Tairon el Horrible ↠ Hans Wilhelm

  • à Tairon el Horrible ↠ Hans Wilhelm
    249Hans Wilhelm
Tairon el Horrible

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282 thought on “Tairon el Horrible

  1. A bully dinosaur pesters the weak, good and small dinosaur One day, the good dinosaur thinks of teaching the bully a lesson Will he succeed Well, time to figure that out

  2. This is my very first read in Spanish, a children story about a good dinausor named Bonifacio who has always been bullied by another one named Tairon, this Tairon is larger in size and much stronger than Bonifacio, so in the story we see how this latter gets his revenge in a clever way.While reading I didn t get to understand all of the words, but thanks to the illustrations it got easier.And of course I was unable to write a review in Spanish, which I d do once I get skilled to do that.

  3. Tyrone the Horrible tells the story of a group of dinosaur children from long ago that face many problems similar to children today The protagonist of the story, Boland, has many friends in his dinosaur community and enjoys playing with everyone except Tyrone the horrible Tyrone relentlessly bullies Boland day and night making it hard for him to sleep One day, Boland decides to take action to make the bullying stop All of his friends give him varying advise from giving Tyrone a present, to ignor [...]

  4. This was a very neat story of a little dinasaur being bullied by a bigger one The plot of the story is encouraging because its about bullying which a lot of children can relate to, so I am sure its a good way for children to put themselves in that little dinasaurs shoes That is something that I like in Childrens literature when there are characters or stories that the children can relate to I liked how there was a community of good friends for Boland that added a lot to the story Overall it was [...]

  5. LIAM S REVIEW 7 years old I liked when Tyrone dumped ice cream on Boland lol When Boland got dumped with ice cream his face looks like he thinks it feels good lol I loved this book.

  6. Tyrone the Terrible tells the story of a relentless bully, Tyrone, and his helpless victim, Boland After many failed attempts to reconcile and retaliate, Boland finally finds a way to put Tyrone s bullying to an end Although I am not a personal fan of the illustration style, it does a good job of portraying the story visually and often takes up entire pages, immersing the reader into the setting I m sorry, Stego said Some bullies you just can t beat You have to learn to live with them, whether y [...]

  7. A short little story about Boland the dinosaur who has issues with Tyrone, another dinosaur who likes to pick on Boland The book has cute and colorful illustrations but the book itself is a little outdated The reading level is easy and can be good for beginner readers It is a good story about standing up for yourself but to me, revenge is not the way to go about solving the issue The illustrations are clear but not as vibrant and eye catching as recent books I do not think this is one I would p [...]

  8. Ich habe dieses Buch genossen Die Geschichte ist lustig, die Illustrationen adorable.I laughed out loud at some parts Haha.

  9. Picture Book International Children s Digital LibraryTarget Audience K 2nd GradersSummary Characters Igor baby dinosaur Tyranno bully Different language editions of this book give the main dinosaur different names but in the France edition on International Children s Digital Library, he is called Igor Setting Dinosaur timesNarrative Igor is bullied by bigger and meaner dinosaur Tyranno He asks other dinosaurs for advice on how to deal with Tyranno and tries different solutions with varying succe [...]

  10. Tyrone the Horrible is the first of what will become a series about the first bully in the world Tyrone the Horrible and how he would choose to bully Boland As Boland is being bullied by Tyrone he realizes that he needs to do something that will get him to leave him alone as who wants to be bullied for their entire lives Turning to his friends Boland gets a variety of different ideas but what really is the best way for Boland to get Tyrone to leave him alone, or is that even possible.This book i [...]

  11. The main characters of this book are Tyrone and Boland Boland is a plays which the little dinosaurs and gets along with all of them except Tyrone Tyrone picks on him and beats him up His friends tried to offer him advice to help the situation but it only made it worse One day Boland went to offer Tyrone a snack in hopes that he s leave him zone but all Tyrone did was throw the snack back in Boland s face The next day he walked past Tyrone seeming unbothered by him until Tyrone stepped on his tai [...]

  12. This book tells the tale of a little dinosaur called Boland who finds himself the victim of a bully called Tyrone, who is known as Tyrone the Horrible.Tyrone the Horrible hurts Boland in many ways stealing his sandwich, stepping on his tail, beating him up and even turning an ice cream cone on his head when Boland offered it to him as a good gesture After losing sleep and his friends telling him to give up, Boland finally figures out a plan to stop Tyrone the Horrible from bullying him again.The [...]

  13. This is a great story about the dinosaur community There are many different shapes and sizes of dinosaurs and just like in the world today there are mean, bully people and there are nice, friendly people One dinosaur in particular really likes to bully the smallest one The bully dinosaur likes to steal other dinosaur s sandwiches and beat them up It isn t until one day that the smaller dinosaur comes up with an idea of how to stop the bullying The plan turns out to be a success and they never he [...]

  14. This book was about a small dinosaur named Boland who is bullied by Tyrone a big dinosaur One day Boland decides to take action and stand up for himself All of his friends give him different advice from giving Tyrone a present, to ignoring him, and even fighting him, but nothing seems to work Boland finally comes up with an idea that makes Tyrone leave him alone for good.In the classroom, teachers can use this book to teach the topic of bullying.This book gives children many strategies to use wh [...]

  15. This picture book was about a few different dinosaurs One dinosaur, Tyrone, is a big bully who is always picking on little dinosaur Boland Boland tries multiple things to get Tyrone to become his friend such as being nice to him or even pretending to not be afraid However, when Tyrone continues to bully Boland, he decides to put some hot peppers in his sandwich knowing that Tyrone was going to steal it Sure enough, Boland s sandwich burnt Tyrone s mouth and from then on Tyrone never bullied anyb [...]

  16. Tyrone The Horrible is a story about a young dinosaur and a much larger dinosaur bully who torments him daily The little dinosaur Boland tries everything to deal with the bully, being his friend, ignoring him, fighting him, all the same tactics that people advise someone to do when dealing with a bully None of them work for Boland though, as they rarely do in real life The story ends with Boland tricking Tyrone with a sandwich made of hot peppers, this hurts Tyrone and from then on he stops stea [...]

  17. This book was placed online for children to be able to experience it from their computers and ipads It had a mix of different borders including full bleeds and small pictures under words The colors were bright and exciting keeping children even entertained then dinosaurs already do Making this available digitally helps the younger generation be able to read classic books in a way that makes them comfortable.

  18. Foreign Language BookWilhelm, Hans Tyrone the Horrible Italian The story of a Boland, a small dinosaur, that is being bullied by Tyrone, a much larger T Rex Boland tries to be his friend thinking that that will solve his problems, but Tyrone keeps being mean to little Boland A friend later tells Boland to ignore Tyrone the Horrible, but that doesn t work either Boland then tries standing up to Tyrone and the rest is history ages 6 10

  19. Tyrone the Horrible is a colorful children s book about two dinosaurs who can not get along Tyrone is bigger and the bully in the pair When Boland, the younger, can not take it any, he devises a plan In the end, it is only a happy ending for one of the dinosaurs.I would use this book in a classroom to teach about bullying Also, it would be a good tool to use to introduce a unit that ends in a field trip to the museum Students could do inquiry activities about dinosaurs.

  20. Read via the International Digital Children s website enildrenslibraryI was able to read this one out loud, which was an immense ego boost The translation read quite fluidly I thought, although my Danish tutor did point out that the subject matter wasn t terribly Danish Or as she said, They re not really dino people

  21. I read this book as part of my learning German.It s a book about bullying, and I think it s good in that it shows that you shouldn t be forced to live with a bully, but I wish it was that easy IRL to get rid of bullies.I don t think it would have helped or made me feel better as a child, when I was being bullied.It s easy to understand.

  22. Tyrone is one cool dinosaur I have really enjoyed reading these books and wish they had been around when my boys were young Bullies, cheaters and practical jokers need to be ignored when they force you to do what they want you to do Hans Wilhelm s stories and wonderful illustrations give a jumping off point for conversations with children.

  23. How do you make friends with someone who has been hurting and teasing you all your life That is the story of this book But hey, this book is so well written I really like it And good pictures I really liked that last part, that thing about Tyrone s fossil Hahaha Thumbs up to Mr Wilhelm Sorry Have to read such books to catch up with my goal hahaha

  24. I did not like the absence of adults or authority figures in this story It is important to teach children to treat each other respect and to immediately report any type of abuse It scares me to think that this teaches children to seek solutions on their own when dealing with bullies Physically harming someone is never okay and there should have been immediate intervention by adults.

  25. Tyrone the Horrible is a wonderful book that provides multiple strategies for children to use when faced with a bully The strategies that the dinosaur Boland uses range from giving his bully, Tyrone, presents, to ignoring him Read this book to find out what strategy ends up working best for Boland.

  26. PB 24 This is a great book to use to talk to children about bullying It discusses many ways that Boland tries to deal with Tyrone, which can help you discuss with children ways they can deal with a bully.