Wife (Mistress, #2) Best Read || [Nia Forrester], Wife (Mistress, #2) , Nia Forrester, Wife Mistress Part II of the Mistress trilogy No longer a mistress to wealthy much older men Keisha Crawford isn t certain who or what she is any But one thing she is sure of is how she feels about Jayson Holmes the handsome as sin ex con who gave her the courage to change Now Jayson needs to make some changes of his own and build a new life And when he does he may find Part II o, Wife (Mistress, #2) Best Read || [Nia Forrester] - Wife (Mistress, #2) , Wife Mistress Part II of the Mistress trilogy No longer a mistress to wealthy much older men Keisha Crawford isn t certain who or what she is any But one thing she is sure of is how she feels about Jayson

  • Title: Wife (Mistress, #2)
  • Author: Nia Forrester
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook

Wife (Mistress, #2)

Wife (Mistress, #2) Wife (Mistress, #2) Best Read || [Nia Forrester] - Wife (Mistress, #2) , Wife Mistress Part II of the Mistress trilogy No longer a mistress to wealthy much older men Keisha Crawford isn t certain who or what she is any But one thing she is sure of is how she feels about Jayson Wife (Mistress, #2) Best Read || [Nia Forrester] - Wife (Mistress, #2) , Wife Mistress Part II of the Mistress trilogy No longer a mistress to wealthy much older men Keisha Crawford isn t certain who or what she is any But one thing she is sure of is how she feels about Jayson Wife (Mistress, #2) Best Read || [Nia Forrester]

  • Wife (Mistress, #2) Best Read || [Nia Forrester]
    350Nia Forrester
Wife (Mistress, #2)

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  1. This book is Rated W for Well Done 4.5 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary Romance Full Review Posted 11 4 14 Keisha had to be a choice With her complicated past, unsettled present and uncertain future, Jay had to decide he was choosing her Keisha is young, beautiful and though she has yet to realize it she is strong Her confidence has taken a beaten after she chose to live a lifestyle that always placed her in second as the other woman as the mistress No longer living off of rich old This [...]

  2. I would have never imaged after falling in love with Shawn Riley, and having a strong hatred for Keisha Crawford for all the drama she brought into their life, that I would now love her so much.I have grown to love and appreciate Keisha Watching her mature actually find what she has been seeking all her life from a parent who never gave it to her LOVE has been refreshing Jayson Holmes a man robbed of his young adult life, has a lot at issues that he need to deal with but with the I would have ne [...]

  3. This started out a little slow for me, but being a fan of the author, I m glad I continued reading Jay and Keisha s transformation and soul searching has been heartwarming Both had troubled past and sought to make better decisions and a better life for themselves and worked really hard to do so I love watching them come together, mature and work towards their goals individual and together Their story will continue in a third novel and I m looking forward to it.

  4. While this may come off as slightly over dramatic I must say that it seemed like I waited a lifetime for Wife to be released After reading Mistress and discovering that the next installment in the trilogy was named Wife I became consumed with questions of what was to come for Jay and Keisha Could I actually take the title to heart and believe a happily ever after was in sight Was it just wishful thinking that both of them could finally get to a place of self forgiveness and love I am literall Wh [...]

  5. This was a good bookI gave it 4 stars because a few things irritated meI can get over dramactic about characters sometimesbut this is my opinion my review lolI felt like I wanted to hear about the cousin that Jay was so angry atand since that crazy chick Fiona was coming around so much she should have done something crazierI just got so tied of reading about Fiona or whatever her name was popping upI felt like if shes gonna be crazy do something crazy alreadyher This was a good bookI gave it 4 s [...]

  6. It was great to read the somewhat evolution of Keisha In Mistress we got a glimpse of the new her, but in this book she really came into her own This was a complete story We really got down to the meat and potatoes of her abs Jayson s relationship and it was something else I felt connected to these characters like Marcus could have been my brother, and Keisha my best friend Their issues were everyday issues that normal couples go through This book wasn t fantasy filled but real With Keish It was [...]

  7. WifeWifeI never thought I would be rooting for Keshia Jason seems to balance her and she finally gets that life is than material things and she needs and wants love i love how Nia gave her a second chance watch for that stalker Fiona Great Story Nia Forrester

  8. Whew This book definitely had a pensive melancholy vibe than Nia s other works but as I continued reading I realized that it fit perfectly with the story This was a story about two broken people, two works in progress trying to make their relationship work while working on themselves in the process I really liked how Jayson and Keisha s journeys mirrored one another throughout the story There were many similarities in their respective relationships with Marcus and Fiona, and then their Whew This [...]

  9. What can I say about Ms or should I say Mrs Keisha.I really believed this women deserved everything she got in the beginning of this trilogy because we reap what we sow but later as I got to really know and understand her better I started to believe that even though she made a bad descion didn t make her a bad person What she did to Shawn Riley was horrible and I m not convience any that she would have let the verdit stand had he been convited but the reasonings behind her motives What can I say [...]

  10. When it comes to a Nia Forrester book, I patiently wait for the publication because I know it s going to be good Once I get it, I eagerly dive into reading wanting to gobble up the story and at the same time not wanting it to end too soon And when it does end, I feel completely satisfied This has been my experience with all of her books since I first read Commitment, and Wife was no exception Just a wonderful story that was masterfully written I m now patiently waiting again.

  11. Wonderful Magnificent Nia has done it again I never thought I would say it, but I m actually liking Keisha She has matured a lot and is overcoming her fears of not being able to love someone Jay due to her past life I love the way Nia writes with so much emotion in all of her stories I ve read all of her books than once I m looking forward to part 3 of the trilogy Mother.

  12. I devoured this book In this book, Keisha redeemed herself She showed considerable growth from the first book, Mistress I m anxiously looking forward to the next installment, Mother Can hardly wait Awesome read.

  13. 4.50 StarsI made a conscious decision a while back not to write any reviews I felt like it would be unfair to share my opinion as a reader when in the back of my mind I am also a writer Nia Forrester just yanked me out of retirement.I, like many others, checked for this release every single day Ms Forrester shared excerpts of Wife on her website, but the words could have led this story in any direction so I waited for the entire story Anxiously.Here s why I loved Keisha after 4.50 StarsI made a [...]

  14. RedemptionLoved this story of two individuals reconciling with the mistakes, hurt, pain, loss, and unfortunate circumstances of the past I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

  15. Another book of hers that i read in one day Instantly bought Mother and cant wait to read it.Keisha and Jayson s story is sooooo amazing and even so relatable.Can we get Kat a storyline though

  16. Mrs HolmesI had a feeling J would make K an honest woman I love the story I love their growth I m anxious to see what is in store next.

  17. This book, as with all of her others, is so beautifully written it actually make me a little sick to my stomach to think about it It stirs up so much emotion that I actually psychically hurt by the time it was over Happiness, sadness, anger so, so much anger were weaved flawlessly through these pages, without being overt Nia doesn t tell you Jay is confused, she makes you feel it right along with him When you start this, just be prepared to give the next several hours of your life to t This book [...]

  18. At the risk of sounding like a broken record in every review I write of her books, I will say once again, Nia Forrester is a very talented writer That is simply the long and the short of it I was firmly against the idea of a book about Keisha I just did not see the need to delve into her story and I thought, okay now, Miss Forrester is stretching it I had no plans to even read Mistress, but eventually gave in and in the end, felt foolish for having waited so long I should have known that At the [...]

  19. So when I read Mistress, the novella that really should be read before you read Wife, I was convinced, begrudgingly, that Keisha was a decent person that she d realized the error of her ways and was really trying to change Well reading the beginning of Wife, I had to think again because, dayuum, she got on my last nerve yet again Her tendency to slip into some rather hood rat behavior made me roll my eyes But Ms Forrester showed me the light By 3 4 in I began to see that Keisha s back So when I [...]

  20. Another excellent book from Nia Forrester She continues to amaze me with her exceptional storytelling, and characters who you can t help but love, and who seem to stay with you well after the story has ended.Keisha, Keisha, Keisha Like everyone else, I couldn t stand her in Committment Then I read Mistress, and saw a whole nother side to her, which thawed out my ice cold heart But in this book, I absolutely loved her In Mistress, it was clear that Keisha and Jayson were both damaged and fl Anoth [...]

  21. I am in love with this series I love seeing how much Keisha is becoming a woman, she can be proud of Jayson is becoming the man he was intended to be.This story picks up where Mistress ends Jayson has moved back to his family home Keisha is missing him and they are struggling He s not sure of her and she is supicious of him A flame from his past is hanging around, but he is heavily leaning towards Keisha For her, there is only Jayson She finds her only friend Angela is just an around the I am in [...]

  22. Keisha was a character that I never expected to like but know I consider her one of my book friends Her and Jayson have a story about than love , to me they show that their is hope in the world They are becoming who they are meant to be , not limited by their mistakes I love that In Mistress they seemed to be limited by their fears and hopes , in Wife they find the strength to go for what they want We had a chance to watch them learn to open up to each other and other people , som Keisha was a c [...]

  23. Nia Forrester can weave a tale so riveting, so enchanting, so enthralling and so much about love that the reader is totally heartbroken that it has come to an end You know an author has you hooked when you are thinking about the characters on your way to work I remember when I hated the character of Keisha and now I am her biggest cheerleader Talk about taking a character and reinventing them I can admit it I absolutely became disgusted and disgruntled with Jayson in this book I can also a Nia F [...]

  24. I was a little apprehensive about reading Keisha s story but I m glad I took a chance on this book As always, Nia Forrester did a fabulous job You have romance, a good plot and steamy sex scenes The only reason I didn t give this book 5 stars is because Keisha s and Marcus relationship kind of confused me She was naive when it came to Marcus true intentionsbut then again she wanted him just as much as he wanted her but supposedly, she s madly in love with Jayson I don t want to give an I was a l [...]

  25. I couldn t wait to dig into this after reading Mistress Jay and Keishaworking through their colored pasts and wondering if they are good enough I really enjoyed their transformations I didn t enjoy crazy Fiona, who was actually given a voice in the book, or sneaky Marcus But, of course, there always has to be someone to stand in the way of a couple s happiness or it wouldn t make for an interesting story, now would it

  26. Just keeps getting betterKeisha and Jaysonmaking it legal Ms Forrester has continued the growth of Keisha and Jayson Both have baggage Both are trying to be better Both are human This is a recommend read I hope the next book still finds them working on themselves, falling, getting back up, in love and making it Reality getting a happily ever afterwithstanding the good, the bad, and the ugly as in real life Great job Ms Forrester.