Free Download Altered Carbon - by Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren, Altered Carbon, Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren, Altered Carbon Alternate Cover Edition can be found here In the twenty fifth century humankind has spread throughout the galaxy monitored by the watchful eye of the U N While divisions in race religion and class still exist advances in technology have redefined life itself Now assuming one can afford the expensive procedure a person s consciousness can be stored in a cortical sAlternate Cov, Free Download Altered Carbon - by Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren - Altered Carbon, Altered Carbon Alternate Cover Edition can be found here In the twenty fifth century humankind has spread throughout the galaxy monitored by the watchful eye of the U N While divisions in race religion and class

  • Title: Altered Carbon
  • Author: Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren
  • ISBN: 9781400101375
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Audiobook

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon Free Download Altered Carbon - by Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren - Altered Carbon, Altered Carbon Alternate Cover Edition can be found here In the twenty fifth century humankind has spread throughout the galaxy monitored by the watchful eye of the U N While divisions in race religion and class Free Download Altered Carbon - by Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren - Altered Carbon, Altered Carbon Alternate Cover Edition can be found here In the twenty fifth century humankind has spread throughout the galaxy monitored by the watchful eye of the U N While divisions in race religion and class Free Download Altered Carbon - by Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren

  • Free Download Altered Carbon - by Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren
    193Richard K. Morgan Todd McLaren
Altered Carbon

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  1. Folks have been recommending I read Richard Morgan for years But I ve got a to read stack longer than my arm, and my reading time is rather precious It s a big risk to try a longish book by an author I ve never read before In a nutshell I loved it About halfway through the book I looked it up online and saw that it won a bunch of awards It deserves them I don t read as much Sci fi as I used to, but I m no newbie The world is unique and fresh Good characters Interesting mystery Yeah Good stuff I [...]

  2. I walked beside the woman I had killed last week and tried to hold up my end of a conversation about cats A solid neo noir cyberpunk detective story that plays out in a fascinating science fiction universe If you re a fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up It s pitch black dark, brutally ultra violent and fun as hell I particularly loved the concept of sleeving and the method by which characters undergo interstellar travel This is a cold, difficult reality in which Kovacs e [...]

  3. Hearing that Netflix new series is based off this series made me want to read this even Only hope the show is as good as the book is.

  4. A fun and fast paced thrill ride, almost impossible for me to put down Picture a hard boiled noir, the solitary, weary worldly detective, blunted emotional skills, stepping on toes as he investigates Merge that plot and character with innovative science fiction digitized personalities that can be downloaded into new bodies with the right reasons or enough cash, and the result is eminently readable Full review posted at clsiewert.wordpress 2014 0ANDcarolsoklikes post 7738

  5. Takeshi Kovacs is killed on an another world and re sleeved in Bay City in the body of a disgraced cop His mission find out who killed Laurens Bancroft, a Meth short for Methusaleh billionaire Bancroft and is offering Kovacs his freedom as a reward Only a lot of people don t want anyone to know why Bancroft killed himself Can Kovacs get to the bottom of things before the demons in Bancroft s private life get him I bought this for a buck and it languished on my shelf for a couple years Was it wor [...]

  6. Re read 2 27 18 I had to pick this up again and hop on to the second and third books mostly because I was guilted into it by the Netflix production I really enjoyed the show and found myself misremembering some plot points.It turns out I didn t misremember The tv show was close to 90% faithful The other bits might be reveals pulled forward from the subsequent books which I haven t read I honestly don t know And that s why I m doing the re read So did I enjoy it the second time around Yep, I did [...]

  7. Altered Carbon is one of those sci fi books that lingered on my to read list for years It was the arrival of the Netflix TV adaptation that finally gave me the push to pick it up I m glad it did as this exceeded my expectations and turned out to be one of the best noir detective stories I ve ever read In a future where the human mind has been digitised and can be downloaded into a new body a criminal, Takeshi Kovacs, is pulled from prison or cold storage as it is in this futuristic sci fi world [...]

  8. Less humorous, darker and deeper than I expected nevertheless I absolutely loved this book Sci fi blend with detective noir and inevitably cynical main character it was my cup of tea from the start What I loved the most about it is noir atmosphere, good balance between action and philosophy, darkness and intrigue of the investigation.With explicit sex scenes, torture, and exploration of the darker side of human nature this is certainly a read for adults Don t expect to get out unscathed Like goo [...]

  9. Wow It s no wonder Richard K Morgan became such a phenomenon in the science fiction world so quickly His first novel, Altered Carbon is so well crafted that it bears no hints of being a first novel His imagination and story telling is absolutely amazing Although it is absolutely full of graphic violence and has a few X rated sex scenes, every part is so well written, it all fits This book should have completely offended me I can t stand gratuitous sex and violence But, the way Morgan writes it, [...]

  10. Hard boiled and hard balled cyberpunk novel, which is also a noir detective story I really liked all the sci fi entourage, although I could use less violence and humour, which could probably happen if it was written by Roger Zelazny But I also liked the philosophical side, the twisted psychological side and basically limitless possibilities of the Kovacs world Who himself was almost a superhero, with a decently human softer side He reminded me strongly of my favourite cyberpunk heroine, major M [...]

  11. Altered Carbon Richard Morgan s Cyber Punk Future The human eye is a wonderful device With a little effort, it can fail to see even the most glaring injustice Richard K Morgan, Altered CarbonIt takes something special for a book to keep me burning through the pages until 3 a.m Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan is a helluva read.Winner of the Philip K Dick Award for Best Novel, 2003Morgan is a wicked blend of Philip K Dick and William Gibson There is even a touch of Gene Roddenberry s various St [...]

  12. HmmmI can t remember why I picked up this book I think I read about it on a friend s blog I read most of it today and finished it off But it was sort of painful at times the last 50 pages were sort of agony to read, but by that point, you just have to finish the damn thing.Not spectacularly written, but hardly unusual for a book in this genre It was interesting enough for me to plod through it, and at one point I enjoyed it briefly, but I thought it was full of logical flaws and jumps and not ve [...]

  13. This book is legendary among cyberpunk fans, I do not really count myself among them as I have read too little from this sub genre to qualify However, it is very frequently recommended in the excellent PrintSF forum I frequent A few years ago I went through a phase of reading crime fiction almost exclusively because I felt like a change from decades of reading sf f One of the best practitioners of crime fiction is Michael Connelly, whose most famous creation is detective Harry Bosch If Mr Connel [...]

  14. It s weird for me disliking a story so full of things I enjoy Morgan goes out of his way to tackle compelling notions about life and morality at the intersection of technology He asks about the nature of what makes us human He challenges the idea that memory and experience solely define us The pages are practically bursting with genre favorites like Cyborgs, gun play, hovering vehicles, and bionically enhanced assassins Assassins, who by the way, can be needle cast from colonized world to coloni [...]

  15. It s science fiction noir, and Morgan has a nice touch of both noir phrasing and overly complicated noir plotting I really didn t see the intricacies of the story until they were laid out, but it never worried me I enjoyed being plunged into the confusing world that Takeshi Kovacs wakes up in, with little information than he had Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you c [...]

  16. It took me a while to read this one because I needed to put it down occasionally and read something light during a break It s dark, bloody, and very deep.This is a mystery novel, basically, set in a very high tech future where humans are basically downloaded into a hard copy file, called a stack, from the time they are a year old so that their bodies become sleeves that are hosting human consciousness So, if someone s body is killed, their stack can be put inside another body, or the stack can b [...]

  17. Livro machista demais Foi muito dif cil n o passar raiva durante a leitura Premissa promissora, mas execu o dif cil S terminei porque me comprometi a ler e ver a s rie.

  18. One of the best action sequences in modern scifi Sarah was turning her aim on the figures beyond the wall when the second commando of the night appeared braced in the kitchen doorway and hosed her away with his assault rifle.Still on my knees, I watched her die with chemical clarity It all went so slowly it was like a video playback on frame advance The commando kept his aim low, holding the Kalashnikov down against the hyper rapid fire recoil it was famous for The bed went first, erupting into [...]

  19. I abandoned it after about 100 or so pages I liked the future setting and the advances in technology that change the concept of life and death Unfortunately, it read like a script for an action movie Some good ideas, but too much senseless action and violence ruined it for me.

  20. I ve finished the Netflix series made from the book I cannot say don t watch it I can say no one who does should watch the fourth episode, it s torture porn like the Saw franchise, and adds nothing to the value of the show.Stylish and involving very deeply disturbing look at human nature s darker, danker basements As I recall the book, and I ve only ever read the first one of the three, this is pretty faithful to the plot and spot on as to characterization Strong acting but pretty meh screenwrit [...]

  21. I hate this book Hate, hate, hate it I hate the characters, I hate the plot, I hate the cover, I hate the way it smells, and I hate the way it knocked over a lamp when I frisbeed it across the room in a fit of literary angst It came to me highly recommended by a number of friends, good friends, caring, kind, and well read friends who share with me a love of speculative fiction We all love Snow Crash and Neuromancer and Babylon 5, and we all hate football and direct sunlight We are all science or [...]

  22. Altered Carbon has already been reviewed by everyone and their grandmother, so I won t bother to rehash the concept or storyline of this hard boiled detective noir cyberpunk hybrid tale set in the 25th century It was tough to give an overall star rating I settled on 4 stars, but I m not sure if I can include this in my favorites , since I liked some aspects of the book much than others a lot of people had that experience, it seems I ll break it down as follows World building 5 stars This was ex [...]

  23. 5.0 to 5.5 stars A fantastic debut novel by a great new voice in Science Fiction The world building is superb and the concept of re sleaving and the myriad ways in which society changes when death no longer is permament are exceptionally handled HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Winner Philip K Dick Award for Best Novel 2004 Nominee Locus Award for Best First Novel 2003

  24. Altered Carbon by Richard MorganMy rating 4 of 5 starsBlurb In the twenty fifth century, humankind has spread throughout the galaxy, monitored by the watchful eye of the U.N While divisions in race, religion, and class still exist, advances in technology have redefined life itself Now, assuming one can afford the expensive procedure, a person s consciousness can be stored in a cortical stack at the base of the brain and easily downloaded into a new body or sleeve making death nothing than a min [...]

  25. With my sinus allergies kicking my butt, I don t have the energy to write a really long review, so I ll keep it simple I thought this was an excellent book, though not really a comfortable book I don t think this book is for everyone The language is very coarse, to be honest Liberal use of the worst word for women in written language is employed It starts with a c and ends with a t , and I think you can fill in the blanks I winced just about every time Despite this, and the fact that this story [...]

  26. Es un libro de capas, algunas m s interesantes y otras menos, pero que en general es interesante de leer y te hace pensar.La primera capa es el tel n de fondo una sociedad donde mediante back up en la nube subes tu conciencia para que si mueres puedas descargarte en otro cuerpo algunos con los 15 Gb que da Google Drive creo que tienen de sobra Esto crea las t picas brechas en la sociedad donde los m s ricos pueden permitirse m s cuerpos y los pobres no Tambi n se medio explora la tica de hacer e [...]

  27. Comentario en espa ol m s abajo Summary review A wonderful mixture of science fiction and noir What I liked the most about Altered Carbon was the setting 25th century society in which people consciousness is stored in stacks and inserted in another body when they die I also liked the main character which is a badass elite detective with military training, but this doesn t mean that his only resource is violence although there is a fair share of shootings and explosions along the way The plot kin [...]

  28. Executive Summary A book that seemed to work better in concept than execution for me It s possible I just wasn t in the right mood for this book at the time I listened to it though.Audio book The narration was OK, but not great Todd McLaren has a decent enough voice, but isn t very good at accents I think I would have preferred if he just read it rather than trying to do voices They weren t so bad as to distract me from the story though.The actual quality of the audiobook is awful I m not sure i [...]