↠ Kahayatle ↠ Elle Casey, Kahayatle, Elle Casey, Kahayatle This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B E UOKW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR ELLE CASEY brings readers Book of in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series suitable for older teens and adults KAHAYATLE My name is Bryn Mathis I m seventeen years old and I live in a neighborhood outside of Orlando Florida I m here alone because my dad died aThis is an alternate Co, ↠ Kahayatle ↠ Elle Casey - Kahayatle, Kahayatle This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B E UOKW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR ELLE CASEY brings readers Book of in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series suitable for older t

  • Title: Kahayatle
  • Author: Elle Casey
  • ISBN: 9781939455284
  • Page: 440
  • Format: ebook


Kahayatle ↠ Kahayatle ↠ Elle Casey - Kahayatle, Kahayatle This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B E UOKW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR ELLE CASEY brings readers Book of in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series suitable for older t ↠ Kahayatle ↠ Elle Casey - Kahayatle, Kahayatle This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B E UOKW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR ELLE CASEY brings readers Book of in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series suitable for older t ↠ Kahayatle ↠ Elle Casey

  • ↠ Kahayatle ↠ Elle Casey
    440Elle Casey

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  1. 4 Canner Stars A different premise for the Zombie books.ead we have Canners cannibals who aren t dead.The disease only effected adults over the age of 20 we have a bunch of teens trying to make a life for themselves while running from these canners.Instead of running to the mountains, they run to the Everglades to the Indian settlement.I LOVED Bryn kick ass girl And I so love all the secondary characters Bondo, Peter and Buster Tons of funny innuendos and doodling I just wish it wasn t young adu [...]

  2. 5.0 hearts A Rare rating from me But worthy although I can nitpick anything.Before you read any further, this review contains language If you re a little kid, don t read this I cuss I have a very foul mouth No spoilers really, just bad bad words Enjoy I read A TON of dystopians and post apocalyptic novels They all run together, but not this one This is the kind of dystopian that I want to read.I love the world Elle Casey has created It s a tamed down, less depressing, good hud The Road meets a [...]

  3. This wasn t for me First, the book has grammatical errors in the first few pages A small thing, but it pulled me out of the story Second, I couldn t get past some of the realities the author had set up in her post apocalyptic world I was nearing the point of giving up anyway, but the final straw for me was the narrator mentioning in a world that had gone to hell mere months ago that she had long ago run out of soap Soap There is enough soap in my house right now for 3 people for a year, and I m [...]

  4. Elle Casey has done it again Created a world that drags you in and won t let you go I think I am a little bit in love with her brain lol, at least the imagination part of it I love books that make me root for the characters, and this one has you rooting from the very first page.Just imagine a world where there are no adults and no children, nothing but hormonal teenagers left alive This is the world that 17 year old Bryn lives in All of the adults and children, including her beloved father, have [...]

  5. WARNING SPOILER ALERT Imagine being in a world without adults or young children they were all killed by an unusual virus Bryn, the 17 year old lead character, had spent the last several years training as a survivalist Her father had a vision of the future turning out this way and had prepared his daughter in those skills needed especially the martial arts to survive in such an environment After the apocalypse, surviving teens had to live on their own foraging for food and other supplies to keep [...]

  6. Elle Casey has created a most remarkable post epidemic world, where only teenagers are left to inherit the earth and all the good and bad things that come with that Our main character, Bryn, is a heroine the likes of Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games or Clary Fray City of Bones She is strong in character, she knows who she is, yet she has flaws, she is just trying to survive in her new reality and do so in line with her morals and conscious I love sharing this kind of book with young adult 15 yr [...]

  7. Apocalypsis is a page turning book It s based on a very dark apocalyptic scenario where the world is left to teens, with some warning but not enough time for the adults to help secure a livable world for the kids who are left alive The humor in it was very well done and seemed to blend well into the situation.The book is entirely from the point of view of Bryn, a teenage girl whose father took the time to prepare her very well for the horrors she would live through Bryn is joined or recruits som [...]

  8. MyOH MY GOD SUCH A FREAKINGLY AMAZING AWESOME BOOK A MUST READ Once you start its hard to put down I know I had a hard time doing so If there ever was an apocalyptic event like that I could actually see it going down like this This book takes you to that place and it will hold you there until the next book This is a Post apocalyptic series where all the grown ups and really young children die from some virus that no one can figure out It leaves the world left to all the teenagers that are still [...]

  9. What took me so freaking long to read this book Apocalypsis Kahayatle was so very different than what I expected but just that much better because of it Elle Casey creates a world ridden with violence and horror and injects the perfect amount of belly laughing sarcasm, wit, and romance Her characterization is phenomenal and honest through a setting that is disturbingly realistic Now lets dig a bit deeper.SummaryWe begin our journey with Bryn, a 17 year old Krav Maga apprentice who is really frea [...]

  10. Just finished re reading this, I loved this book the first time I read it and loving it all over again now lol I m looking forward to re reading the rest of this series, I love the whole idea of this story and it s so believable that all this would likely happen in these events, although I would like to believe the canners wouldn t happen that s for sure I love Bryn, Peter and Bodo not forgetting Buster You get a real feel of the bond they all create even when dealing with all the stuff the have [...]

  11. I ve read a lot of YA post apocalyptic fiction in the last year, and this was one of the best The friendships felt real, and I loved how the author pushed some YA limits and addressed realistic topics teenagers would deal with if the world fell apart The characters didn t always do what I would have expected them to do, and that created wonderful surprises and kept me interested I bought the second book in the series about 30 seconds after I finished this book.

  12. Have you ever wondered what a world with no adults would be like Or if teenagers can survive in a world with no parents Well, Casey paints a very honest and realistic view of what this world would be like Apocalypsis is a dystopian novel where a disease kills off most of the population In this novel, anyone who wasn t a who teenager died adults and children alike The story is told in first person POV and from Bryn s perspective.So, let me give you a quick synopsis Bryn s father who was well awar [...]

  13. First off, I must say, this is not really a YA book, nor is it adult Sometimes it reads like a young teen novel and other times it reads like an adult horror novel I enjoy horror and gore as well as many genres, but this book straddled so many that I found myself so uncertain so often The main character is okay to an extent, an overly paranoid and yet overly trusting person who falls into the Jackie Chan stereotype of I do not want to hurt you but I am going to beat the crap out of you anyways Y [...]

  14. Apocalypsis is a really edgy, funny book that puts the really dark, brutal circumstances of the world it is set in into perspective.The humor and banter is what keeps this from being too dark and broody The stark violence and just appalling situations these kids are put in begs for the humor to make it entertaining and not just downright scary I really felt like it was a perfect blend of the two.Once again, Elle Casey delivers a strong female heroine I absolutely loved the main character She rem [...]

  15. This wasn t my favorite Elle Casey book The storyline is good I do like the main character Bryn And I love Bodo s sense of humor I read eagerly to find out what would happen to the characters next, anxious to meet the people that they d meet next I do have a few problems with this book though I hate to even say what they are because I really do love this authors creativty But then again, I have to be true to myself.In this book we meet some members of two of the tribes that make up the Seminole [...]

  16. Good and evil are waging a very dark war, and all of humanity is caught in between This is an intense work very interesting about core values, skill, relationships, and what makes up the strongest in terms of survival Brilliantly crafted story with challenges of all kinds Although I will look forward to buying reading all following books, at this point I am glad to have a break from the heavy but totally believable zombie war drama I could not put this one downad it in half a day PS If ever ther [...]

  17. ARGH I HATE cliffhangers Especially when the next book isn t out yet However, I did LOVE this book It started a little slow I didn t quite put all the pieces together right away The relationship between Bryn and Peter is cute and fun The introduction of Bodo and Buster adds both romance and humor I m not sure how exactly I feel about Bodo joining Peter and Bryn s journey south There has got to be some sort of twist coming with him, especially since we know so little about him The scenes with the [...]

  18. Blew me away I have read Elle Casey s War of the Fae series and really enjoyed it, so was eager to pick up Apocalypsis which is a completely different genre to her Fae series What I love most about Elle Casey s writing are her characters They are always so well thought out and real I absolutely loved Bryn, she is a kick ass heroine with a great sense of humour I adored Peter and swooned over Bodo Every detail was so well thought through, the world building was exceptional and I haven t enjoyed a [...]

  19. Ok This is now my favorite book of all time for a few reasons1 where it takes place right in my back yard just about Bodo came under 10 miles from where I live2 The doodle mishap I cried from laughing.3 First Dystopian post apcolyptical book to mention Tony Robbins 4 I willNEVERlook at Cracker Barrel the same now EVER EVER EVER 5 The gut wrenching letter written by the boy This book had me crying and then laughing just minutes apart.

  20. Kahayatle was a really good story and the first of a trilogy Summarised it s the end of the world as we know it Everyone under 10 and over 20 died and the young teen survivors are surviving just However, as supplies of food are running out city dwellers who don t know how to produce food have found a protein source Eating other survivors Our 3 young main characters are not happy about this and have trekked to the Everglades in Florida to hide away.

  21. Not a hundred percent sure this book deserves 4 stars, but I m giving them anyways.This is why The Good The Characters Kick Ass abilities Cannibals, yea you heard me CANNIBALS I ll go into explanation why i liked those topics so much in a moment First though,The Bad Some of the characters behavior and accents Tad immature, but not completely in a bad way.d thats about it.So lets start off with the Characters, For the most part i really enjoyed them I loved the relationship and depth to Peter an [...]

  22. This cover is spooky there is actually a new cover on now I ve read a few other books with this basic premise something happens, all the adults die and the world is left to just children Read most recently, Night of the Purple Moon In that book, anyone going gone through puberty was hit, so just the very young were left to fend for themselves Here, only those GOING through puberty are spared The old and young all die, leaving a world of just teens This book was a bit violent and grim than Purpl [...]

  23. Oh, Elle Casey, you did it again I have to say you have become one of my favourite authors and I have only read two of your books But I am in love First off This is how a heroine is supposed to be Funny, smart, and kick ass But not overly perfect Unlike most of the heroine books out there right now, Bryn is not stupid She is not weak And she knows how to handle herself I absolutely loved her.I just loved Bodo And yay, a German That s different He kept things interesting I am eager to know his st [...]

  24. Surprise surprise I never expected anything of this book, the cover art didn t appeal to me and I could never remember what it was about There I was though, looking for something to read, and it happened to be the best thing I could find on my kindle I remembered that it was free, which can sometimes be a great thing, but often disappointing Still, I loaded it up, deciding to give it a few chapters till I decided whether to delete it or keep reading I ll admit it, I was hooked from the first few [...]

  25. It started off so good, an apocalypse scenario sounded like an interesting story and I was really starting to get invested in the main character, but then she meets this boy and they become friends and they help each other out, okay great But then it made a turn and I didn t read much further It is seldom that I stop a book without finishing it, but this is one of those cases The boy she met is gay and once we learn this everything becomes about him being gay I don t know if it got past that lat [...]

  26. Are these books part of some cult following or something Because I honestly can t figure out how they have such high ratings I ll admit, I liked the premise of the story And a lot of the characters are quite loveable But the cheesy factor is overwhelming Bryn being such a master at Krav Maga Sure, I guess that s possible But for her to conquer every person she comes in contact with seems a little over the top I cannot stand the way Bodo speaks I understand he s German has an accent, but I don t [...]

  27. Loved this The backstory wasn t very deep but I actually appreciated that I didn t have to trudge through a lot of history to get to the actual story Bryn is super bad ass and I love her And of course her boys are great I wish she would have had a better editor because there were typos and timeline inconsistencies that I would have liked to have seenbut I loved it anyway Honestly, I d say it s better than The Hunger Games I was about 50% through with this book when I went out and bought the 2nd [...]

  28. This book was just not for me Everything was so convenient for the characters If they needed water it would rain he next second, that goes for transportation, shelter, conveniently hot potential boyfriends, even bags of Doritos practically fell in their laps Its the end of the world wheres the struggle Sure there were canners out there but the main character was unrealistically PERFECT at everything so not even the cannibals were really a problem when she got in Krav Maga mode I noticed alot of [...]