[PDF] Download ☆ Warren Lane : by Andrew Diamond, Warren Lane, Andrew Diamond, Warren Lane In this non traditional comic noir Susan Moore attempts to hire the ruthless private detective Warren Lane to investigate her philandering husband Will Instead she winds up hiring Mark Ready a young handsome drunk with too much time on his hands With nothing else going on in his life Ready decides to play detective He assumes Lane s identity and proceeds to make aIn this non tradi, [PDF] Download ☆ Warren Lane : by Andrew Diamond - Warren Lane, Warren Lane In this non traditional comic noir Susan Moore attempts to hire the ruthless private detective Warren Lane to investigate her philandering husband Will Instead she winds up hiring Mark Ready a youn

  • Title: Warren Lane
  • Author: Andrew Diamond
  • ISBN: 9780996350709
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback

Warren Lane

Warren Lane [PDF] Download ☆ Warren Lane : by Andrew Diamond - Warren Lane, Warren Lane In this non traditional comic noir Susan Moore attempts to hire the ruthless private detective Warren Lane to investigate her philandering husband Will Instead she winds up hiring Mark Ready a youn [PDF] Download ☆ Warren Lane : by Andrew Diamond - Warren Lane, Warren Lane In this non traditional comic noir Susan Moore attempts to hire the ruthless private detective Warren Lane to investigate her philandering husband Will Instead she winds up hiring Mark Ready a youn [PDF] Download ☆ Warren Lane : by Andrew Diamond

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Warren Lane : by Andrew Diamond
    408Andrew Diamond
Warren Lane

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110 thought on “Warren Lane

  1. I won this book from First reads Thanks , it was a very funny book A little black book you d never guess what s inside the cover A hilariously funny book, as what could happen through mistaken identity A job carried out with no experience.

  2. We all know funny people People who tell stories well, crack people up at parties, but there s a big difference between being a funny person and being a funny writer Most people who try to be funny in writing fail Not Andrew Diamond.There s a bundle of chapters in the middle of Warren Lane that made me laugh as hard as I ve laughed reading anything This El Leonard Meets Larry David private eye caper features protagonist Mark Ready just start calling him Warren Lane now , a ne er do well boat sit [...]

  3. An entertaining read.I took this book to the beach and read it in a sitting The characters were so much fun, I couldn t wait to see the next mess I realized at two thirds the way through, I wasn t sure how things were going to wrap up The read is smooth, and Diamond clearly knows his cast of miscreants Well done little noir I definitely recommend this for an entertaining read.

  4. A very good first book by Andrew Diamond I look forward to reading from this author in the future Check out my full review here everythingnoir 2015 12 17

  5. Not my usual genre for books but I enjoyed this one a lot A fun ride of a read where everyone seems to get what they deserve if not what they want.

  6. This was a fun and fast read I enjoyed the prose and the flow of the different stories as they ran parallel and then combined It was easy to dislike Will, didn t feel too sorry for Susan and I just wanted to give Ella and Mike a swift kick to get it together.From the reviews, I though this was going to be a funny crime story and I kept waiting for the laughs I am in no means disappointed that it wasn t like that, at least until things began to wrap up Will and his temper Wow I hope there is at l [...]

  7. I received this book as a give away When I first started reading it I found it a little hard to get into but I kept on reading The I read, the I fell in love with the book At some parts of the book I laughed so hard I almost cried I have never read anything written by this author before, and I was pleasantly surprised how much I did end up enjoying the book.

  8. I won this novel Warren Lane in a Giveaway and this is my opinion and review of the book This story is a wonderful, suspenseful, romantic, and fun read Andrew Diamond writes a story rich in emotionally drawn characters that grabbed me from the beginning and literally pulled me right into the book Susan Moore makes an appointment to meet the private investigator Warren Lane at a coffee shop There s a man sitting across the room alone who must be him Susan introduces herself as she hands Warren hi [...]

  9. This book was about a character named Warren Lane, well actually 2 men known as Warren Lane A woman named Susan Moore hires who she thinks is Warren to investigate her husband She actually hires a man named Mark Ready Mark drinks a lot, but his heart is in the right place He starts investigating Will Moore, and meets the other woman Her name is Ella, and she is unhappy with Will, but doesn t see a way out of the mess she s in Until she meets Mark The real Warren Lane is an investigator, and kind [...]

  10. After getting to know the characters in this novel over the first few chapters, I was drawn into their lives and where they were headed They were diverse, but still had similarities The issues they dealt with made for the most interesting part I enjoyed the few moments of humor and how they added breaks to the drama Even though all of the characters were seriously flawed, they each still had something which made them likeable I also liked how it was a combination of male and female main characte [...]

  11. Ok, first I want to let everyone know that I won this book courtesy of the author and Although I was not sure if this would be a book that I would enjoy, I realized once I started that it was too good to put down This comic noir features a private investigator named Warren Lane who is to be hired by Susan to follow her husband who she suspects is cheating Although, she does not know that she has actually given a 10 thousand dollar check and a job to an alcoholic whose name is Mark Ready Mark jus [...]

  12. I read this book after receiving it in a giveaway.I did not know this author nor very much about this book I thought it might be like Gone Girl, a look at things that can happen when a marriage starts to crash.This book is not like that at all It read to me like a Woody Allen comedy But IT WORKS The characters are extreme, but compelling The plot is farcical, reminding me of the kind of trouble Larry David unwittingly gets into on many a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.In addition to the laughs and [...]

  13. Very entertaining book I never could figure out the main character though He was so not there most of the time, but then he would do something so compassionate and feeling for someone else, that you started to rethink what you knew of him Glad he finally found a direction for his life, makes me have some hope for some people I know who are also finding it hard to find their way I agree with Susan s decision to not tell him, there doesn t seem to be a reason to, it would only complicate things De [...]

  14. I received this book through the firstreads program The book starts off interestingly, Susan s husband, Will, is having an affair with Ella She makes an appointment with Warren, a PI, to get proof of her husband s dalliance Warren is running late for their appointment in a cafe, so when Susan sees Mark sitting alone for a while, she assumes he s Warren Before Mark knows what s happening, Susan gives him the details and the retainer, so he plays along.I liked the story and the idea, but there see [...]

  15. Ah, a simple case of mistaken identity Mistaken identity yes, simple no An interesting commentary on people s perceptions in modern culture It makes you wonder how much attention we pay to the relationships in our own lives The plot is well thought out and developed, and the characters are easy to picture Some of the sex scenes were a bit graphic for me, but that would not deter me from reading this author or recommending him to others.

  16. I won this book on giveaways.I found myself feeling anger, and disgust toward a few of the characters and sympathy for others I finished the book wishing for a different ending for Susan and Mark I don t always get that in a read Sure a story may be good, but I don t always feel To me that is the difference between a good and an excellent author.I will definitely be reading Impala and will be looking forward to new works by Mr Diamond.

  17. Warren LaneThe book didn t grab me until about 3 chapters in I was surprised by the humor, and as I continued couldn t put it down until I finished it in one sitting.The Author Andrew Diamond , is a very good writer and I thoroughly enjoyed the book I will definitely be looking for another book by him.Thanks for the free book from the author It is a very entertaining book.

  18. In a case of mistaken identity, Ready is approached by Susan Moore to get evidence of her husband Will s infidelity Ready decides to poke around and see what he can find out Ready ends up getting involved with not only one, but two love triangles Who is Warren Lane This is a very enjoyable and funny at times book I just loved the character of Ready I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  19. There s enough of the crime noir element in this touching comedy of errors to give it and the characters realistic complexity and depth And even though it s written from a male POV I liked it as much as some of my favorite female authors HEA novels This would make a fantastic screenplay.I received this book for free through Giveaways.

  20. Interesting bookFirst of all when I first started reading it I thought it was boring but I promised to do the review for the author So I kept reading and by the time I got done with the book I thought it was one of the best books I have read.

  21. I loved this book It s characters were so real to me as I read it A very fast page turning book about mistaken identity that gets all involved into a bit of a mess I loved how it all untangled itself and came together at the end Bravo Andrew

  22. I would have given it 5 stars but it ended so strangely.Almost like a not ending.The characters are so real I felt like I knew them for ever.It just goes to show what can happen if you say yes to things.

  23. WowA great book I lot different than other books ive read I would highly recommend this book if you like a cliffhanger.

  24. A quick read with interesting characters during an intense time in their lives, lives which all cross during the course of the book Definitely recommend it

  25. Amazing This is a great read I would recommend it Its short, but to the point I had all sorts of emotions for the characters, but at lease something good came from something bad lol

  26. Going into this book I did not have and expectations, because I didn t know much about it I was definitely entertained by this book It was a book I couldn t put down once I started reading it.

  27. Interesting book about a man, his wife, other ladies, a maybe private eye, and a shady business going on It reads very fast, I read it in 2 hours.