Blood Promise Best Download || [DanielleRose], Blood Promise, DanielleRose, Blood Promise Careful what you witch for Avah Taylor never wanted to be a vampire and now her immortal life is at stake When tragedy strikes Avah is cast out of her vampire coven and embarks on a mission to expose the danger of the witchcraft that took her mortal life from her Her journey takes her around the world from Washington State to London to Russia but Avah can t run fromCareful what, Blood Promise Best Download || [DanielleRose] - Blood Promise, Blood Promise Careful what you witch for Avah Taylor never wanted to be a vampire and now her immortal life is at stake When tragedy strikes Avah is cast out of her vampire coven and embarks on a mission to expo

  • Title: Blood Promise
  • Author: DanielleRose
  • ISBN: 9781517105679
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback

Blood Promise

Blood Promise Blood Promise Best Download || [DanielleRose] - Blood Promise, Blood Promise Careful what you witch for Avah Taylor never wanted to be a vampire and now her immortal life is at stake When tragedy strikes Avah is cast out of her vampire coven and embarks on a mission to expo Blood Promise Best Download || [DanielleRose] - Blood Promise, Blood Promise Careful what you witch for Avah Taylor never wanted to be a vampire and now her immortal life is at stake When tragedy strikes Avah is cast out of her vampire coven and embarks on a mission to expo Blood Promise Best Download || [DanielleRose]

  • Blood Promise Best Download || [DanielleRose]
Blood Promise

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  1. Review Blood Promise by Danielle Rose.Rating 5 5 stars THIS WAS THE BEST BOOK IN THE BLOOD SERIES EVER After giving a 4 5 stars to Blood Rose, then a 4.75 5 stars to Blood Magic, I finally gave a 5 5 stars to Blood Promise, because IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING LET ME SAY THAT OUT LOUD FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR Gooooooosh I don t know where to start So I must say that the writing improved a lot Blood Promise was just soooo much better and it flowed perfectly The plot of this third book was SPECTACULAR, I l [...]

  2. Just like the previous books in the series, this book certainly did not disappoint, once again full of action and everything that could possibly make your heart race from the very beginning Just as Avah and her family never get a moment to rest, the readers certainly don t either This book did not have a slow start, which I absolutely loved Often, you will find in a trilogy or series, that the beginning of the books beyond the first book get weighed down with reminders of what happened in the pr [...]

  3. Actual rating 4.5 5 starsIf I thought Blood Rose was a bit predictable, then Blood Promise is the complete opposite The storyline had me hooked from the beginning.The writing was brilliant in that way that you could never really anticipate what Avah was going to do or how she would react until something happened Now normally, when you can t figure out what the main character is going to do But here it was completely done in character when things happened, clues were dropped a couple of pages bef [...]

  4. Note This review contains NO spoilersO M G The conclusion of this series was mind blowing So much has happened since the start of this series with Blood Rose Jasik and Avah has come a long way on this journey of theirs Knowing one truth turns out to be something else, and the other turns out to be truth Whoa The twists along the way kept me wondering and guessing Each and every character, especially Avah and Jasik has grown so much Danielle s writing also progressed and improved in regards to fl [...]

  5. The best ending to a trilogy everBlood Promise The best ending to a trilogy ever I loved reading and found it very exciting.Danielle Rose is awesome the way she writes her Blood Promise Avah Taylor is a hybrid Witch Vampire Meaning that she is a Vampire that can walk in the daylight and the sun When Avah gets the feeling that somebody needs her and she searches through the house finding all of her new family but still she is still needed When she starts thinking She realizes who was reaching out [...]

  6. I expected this end forward, I really wanted to know what would happen to Avah, Jasik, Sebastian, Malik Jeremiah and Lillie and I m absolutely not disappointed.Many things have happened since the first book, Avah becomes aware of what has become of her and the responsibilities that come with it.War is declared between the rogues and the rest of the world, Avah must find a solution to eliminate the threat and save the world.The story is compelling, once we started the book, it s difficult to stop [...]

  7. By this novel, I found all of the characters to be so distinct and I think the author really improved her characters I really enjoyed reading about them I think that they could have been developed even but I still loved them just the way they were I also loved how everyone wasn t paired off by the end of this novel I was worried it would happen because the first one had such a strong case of instalove but I m happy to report that it didn t happen in this novel I think the world building and the [...]

  8. The final book in the blood series definitely doesn t leave you standing The first two books in the series were full of action, romance and mystery and the last book is just s amazing Ending the story of Avah you can t help but be a little sad that the series has come to an end even if it is a wonderful end I ll miss the characters and I secretly hope for a spin off series I loved the entire set and wouldn t hesitate to read them again even knowing where the story is going.This review was writte [...]

  9. Blood Promise is book 3 and I d recommend starting at the beginning Once again Avah and the hunters have a new enemy that needs taken care of They are able to get all supernatural forces to join and band together to fight as one I enjoyed these characters and their storyview by Raychel

  10. Wow Loved it A must read Great story in which had me on edge From beginning to end I was always wondering what was going to happen next I was surprised on the outcome but for the ending i did expect other than that it was a great ending.

  11. Title Blood PromiseAuthor Danielle RoseAge Level New AdultGenre Paranormal RomancePart of a Series Yes the Blood Books series, Book Three I was provided an electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.Summary In this final installment of the Blood Books series, Avah Taylor is faced with having to fight for the life she never wanted in the first place As she works to defend her new reality, she will travel around the world and, eventually come full circle to once again face the [...]

  12. I bought this book as The Blood War trilogy as the box set, I m reviewing the books individually I m new to Danielle Rose s writing, and I was thrilled after reading the Blood War trilogy Having no prior knowledge about Danielle Rose s stories I found her to be a very talented storyteller Avah and Jasik are serious, funny, and extremely sexy with a little biting and lots of devouring, fiery sex Her sub characters are snarky and funny as they accompany Avah and Jasik on their journey of find that [...]

  13. Danielle Rose did a wonderful job mixing a world of witches and vampires into a new way of thinking Avah s journey throughout the three part series combines the coming of age of a girl who grew up knowing her destiny since she was a spirit user was to be in control of The Power the gods gave to one witch each generation with what happens when everything you plan for goes terribly wrongThe third book does a great job continuing where the second left off Once again Danielle Rose easily transitions [...]

  14. Blood Promise, the third and final book in Danielle Rose s Blood Books series, will leave the reader breathless until the final page.Avah Taylor, a skilled witch, grew up knowing she d eventually inherit a power that would kill her, and she survived only by becoming a vampire, one of the immortal beings she had been bred to hate Then she learned that everything she knew about this power was a lie, that she d been betrayed by her own witch coven In this final book, tragedy strikes again, and Avah [...]

  15. In my review for Blood Magic I said Blood Rose captured my attention Blood Magic held it prisoner Blood Promise blew my mind and I need to give it than 5 stars.The books picks up where Blood Magic left off, and continues Avah s journey of discovery Along with Jasik and her friends, Avah travels the world to find the answers she needs.Once again Danielle Rose provided me with a fast paced and quick read that I couldn t put down once I d started.The characters, and their relationships, continued [...]

  16. Blood Promise, book three in the Blood series begins right after the events of the second book Avah Taylor has another vision, this time of the death of her friend Sebastian, and fellow Hunters Jeremiah, Lillie, Jasik and his brother Malik As she becomes obsessed with finding the truth behind her vision, the group leave the safety of their Coven and embark on a journey that will once again force Avah to use her magic in a way that may just end up killing her in the process As she pulls together [...]

  17. What an exciting ending to a wonderful series Like most trilogies, this one was set up to lead into the third book being an epic battle We travel along with Avah and her companions as they come up with a plan to fight the ultimate evil and try to come out on top There are losses, there always are, and there are choices in the end that will probably surprise some readers, but I feel they were the perfect choices in light of this character s personality.There s a sense of closure with the end of t [...]

  18. First I must say that I bought this book as the box set This third and final installment of the blood wars is a great read Avah has learned and faced the fact that the witches of her life before the transformation into a half breed vampire have done nothing but lie to her and offered her as a sacrifice knowing that it would kill her Now she is has to find a way to join witches, vampires and hybrids together to fight for their one common goal to save them all and the human race from the rouge vam [...]

  19. I couldn t put it down In book one, Avah was a naive young woman who was given powers that she didn t completely understand and in book two she learned the knowledge that she needed and harnessed that power to become a formidable force Now in this epic finale, she must use that power to right a horrific mistake that could be the end of all she holds dear This book kept me on the edge of my seat and I cried at the end because there was no to readI will reread this one for a long timeMaybe in the [...]

  20. Since first reading the first book of the series, and getting to know the author, I ve come to really enjoy this series It s a shame that it only lasted 3 books before the conclusion I would have really loved to see what other adventures the hunters and the heroine could have gotten into I will not spoil this book for anyone by posting spoilers, all I will say though, is that if you liked the first book in this series, make sure you read the second and third Very appreciative of the author, and [...]

  21. When tragedy strikes and her grandmother now a rogue vampire, Avah and her friends must stop the army her grandma has built Will the witches, vampires, hunters and hybrids be able to set their differences aside and come as one After all, they re all fighting on the same side in this war that is approaching Lives will be lost and sacrifices made Who will come out alive at the end of this fight Loved this series As I got near the end of this story I was worried there wouldn t be enough time to hav [...]

  22. WOW Bravo Danielle on this awesome awesome for wrapping up this series so well I m saddened that it must come to an end This series is now one of my favorites It s up there with Cassandra Clare s Infernal Device Series I will be able to go back and reread this series over again just like ID I don t want to say much because I don t like giving away spoilers just because I think you WILL enjoy this great series without knowing them.This will become a classic series Thank you Danielle Rose for thi [...]

  23. Blood Promise, the final instalment to Danielle s Blood Books.I have to say kudos for keeping us all on the of edge of our seats.This books takes us further into the vampire realm and witches and into the lives of everyone she holds close I was going to say a lot but then I realised too much spoilers So to end this off, congratulations on the release and its going to be hard to say goodbye although I will read this over again becauses just so good to these characters P.S awesome epic conclusion [...]

  24. Blood Promise is a level 1 read This series has kept you at the edge of your seat, and in this final installment, you will feel every emotion and turning the pages as fast as you can to see the outcome Someone has attacked and killed Avah s witch coven Revenge grips her When the truth comes out on who is responsible, the group travel to get answers and a army But this isn t your average army Can they end the hatred and stop the rogues in time Or will their time finally run out

  25. Blood promise is full of lifeThis entire series is full of love, heartache, strength, betrayals ones desire to live It s real life emotions with a paranormal twist Bravo Ms Rose for this roller coaster ride Well done, I am to saddened to see this series has ended but I see hope for a future I do recommend this series to all paranormal fan s Thank you for allowing me to experience this world I look forward to reading of your books.

  26. Blood PromiseA good ending to an interesting and exciting series I ll admit I was a bit disappointed in the end as I was expecting It was a little lackluster for me but overall the series was good and the ending was somewhat satisfying.

  27. Things are heating up not only in the romance department, but also out on the battlefield Danielle Rose does not disappoint in this epically satisfying conclusion of the Blood books series.